Steem Blast - Talking Points

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This post contains talking points and pre-written messages that can be used for the Steem Blast campaign. You can simply copy/paste whatever is here, or you can use them as inspiration to create your own messages. Feel free to take/use/modify these however you want for the campaign.

Here is a link to an article that can be shared:

You can also take content from the article and change/re-use for the campaign.

Here is a list of pre-written Tweets/messages that can be used:

  • Are you thinking about investing in cryptocurrency? Check out STEEM.
  • Have you considered investing in cryptocurrency? Check out STEEM.
  • Today may be a good day to buy some STEEM :)
  • It's time to start paying attention to Steem!
  • A lot is happening with the Steem blockchain!
  • Check out what is happening with the Steem blockchain!
  • This summarizes my reasons for buying STEEM. I am still holding onto it strongly and will be buying more in the coming weeks.
  • See why there is so much excitement about the Steem blockchain!
  • Send money to friends in three seconds with zero fees using Steem!
  • Steem is one of the most heavily used blockchains in the world!
  • Steem is one of the most advanced blockchain projects in the world!
  • Check out this article to see why I am invested in Steem!
  • Steem is the gateway to cryptocurrency!
  • The Steem blockchain has several of the most heavily used DApps in the blockchain industry!
  • There are around 100,000 active users on Steem who have an interest in cryptocurrency!
  • Coinbase Custody recently announced plans to consider adding 40 new digital assets, including STEEM!
  • Looking for a fast blockchain with 3 second transactions and no “gas fees”? Build your project on #steem.
  • Are RAM and Gas calculations really part of your business plan? Free your project of hindrances. Consider building on the #steem blockchain.
  • 3 second transfer speed = no more sitting, waiting, and quitting for your end users.
  • I’d like to introduce you to the Steem blockchain: 10,000 transactions per second, 3 second transfer speed, unlimited possibilities for your projects.
  • Remember when CryptoKitties stalled the Ethereum blockchain? The Steem blockchain can handle more than 100x CryptoKitties without batting an eye.
  • Steem blockchain: Proven track record. Innovative roadmap. Reputable development team. Responsive community. 2 years and running. 1,000,000+ accounts. 10,000 transactions/second. 3 second transfers.
  • Why not move your project to the Steem blockchain? 1,000,000+ potential users, 10,000 transactions/sec, 3 sec transfers, DPoS, plus an existing pool of rewards.
  • Steem Power holders can earn passive income by investing in Steem!
  • STEEM has been listed on several of the major cryptocurrency exchanges!
  • Smart Media Tokens will be launched on the Steem Blockchain in Q1 2019: Find out what is happening on the Steem Blockchain now!
  • I just bought some STEEM! (to only be used if the poster actually purchased STEEM)
  • There are quite a few reasons to consider buying STEEM!
  • I'm thinking of picking up some STEEM.
  • Learn about investing in STEEM:
  • Here is why I'm invested in STEEM:

Feel free to use any of these as a "starting point" and turn them into your own custom messages.

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