CDC Knew Her Son Was At Higher Risk; but now Austin Figueroa is #4920 Name on the Bus! (VaxXed Stories From The Road)

in #vaccines3 years ago

"I just wish that I could step back in time,

and just know what I know now.

I would NEVER have vaccinated him at all, from day one!"

... quote above from Sonia Osborne Figueroa

The CDC knew all along that her son was at higher risk for autism!

See My Earlier Article Below:

MMR Vaccine Causes 700% Increase in Autism: Whistleblower Exposes CDC Study Fraud

On this 'VaxXed Stories from the Road' video, a mother explains how her normal, healthy boy developed autism as a result of his vaccinations.

Please take the time to listen to her carefully. I have shared many stories here of vaccine injuries such as this one.

We need to listen to these parents and determine for ourselves what the truth is. To do that you must hear all sides. You must take the time to listen and determine with your mind and your heart. THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of people are speaking out, and I have been highlighting several of these stories here on Steemit.


          PLEASE, Please Watch this 19-minute Video:

Posted to youtube on 2017-07-22:

Interview recorded on March 28, 2017 in Florida.

Sonia signed the VaxXed Nation Tour Bus

Austin #4920 and Aiden #4921

and then fighting tears she said:

"Thank-you for everything that you are doing, and for bringing this to LIGHT."

"Because so many people just don't get it! They don't understand. Nobody has empathy for what we go through."

"This is an AMAZING film. I support you guys 100%."

"Thank-you from the bottom of my heart!"

"Thank-you for touring; for taking the time away from your own families to get the TRUTH out!"




"... how the government can get away with this."

"Because of profit! Because of greed! It's not fair."

"Our children should not be guinea pigs because of these vaccines!"


"Thank-you for raising awareness. It's invaluable what you guys are doing."

For More Information on the VaxXed Film & Movement, read my earlier article below:

"Into The Light" - A Short-Film Tribute to The VaxXed Movement by Forrest Maready

And more are speaking out every day, each one, emboldened by the ones before them. Some of them but a whisper, but as millions of families begin whispering around the world, the noise will be deafening. These families will not be ridiculed into silence any longer. They will speak their stories, the stories will be heard, and those that hear them will believe. A flood is coming."

                     -- from "Into The Light"

More articles at my Blog @canadian-coconut

Please Comment Below and Let's Have a Productive Conversation!

I know that this is a very controversial topic ...
but if you care about children as much as I care about children...
surely we can all be civil and help each other discover the best way forward for all our children and future generations.

my parents where always against those vaccins. I never got them. My mother even wanted to go to prison if necesary with an obligated vaccin not giving to my younger brother because she almost lost 2 of her child because of a vaccin that was obligated. thanks for the story!

Thank-you for sharing your story. So glad to hear that your mother skipped your vaccinations.
It's no wonder she did that after almost losing two of her children to them before she had you.

Gosh... am almost at a loss for words.

Sonia Osborne Figueroa, the mother of Austin, expresses herself so effectively and it's heart-breaking while listening because You can feel/know that she is holding back her emotions, tears, frustrations, etc... so she can more fully & intelligently convey the tragedy that her son, Austin as gone thru... because she didn't trust her "Motherly instincts" AND because she instead trusted her Doctor, the AMA and the pharmaceutical industry.

UpVoted & ReSTEEMed...

Thank You Again Linda 4 Your perseverance in continuing to get the word out !!

Yes, she expresses so many important things in her video.
I decided this time to let people listen for themselves, because it would have taken a long time to write out all the information that she shared.
But when she broke down emotionally at the end, after signing her injured son's name and trying to express how thankful that she was for the work being done in getting these stories out to the masses,
that really touched my heart. So I focused my text on that.

Thanks so much @sacred-agent!

YES... Your focus on what she said at the end was perfect because what she said came straight from her HEART and was absolutely perfect...

