Task Request: Steem Avatar generator, parts for Orca.

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Please read this task very carefully, this design has very detailed specifications.


We need the help of designers to create many different sets of characters for our STEEM avatar generator, section: ORCA. And only orca this time.

To see how the avatar generator works check this link: http://wearecodex.com/steem-avatars/ and click GENERATE button in the minnow or dolphin section; click many times to get the idea clearly.

It is highly important that you download and use THIS PSD as base.

It contains the vector necessary for the design as smart objects. It is in the right size so you must not modify the size of any of the parts.

You can modify shapes slightly as long as they keep fiting with the entire system; don't change position of any of the parts if it can altere the whole design.


You must respect the order of the layers and you can use only ONE layer for accessories on top.


The final files must be PNG, 256x256px.
You must provide each part in a separate file with the name exactly as in this example, no numbers, no uppercase, make a folder for each set:


Be creative!

You can add something to the fins as it is holding a tool, redesign the upper fin (included in the upbody) and the white mark, etc.

Follow the same illustration style or keep it very close. 3D, sketch styles, or very shaded are not accepted.

Make at least 3 complete orcas.


  • We will add the parts in a folder to be used in the project.
  • The script will be modified to call all the extra parts.


The last day to submit your designs will be wednesday jun 13th, UTC-7 (including this day).


You must communicate with wearecodex team in our discord server:

First drop your sketches or rough ideas, so we can evaluate them, then you can make the final designs BUT we need to check that they FIT PERFECTLY BEFORE you post them to utopian.

If your design doesn't fit the base perfectly then it doesn't work and won't be used. We don't want anyone to abuse the system by posting before we check.

When you make the post, use the tag #wearecodex. Also link this task request.




We don't want the contributors to make Pull Requests, because we need to set the names manually for each part when we get them all.
We also don't want any design that doesn't fit to be rewarded. Wait for a comment by @wearecodex saying it was accepted, otherwise the post can be considered as abuse.

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This task request is now open.

  • Deadline: 13th June 23:59 UTC

  • Only contributions approved by wearecodex team can be rewarded. Provide proof of communication.

  • Follow requirements for source files closely.


This TR is extended for 7 more days until 20th June 23:59 UTC

This is going to be a fun work again just like the dolphins! thanks for this task @wearecodex :)


you're welcome!!:D

Hi @wearecodex , this is my Avatar-Orca Pokemon theme design..posting here for your checking & approval..

you can check my sourcefiles HERE


How many design can we make?


Hi! You can make as many as you want, the minimum is 3 designs at least, see @creativista amazing design in Minnow Avatar Task Request: https://steemit.com/utopian-io/@creativista/minnow-avatar-generator-proposal

She makes so many combination in her contribution, that is more than we can imagine. But remember to keep it in one contribution post.

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is like: Awesome, xD kind of.


hahaha yes exactly.

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Hi, @wearecodex, I'm a designer but new to Utopian.io. I found your task request and have made one of 3 planned designs following your procedure but I was wondering what steps to take for approval. can I just do the 3, upload on a cloud drive and do a post showing them and linking to them? Here is the rapstar themed Orca. Avatar-Orca-Base.png


We've replied your question on our discord server. Hopefully you could finish the design before the deadline.