Utopian Weekly - AI Arrives on Utopian.io - Bug Hunting on Request Only and more [June 1st 2018]

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We at Utopian.io would like to keep you well updated on our weekly progress in improving and developing Utopian.io for you. In the regular Utopian Weekly posts on Fridays, we’re happy to share all the latest Utopian news and updates.

In This Post:

  • Development updates: Utopian.io Frontend V2, Signup Module, @utopian-io witness server, as well as other features and projects
  • New additions to the @utopian.edu community education tutorial series
  • Utopian.io Steem Innovation Trail

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Utopian Frontend V2: More Sneak Peeks

A lot is going on behind the scenes, and our team is actively working on Version 2 of our frontend. Completely built with Vue.js and the Quasar Framework.

We are excited to tell you that a beta version of the new Utopian.io frontend is coming in 2 weeks!

The Editor

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See more Sneak Peeks

AI on Utopian.io

Since our initial announcement of the Innovation Trail, we have decided to advance the initiative some more. The new, smarter Innovation Trail is now powered by the some of the most accurate AI in the world: IBM Watson, via its powerful Natural Language Understanding (NLU) service. Integrating this technology enables our Innovation Trail to analyze the content and context of posts, to determine if they are within the topics we wish to support on Utopian.io.

This is our first attempt at bringing AI onto the Steem blockchain and is certainly not the last one!

Thanks to @ms10398 for the amazing work in bringing AI into our Innovation Trail.

Utopian.io will now trail and upvote content which the NLU categorizes as follows:

  • Science
  • Technology
  • Innovation
  • Open Source

Here's a complete list of categories accepted by the NLU

'/science/biology/marine biology',
'/science/biology/molecular biology',
'/science/biology/zoology/endangered species',
'/science/chemistry/organic chemistry',
'/science/computer science/artificial intelligence',
'/science/computer science/cryptography',
'/science/computer science/distributed systems',
'/science/computer science/information science',
'/science/computer science/software engineering',
'/science/computer science',
'/science/ecology/environmental disaster',
'/science/ecology/waste management/recycling',
'/science/ecology/waste management/waste disposal',
'/science/geology/volcanology/volcanic eruptions',
'/science/medicine/medical research',
'/science/medicine/psychology and psychiatry/psychoanalysis',
'/science/medicine/psychology and psychiatry',
'/science/medicine/surgery/cosmetic surgery',
'/science/medicine/veterinary medicine',
'/science/physics/atomic physics',
'/science/physics/space and astronomy',
'/business and industrial/aerospace and defense/space technology',
'/business and industrial/automation/robotics',
'/business and industrial/business software',
'/business and industrial/energy/electricity',
'/hobbies and interests/inventors and patents',
'/technology and computing/computer security/antivirus and malware',
'/technology and computing/computer security/network security',
'/technology and computing/computer security',
'/technology and computing/data centers',
'/technology and computing/electronic components',
'/technology and computing/enterprise technology/data management',
'/technology and computing/enterprise technology/enterprise resource planning',
'/technology and computing/hardware/computer/servers',
'/technology and computing/hardware/computer components/chips and processors',
'/technology and computing/hardware/computer/components/disks',
'/technology and computing/hardware/computer/components/graphics cards',
'/technology and computing/hardware/computer/components/memory/portable',
'/technology and computing/hardware/computer/components/memory',
'/technology and computing/hardware/computer/components/motherboards',
'/technology and computing/hardware/computer/networking/wireless technology',
'/technology and computing/hardware',
'/technology and computing/internet technology/isps',
'/technology and computing/internet technology/social network',
'/technology and computing/internet technology/web design and html',
'/technology and computing/internet technology/web search/people search',
'/technology and computing/internet technology/web search',
'/technology and computing/internet technology',
'/technology and computing/networking/network monitoring and management',
'/technology and computing/networking/vpn and remote access',
'/technology and computing/networking',
'/technology and computing/operating systems/linux',
'/technology and computing/operating systems/mac os',
'/technology and computing/operating systems/unix',
'/technology and computing/operating systems/windows',
'/technology and computing/operating systems',
'/technology and computing/programming languages/c and c++',
'/technology and computing/programming languages/java',
'/technology and computing/programming languages/javascript',
'/technology and computing/programming languages/visual basic',
'/technology and computing/programming languages',
'/technology and computing/software/databases',
'/technology and computing/software/desktop publishing',
'/technology and computing/software/desktop video',
'/technology and computing/software/graphics software/animation',
'/technology and computing/software/graphics software',
'/technology and computing/software/net conferencing',
'/technology and computing/software/shareware and freeware',
'/technology and computing/technological innovation'

@SteemHunt Added to The Trail

The amazing @SteemHunt project has been added to the Innovation Trail with a 5% relative upvote.