vaccines are not for everyone. You have no idea what they are pumping into your body. Doctors do not often have the time nor the incentive to level with you. They are PAID by big Pharma. They have no reason to level with you. If they have monetary opportunity to treat the symptom for $750,000 for a period of several years rather than cure you for $300.00 they will listen to money. Many folks have adverse reactions to vaccines and it should be an individual choice. WE HAVE THE CHOICE TO HAVE AN ABORTION BECAUSE IT IS OUR BODY BUT NOW WHEN IT COMES TO vACCINES! That is hypocrisy and a convenient double standard. WHY? vaccines are not like clothing, laptops or cars that can be mass produced for all. The Henry Ford of assembly line drugs does not drive well in our bodies. Different chemicals have different reactions. One person's body has an entirely different set of chemistry than another person has. So two people will react differently. Folks have died of vaccines. They have acquired autism and a host of other sometimes permanent conditions and illnesses from choosing to believe what they are told by the media, the medical field and their peer group. It is not cool to be anti-vaccine is the mentality out there. Therefore there is pressure to keep the anti-vaccine movement at bay. Or they work hard to discredit the claims. You are given one body baby. For some of us we work to preserve it as a temple for God. Regardless one MUST protect themselves and not be a part of the blind sheeple. No on else is going to do it for you. Educate yourself about vaccines and their effects on the human body. Educate others like this post is doing. We have a moral and even spiritual responsibility to do this for ourselves and others. How many more folks must die before we wipe off the apathy and fear and take a stand for humanity? Thanks for sharing. - Troy

It's so obvious that these vaccinations are causing serious problems, anyone with any doubt just needs to watch this video.
How can anyone deny this mothers testimony that before her son was poisoned he was a normal developed child. I was surprised about how well she kept it together during the interview but it was good to see her at the end venting her anger and frustration. This should act as a stark warning to any parent out there who is in any doubt that these vaccinations are anything other than pure poison.
Thanks again @canadian-coconut

@markwhittam, I agree. I cannot understand how many people (who are aware of the vaccine risks) still go right ahead.. vaccinate their babies with the most ridiculous mixes of up to 6 viruses in a single shot and then still brag about how BRAVE their child was. It should be treated as child mishandling in my opinion. If the people do not yet know about the dangers vaccines carry then I will still to a point have sympathy but not when you are arrogantly testing fate.

Wow, Sonia's story is powerful. You watch her in the interview and can tell what strength it took to share this piece of her life.

I don't know how many Austin and Aidens it will take, but I pray the truth is made known.

Supporting you and supporting the Vaxxed film. Thank you.

Wow i just visited your blog and so much information. Never knew anything about vaccines before my son was born and am i sure glad i did my research, alot of research. Jaxon is almost 1 now, not vaccinated, and healthy as ever! We are also pondering what route to go with schooling as we are against the public school brainwashing. Ty for your work :)

Really a very devastating real life story @canadian-coconut, I could feel how Sonia must have felt when she discovered all this and seeing her 2nd son being affected!
Like I told you before, I have a small daughter of 3yrs old and will surely not bear to see this happen to her. Thanks for sharing this out and hope this reaches to maximum people in the world!
But the sad story is that same like in my country many places in the world you are forced to give vaccination to your kids for them to be admitted in school! I can call myself lucky as I did not have any, as I was always absent on the day when I was supposed to be vaccinated!
The only scar on my shoulder is maybe one that was made when I was very small!
So many people are told lies abt vaccines , and everyone just believe in it blindly!

Thank-you for sharing this. And your parents were very smart to not send you to school on the days of the vaccinations.

Many schools and governments tell the people that vaccines are mandatory when they are not. Schools around here lie all the time about it; but as soon as an informed parent tells them that they know that isn't true, they will backtrack and admit it.
In some places you just have to sign an exemption form -- a piece of paper that the principal has in his desk drawer.
I don't know specifics about your country, but this could very well be true there as well.
Thank-you for commenting again. All the best to you!

Oh thanks a lot for telling me this @canadian-coconut, this will be very useful when they will ask my daughter to do it! I will surely ask for the exemption form! You are right, there must be something for those who refuse!
Thanks again for such a great piece of advice!
You are awesome!

It breaks my heart every time I hear a story like this. As a previous pro-vaxxer, it reminds me this could just as easily be me in her shoes right now. We should be listening to the parents instead of the doctors here. They are the ones who care for children everyday and they are the ones who can tell when something has changed with their child.
My heart goes out to this mother. She is obviously trying to make her story heard to warn others of what has happened to her son. I'll be resteeming. Even if it makes just one other parent think about their vaccine choice it'll be worth it.

Thank-you so much @katem
My heart breaks too for parents and children like this.
I do what I can to help warn people and prevent as many future problems as I can.

You're doing a great job :)

Everyone of these stories is heartbreaking. It makes me so angry that most people are still unaware of the danger or have the 'won't happen to my kids' attitude. I have a lad who works for me who has 4 kids under 8 and 2 have never been the same since MMR. He believes the vaccinations are the reason but his partner doesn't and she had the youngest 'jabbed' recently without telling him!
WTF is up with people?
Sorry for ranting, it gets my goat.

