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RE: Task Request: Steem Avatar generator, parts for Orca.

in #utopian-io6 years ago

Hi, @wearecodex, I'm a designer but new to I found your task request and have made one of 3 planned designs following your procedure but I was wondering what steps to take for approval. can I just do the 3, upload on a cloud drive and do a post showing them and linking to them? Here is the rapstar themed Orca. Avatar-Orca-Base.png


We've replied your question on our discord server. Hopefully you could finish the design before the deadline.

Hi @dimensco it was nice been in your servers on discord. I had so much deliverables I couldn't meet up. I plan to join in the other categories once the tasks come out. Or even if orcas come out again now that I'm fully in the Utopian and wearecodex discord. Thanks for the tips and feedback too.

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