The Utopian.io Innovation Trail is Open Source: https://github.com/utopian-io/trail.utopian.io

Updated Signup Module

Our signup module now has an additional feature: users can now sync an existing GitHub account with their Steem account, to help with identity procedures on our platform. This feature also sets the ground for improved identity processes when the new Utopian.io frontend is released; allowing users to easily associate their GitHub work with their Utopian.io profiles.

@utopian-io Witness Server

A new and more reliable failover script and price feed is now running, allowing more efficient switches between main and backup witnesses, in the case of missed blocks. Many thanks go to @helo for his work in setting this up!

New Content for @utopian.edu Community Educational Series

As part of our efforts to educate the community on how to contribute successfully on Utopian.io, we are now publishing educational content through the @utopian.edu account. This content aims to address various aspects of contributing and working on Utopian.io and provide valuable resources to our users.

This week, a new video tutorial focusing on the Tutorials category was published, and it offers guidelines and tips on how to make high quality contributions in that category.

Bug Hunting on Request Only

In order to provide a better service for Open Source Project Owners, the Bug Hunting category is now accepting contributions on request only. This means, contributions in this category will be rewarded only if they are linked to a task request or are being submitted to projects present in our Whitelist.

All pending contributions will be reviewed and scored, and those eligible for an upvote will be upvoted. Any new contributions made to this category after this announcement will not be eligible for an upvote if they are not linked to a task request or if they are not for a project on the Whitelist.

Project Owners who wish to have their projects listed on the whitelist may contact us at https://support.utopian.io, and use the subject Bug Hunting Whitelist Request.

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@utopian-io is sky-rocketing day to day. Hats off to this amazing team. Now we included more category, this family will grow even more.


The new, smarter Innovation Trail is now powered by the some of the most accurate AI in the world: IBM Watson, via its powerful Natural Language Understanding (NLU) service.

I'd really enjoy reading a writeup of the implementation.

i think this is the commit. maybe i should volunteer to pseudo-code it into docs. i think the heavy lifting is done with:

if (check_context) {
text: result.body,
features: {
categories: {}


Hah. One step away from

  1. Analyze text
  2. ???
  3. Profit.

Alas, if only 3 were a step.

  1. analyze text
  2. Do the things
  3. If (lucky && operations team great && team can deliver as promised && stay lucky)
    { profit }

Same here? Thing sounds awesome!

  ·  last year Reveal Comment

If it is not the project owner who submitted it, can it be accepted?

Can you elaborate more on your question? Is this related to the bug hunting category?

Yeah, that is bug-hunting category

Exuse me

There are more ways. The first one is to utilize Utopian task requests, which means that the project owners / developers can submit they requests in Utopian instead of using just the issue tracker.

For the other cases, the moderation team will see existing projects and if they are found to be valuable and that the testers are good to be rewarded for their reports, the projects may be put down to the whitelist. The project name is written there if we can see that there is a public support of bug issue reports or that the project owner agrees with being written in the whitelist.

The decision may not have been announced in prior but we are going to do our best to maintain the list so that genuine testers may be rewarded for their work. Though, one should not depend on the rewards and pick the projects on that.

I know Utopians change the rules today because they want to throw out bad contributor because they are not good in english. How does that statement relate to today's changes.

I'm sorry, I probably did not understand the original question properly.

development and renewal beyond that can be in @Utopian-io .. hopefully the steemian around the world can use this application well.

Is there a plan to support also Sourceforge in V2?

Yes would be great to open up to other platforms as well. It is in our plans.

How do I find task request on steemit??

Hey we have @utopian.tasks for that

Great content. Thanks for doing this. Style of writing in the Notepad looks naive but it is so effective and understandable that I am going to use it on my contributions.

Any how-to content that's not video-based? I learn better by reading and/or doing rather than watching.

Actually i can't understand?
What about i have to request for contribute on bug-hunting.
And what is task request?

Do i need to request to contribute which projects are listed on utopian Whitelist.

Please let me know in details.

Makes it much easier to find the priority bugs to work on, thanks.

I can't wait to get my hands on the source code. I know that the editor was built using WASM and Rust which is pretty cool.

Integrating this technology enables our Innovation Trail to analyze the content and context of posts, to determine if they are within the topics we wish to support on Utopian.io

I don't understand how this will be implemented. Can anyone elaborate? Does this means, the AI would scan through articles which has been using certain tags?

Nope @conficker. The trail follows only certain communities, which are SteemHunt, SteemMakers, SteemStem. For communities that allow a broader context than science, technology and innovation, the NLU checks the post content and tells if the context is within any of those.

Its an interesting upgrade.