I really believe that people need to have the chat about vaccines before ever falling in love, getting married or having children. Of course, when you don't figure it out until afterwards, it can be a HUGE problem when you disagree.

It's not even something that is really discussed here much in the UK, when you bring it up you get screamed down by poorly educated SJW's. My sister has had abuse from mothers in the support group she takes my nephew too, who still deny vaccines are the reason their children hsve difficulties.
I think they want the blame to sit elsewhere so they don't feel the guilt of their decisions.
And sorry I didn't say great piece I was too busy ranting.

It is a difficult subject to approach if someone's child may already be injured.
I did a story a while back on a baby who died of the DTP vaccine.

At the 6-minute mark on the video (2nd video of Bundy family) the mom talks about how at the funeral someone asked if the baby had just been vaccinated and her reply was f*-you! She then talks about how people are in denial because they don't want to feel guilty.

Perhaps in England people are so militant about vaccines because their media keeps repeating over and over about how British doctor Andrew Wakefield started all this non-vax stuff. The propaganda is huge there.

Cheers fo the links CaCo.
I'll take read, and your right about the propaganda here it's awful.

"Our children should not be guinea pigs because of these vaccines!"

It is WORSE, because they are not experimenting on children, they ALREADY KNOW that there are potential problems! These tragedies need not happen, yet they do. WHY? Due to greed. I really don't understand why this can go on so long. Are people just not listening? Do they not care? Is the brainwashing so deep that people can no longer even make up their own minds?

The brainwashing is VERY, very deep.
"Vaccines are safe and effective." End of story. Many people don't want to hear anything else.
It has become a religion for many actually. Vaccines are not allowed to be questioned, because in their minds without the crazy numbers of vaccine injections that people get today, the apocalypse would happen and the end of the world would be nigh!
Anyone who questions any aspect of any vaccine's safety or effectiveness, is immediately labelled a quack. Also many doctors and scientists have lost their careers for speaking about their concerns, so most of them don't bother to raise concerns.

Thanks for your comment!

Thanks go to you for your continued efforts to expose the racketeering that is passed off as medical science. To expose those Governments that attempt to force vaccines on everyone and go so far as to threaten taking children away from parents who do not comply with mandated vaccination schedules. Yet, people under those conditions still maintain the belief they live in a free country! If that isn't scary, I don't know what is.

This has got to stop!

I've just started to read some of @canadian-coconut's posts and I have no children. Yet I am awake and aware of this travesty of human manipulation I call mindscaping. These posts are an invaluable research tool. If you do have children I think you should make it your duty to take the time to research and ask questions. Protect that which is most precious in life. The life you made.

An unpaid, informed advocate is the best advocate you can find.
That advocate is you! Do your research and reap the benefits of being your own informed consumer.

Your own best advocate is you!


very true, it is very poison so we didnt vaccination our child. We like that she grow up healthy and happy. many people was against our decition. but we was strong and didnt made it. thanks for the post

Seeing what Sonia's experience was like and hearing her tell her story makes it so clear just how parents wind up in the situation of allowing their children to be vaccinated. Not much pressure is generally required from a doctor to convince parents to vaccinate, because the medical profession is seen as a reliable authority whose judgement should be trusted in regards to the lives of our children. But I really feel that this is the lie that causes us to make the wrong decisions and which ultimately blinds us. Thank you for getting this information out there, the work that you're doing is invaluable.

What a heart wrenching video! Nothing can match the pain a mother feels when something so regrettable happens to her kid. The pain is amplified a thousand times over when it is a result of her own actions, no matter how well meant and ignorantly carried out. Went all teary eyed myself seeing the video that thoughtful mother has put out to warn other parents. Thanks so much @canadian coconut for bringing it to so many parents' notice! Truly, truly appreciate it.

It is heart-wrenching, yes.
Thanks so much for watching the whole video.
You are a great person and great mom!

Yes, it is. I feel terrible about the fact that the very vaccines loving parents give their kids hoping to protect them in life are the very medications harming the child even as he/she grows up. Just the thing they want to avoid! Causing unpredictable, irreversible damage!
Thanks @canadian-coconut! You are such a kind, bold, and genuinely caring person! Not only do you bring up your kids wonderfully well, but you also help educate other parents in raising theirs better. You are a real inspiration!

Your dedication to this cause is truly inspiring. Each story you tell is a big help to getting the word out. So often people only hear about one story and it's not enough to convince them, understandably. But when there is one after another, it gets much harder for people to ignore.
I know I've said it before, but thank you for doing this Linda.

I am glad that you feel the same as I do about how important this is.
Thanks so much for all your support!

Damn. I hear about these stories all the time. This is actually the first time I actually seen a victim of it. It is so heinous how these schemes work. You tell a person that the vaccines, the fluoride in the water, all the need medications that roll off the assembly, are to your benefit. Only to find out later, that the initial intent was the complete opposite. In some cases, it is even made a crime if you refuse to comply. Even worst, the doctors are in on it.

The icing on the cake as to how harmful these vaccines are is the fact that these pharmaceutical companies can't be sued. They are exempt! Any other product or service offered that causes harm you can sue. Not Big pharma. That should tell you something.

Documentary after Documentary showing the ill effects vaccines can and do cause, and some people just remain ignorant to the evidence, appealing to the authority - How do we fix the false knowledge that vaccines have zero harm in any case in the average mind? Or can we not convince such poor minds that believe in crazy absolutes like this?

Keep sharing the stories hopefully more people wake up. I am not saying not to not vaccine your child but do your research, though really knowing what I know now none of my kids would have gotten them.

Happily, vaccination is not compulsory in Ireland so I was not subjected to it. How horrendous for parents like Sonia when the decision is taken out of their hands.

Hard to watch this video. Hard to hear a mother saying she can see no future for her son. Listening to her speaking, I was once again reminded how lucky my son is. He got away with minor issues. Frustrating, annoying, sometimes nerve wracking, but at the end of the day, I know he has the future ahead of him. Others did not have this luck.

Yes, it is hard to watch these videos.
But I must do it.
These people need a voice and people need to listen.
I'm glad that your son escaped too serious an injury.

Thank you so much as Always, you are an amazing person and I'm so proud of you to have this kind of awakening content on Steemit! Resteemed and sharing in my other networks!

Thank-you @lyndsaybowes !
I'm glad to have such a great community here that is willing to open their eyes to injustices like this.

Yes, it sure seems like you are getting a wonderful reception to your posts, it really brings me hope that we are crossing the threshold in raising awareness about the risks involved in vaccination, and that it should always be informed consent, that it should always be a choice. Not something forced upon anyone. PS: I'm loving watch the Italians rising up these last few months, really really brings me even more hope every time I watch one of their rallies!

Thanks for your work on all fronts.

I'm giving your articles on raising children to my girlfriend to study English. She didn't want to have kids at first but after learning that there's a community of parents like you, she is starting to change her mind :-D

The evidence is just too damning for these issues not to be taken seriously thanks for sharing @canadian-coconut, upvoted and followed.

Please keep the message going so that all parents know about vaccines. You are doing important work for all kids. 🐓🐓

I love your passion for this journey about kids and the medical community. Vaccinations to be specific. Thank you! 🐓🐓

What a sad story, I can only imagine what parents have to go through in this type of predicament caused by the government.

Oh my. That is just sad. I can't imagine how she must feel...Vaccines are horrible

A flood is coming. That is for sure

Wow, so sad :(
My son hasn't had all his vaccinations - might just keep it that way :O


I had to post this image I have drawn in 2013 - @steemtruth
He inspired me today to be a bit rebellious :-)

This was not just the title image of my master thesis - it also was a flier, which I have thrown from the roof of my university.

All rights reserved by @art-universe

@canadian-coconut Thanks I appreciate your vote! It'S a motivation boost! THX

A very valuable post for all of us ..
Especially for the family and the future of our children
Because our child is for our future in our old age ,,
Then the life of our children make sure successful in the future and will come in his . thank @canadian.coconut

I think the Hippocratic Oath has been bought by big pharma!

It's so important to bring these stories out into the light, as painful as they are, so parents can hear something other than the pat answers and pharmaceutical company propaganda. It must be so confusing and scary for parents of young children to face this decision and they have a right to know all the facts and not be bullied or pressured.

Thanks for the good story. In Romania the government wants to implement a law that forces the parents to vaccinate their children. We do not know what that vaccines are hiding unfortunately 😒😒😒

Thank you Linda - thank you for shining the light of truth on this crime that has claimed so many lives, and still continues. You are making a difference, and I will support you if you ever need me. Your friend - Paradise Found.

I could not watch the video due to data restrictions, but I read everything else also all the comments and your answers. Thank you for bringing it also to my attention, my son is still undecided about future vaccines. Their little boy would go to a public school and there is still a lot of sickness going around in the very poor communities. So it really is not so clear cut decision for them to make. Thank you for your continuing raising of awareness. I support you and will resteem!

Also, I just read the article by @chron. Only sixteen, and wow--as I told her, I believe mental abilities are also affected by vaccinations. My son, at nearly fourteen, reminds me of chron with the advanced and clear thinking :)

Upvoted and resteemed ... this is ongoing concerns to all parents. Thank you so much for sharing

Thanks @canadian-coconut for the important article! My daughter has 7 years and we do not make her immunizations!

i never hear about the damaged produced by vaccines in our child here it is obligation to put vaccines in little child, and if you do not visited the local hospital to put it, they send people to put vaccines to your house.
Thanks for the information

Vaccines are not mandatory in El Salvador.
They just want you to think that they are mandatory.
They do the same thing here in Canada and tell parents that their children need vaccines to go to school. But as soon as you let them know that you know that is not true, they will admit vaccines are not needed for school.

I just found this article where your El Salvador Director of the Ministry of Health admits that they would not deny a child the right to go to school, but they are just trying to trick people.

El Salvador passed a law ruling that all children must present their immunization records in order to begin school. The director of the Ministry of Health’s immunization programme admits that, in practice, they would not deny an unvaccinated child their schooling, as this would create a barrier to another basic right - education. However, they can take advantage of this scheme to encourage families to ensure that children’s immunization records are up to date.

Every people believe that vaccines are mandatory in El Salvador, because when you got to visit some units communities of the Minister of Health’s, they say you that you need to put every kind of vaccines for their immunization records and we lived in the country (canton) around 3.5 kilometers from city I grew up in place like here and during 20 years ago and today exist a people who visited this far far away places to identify child and recommend to put vaccines of their carry the vaccines, and people do not know nothing about that every accept to put this vaccines.
I review the article of Minister of Health’s and I never heard about that, thanks for sharing.
I hope when I recommend do not put the vaccines people do not say me are you kidding.
But in case of my family child I try to put in practice and have another kind of options for have better immunity system in our child.
Best Regard.

How old are your children?
I'm glad that you now know that you have a choice.

Mi niece have 2 year old and the new have 7 months she not born yet she born in 2 months they are the sons of my brother.
Thanks for the information.
I do not have child yet :(

My ♥ goes out to you, it must be the worst experience that any parent could have to face and live with. Lots of love to every single parent out there ♥♥

This isn't my personal story. I am helping give parents like this one a voice though. She and others need for people to hear their stories, so that something can be done to keep our children safer.

Vaccines all over me and I wish my mother would have known better

I am hearing a lot of negative news about vaccinations from around the world. I remember having my BCG back in school, and all of us pupils lined up like a production line. Thanks for sharing @canadian-coconut, Upvoted and Following.

Very interesting and controversial topic indeed. medicine and its uses can sometimes create more harm than good. Having grown up with a background in science, I see SOME vaccines as necessary, we have virtually rid the world of polio and small pox because of vaccines, but there are other, newer vaccines that can be controversial.

For instance the yearly flu vaccine. Personally I don't get a flu shot because I believe my body's immune system is strong enough to fight off the flu on its own, but sometimes the elderly or children dont have strong enough immune systems and a flu vaccine is a good idea.

Like you said though, its a controversial subject, but still a subject we need to have open, honest discussions about.

It breaks my heart every time I hear a story like this. As a previous pro-vaxxer, it reminds me this could just as easily be me in her shoes right now. We should be listening to the parents instead of the doctors here. They are the ones who care for children everyday and they are the ones who can tell when something has changed with their child.
My heart goes out to this mother. She is obviously trying to make her story heard to warn others of what has happened to her son. I'll be resteeming. Even if it makes just one other parent think about their vaccine choice it'll be worth it.

Thank-you so much for trying to warn others.
Healthy children is the goal.
People need to listen to the parents experiences.

Yes, my heart breaks too when I hear these stories.
But they must be told to help warn others of what could happen.

I respect every mother who decides not to vaccinate their kids. I am a mother as well and I have chosen to vaccinate my both kids. Am I a bad mother? Do I want to harm my kids? Am I less intelligent? I don't believe so :-). I myself, my sisters, brothers and husband were all vaccinated when we were young. We are all healthy people :-). Yes, vaccinating kids can have bad effects. But I believe(this is just my opinion), that not vaccinating kids has far more negative results. Ofcourse what happened to this kid is really terrible and i wish this to nobody.

No, you are not a bad mom and I don't believe that parents want to harm their children.
There are also many people who believe that certain vaccines are worth the risk, but they don't want to take each and every one that is being pushed on them. In many countries now (the USA being the worst) they are shoving so many vaccines into babies and children, even on the first day of life, that it just seems crazy.

I myself had just a very, very few vaccines as a child (I'm 48) compared to what the children today receive. Yet children in my youth were much much healthier than the children that I see around today.
They are over-vaccinated. Where does it stop? 100 vaccines before the age of 6 months?

I have researched and decided against every single vaccine.
But parents should be able to decide if they only want a couple or a dozen, rather than 60 or more that they are being pressured to get.

I live in the Netherlands and we have about 12 vaccines. I don't know any country with 60 or 100 vaccines. If it's true that there is a country with more than 12 or 60 vaccines, than it is a different story. Giving vaccine to a fresh newborn baby is not what we do in in the Netherlands. They get their first with 8 weeks. But the main vaccines are important. If vaccines are not good to people( I assume you are against any vaccine?) how come many people in my family, friends and people I know who had been vaccinated are not autistic? I do believe doctors know better. They studied for years and did not just research on Google. Here is a funny yet informative video I found on Youtube. Maybe you like to watch it? I hope you see that I just want to have a normal conversation with you :-).

argh!! It is so hard being a parent when it comes to vaccines. We're damned if we do damned if we don't. I'm not anti-vax but I chose not to vaccinate my child. I get shit from family members about it, they think I've endangered my child. It is so tough! Do you think some Vaccine damages are reversible? Such as heavy metal detox & healing?

These vaccines are taking over our life in the name of health :(

that is so sad to hear about her regret had she known what she knows now

Excellent post, Amazing. Well done.
I'll follow your account to see how you doing. i also want earnings as like you.
r u help

Hard to watch this great story! Resteem

Let you be lucky today! And let with my wishes to you comes only positive and only bright, bright mood!

Bery good post, , thankyou for sharing @canadian-coconut. . Would you like to visit my post and vote???

heart touching video

Upvoted and resteemed! We need to share this information!

Okay what i understand is she is talking about the autism with her childrens. you can see this kind of this in children's younger than 13 years old. Children's who affected with autism they never be like normal children's they never communicate or play with other children's. They scram and shouts very often and they even get sucidical thoughts sometimes. Autism is completely curable. Parents has to take care of their children's every bit of their moment., they should spread more love and affection. Showing more love and Care someone towards to someone can cure anything.

I suggest that you listen to the mother in the video as she outlines the sequence of events.
Her son was very engaged, and acting like a very normal child. She was very happy that he was developing so well. Then suddenly after vaccinations he regressed and quit speaking and interacting like a normal child.
And I'm afraid that love is not the cure.
These children are not autistic because of lack of care, love or nurturing. That is a very old theory that nobody believes anymore.

I watched the whole video almost 19 minutes.

oh good.
I just realized that I made a mistake. I thought that you had said that they were never like normal children. But instead you said that they never will be.

Many doctors try to tell parents that their children were just born like this ... but the parent knows better. The parent knows that it is something that happened to them after birth, as often they change almost overnight.

Some parents have healed their children from autism using different types of alternative therapies. But they usually have to spend a TON of money to find out what works for their child, and sometimes it just doesn't work at all or there are only small improvements.

I was like same like this in my childhood, my grandmother took care of me like more than my mother. I am totally fine now.

oh wow!
You are so fortunate that your grandmother found a way to help you.
Thanks for commenting.

Good post .. thanks for sharing

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Congratulations for your excellent post, I invite you to follow us and we grow faster, greetings

My son is #1241 on the bus.

Oh my. I am so sorry to hear that,
but I am glad that you are here speaking out.

How come I cannot resteem this? Sorry, newbie here :) Is it because it's 21 days old?

Yes, that's why.
Thanks for trying!

Vaccines is important ....but in some countries it is not provided properly

followed you kindly do a favour plz spread my post as much you can if you are real human. your one click can change my life.

Another beautiful post !
Became fan of you !
Followed you @canadian-coconut !