Utopian.io is Giving You More: Innovation Trail & Higher Maximum Rewards

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Our goal has always been and will be to empower innovation on the Steem blockchain, with a focus on Open Source projects and initiatives. Today, we are announcing the Utopian.io Innovation Trail aimed to help grow initiatives promoting technological innovation, scientific progress and Open Source. In addition, we are raising the maximal caps on contribution rewards to give even higher rewards to your top quality contributions.


Utopian.io Innovation Trail

The Steem blockchain is full of valuable and interesting content related to science, technology and open source development. Numerous curation initiatives and community accounts are using their power to reward such posts and their authors, incentivizing them to create more of such content. To support and empower these initiatives, we’ve decided to have the @utopian-io account trail the votes of a few select accounts.

Currently, @utopian-io will be trailing @steemstem at a relative vote of 15% and @steemmakers at a relative vote of 5%.

Accounts and initiatives focused on curation of relevant content are welcome to get in touch with us. Please create a ticket in our ticketing system titled “Innovation Trail Application” and we will contact you or Contact us on Discord.

Maximum Vote Caps Raised

Exceptional quality merits exceptional rewards. This is why we have decided to raise the maximum voting cap (and thus the reward) at varying percentages per category. We hope that by raising the maximal reward possible we will see more impactful and valuable contributions submitted to Utopian.io.

As Utopian.io grows and evolves, along with the changing values of STEEM currencies, we will continue adjusting our reward distribution workflows and percentages, to continue providing incentives to our community of Open Source contributors.

First Time Contributing in Utopian?

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Utopian Witness

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On behalf of the entire steemstem crew, thanks a bunch for your support! We will continue working hard for in the aim of promoting all STEM fields on Steem and support the related Steemians! You can count on us!

When I was brand new on the Steem blockchain I have been lucky to have been supported by @steemstem from time to time. Off course interests have to align but I always found it a really nice community regardless the STEM subject. I have been into STEM way before the term actually existed (at least where I live) so it's a natural match. I've always looked at @steemstem and @curie as examples for @steemmakers. Unfortunatelly I lack the time to follow up on everything but it was a relief to see you guys bounce back stronger after the recent break. I also very much like the STEM assistant. We're thinking about following the example set.

Oh, and before I forget, congratulations!

Thanks for this very nice message! We are trying to be fair and transparent in supporting stem (I actually don't know when the term was first coined) on steem. In short, we are a bunch of guys and gals trying to do our best. I am happy to read that some want to take us as examples. This makes me happy! :)

well be the best....................

Hello @lemouth, we are as excited as you are. We have seen the potential that you started with your recent posts and we are happy that we can support this large group which is overseen by a person like you.

Thanks for the nice message. I am very glads that we are supported by a project like Utopian-io, where not only quality matters, but also integrity. This is rare!

Congratualations @lemouth and the entire steemstem team! The curation efforts of the steemstem team is one of the best I have seen!

Glad for the stem community :)

Thanks a lot for the nice comment! It is always appreciated to see other people liking what we (try to) do :)


I'm working with gentleshaid and when I look into his workshops, I pick up some guidelines you all set, and I like the fact that it's not too science strict, but also not too loose!

The number of STEM subfields is also large :)

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Hello @utopian-io

Thank you for this initiative to support wider community. It is a timely decision and very much in order.


Thanks for you sir...

Thanks for supporting @steemmakers !! This will for sure help the community to grow faster.

It's our pleasure !

As a @steemmakers enthusiast i would like to thank you @utopian-io @elear and all the utopian team behind this initiative, as this is a fantastic way to promote quality content on Steemit and let smaller motivated communities reach their goal to support quality content makers. That is the greatest news i could hear for the community. thank you again

That was my feeling as soon as i read the post !! really got excited because i have seen how @jefpatat wanted to bring to another level @steemmakers and with this kind of support from @utopian-io he is now one step ahead and closer to rech that goal. Thank you @mcfarhat for reading my comment and commenting it !! :)

Such a long time feeling like the underdogs, I now feel like our work has not only paid off, but we get to keep it going to an even greater degree. Such a great day, Thanks for working with us!

Great to see Utopian helping one of the best curation projects and communities on steemit in SteemSTEM. Proof that projects can be run with the communities benefit in mind and not just to line the pockets of the showrunners.

We are more than happy to do that ! :)

Thats a great decision to use 3 Million SPs in more productive way. Especially supporting @steemstem is such a brilliant decision towards supporting quality contents in this platform. I wish all those hardworking persons behind this project a great success!

SteemStem and Steemmakers are great initiatives. We always wanted to support such curation activities and thought was the right time to go with that ;)

Thank You @utopian-io! I find it amazing that honest efforts find more supporters on steemit and I am really happy!

p.s. Reminding to all that Utopian-Io is also a Witness, feel free to support them with your vote!

Going to vote for utopian straight away!

We are more than grateful @utopian-io, thank you so much for supporting the steemstem community!

Thanks for the extra support to SteemSTEM!

A big thanks to @utopian-io for supporting the SteemStem community, as a way of showing my appreciation, I have voted Utopian as a Witness.

Thank you for that. We appreciate every vote for Utopian witness.

Thats nice, I contribute to the steemstem community as well so I appreciate this.

Wow very awesome! Thank you for great suport to steemstem community!

Thanks for supporting the steemstem community. They are awesome and hard working but mostly awesome.

We know that, both about being awesome and hard-working :)
Thanks for the nice words !

Instead of writing a lengthy reply I wrote a post dedicated to show my gratitude: Thank you Utopian!

After the hack Utopian.io is growing at a speed of Falcon 9 rocket. Whoever hacked may be thinking what have I done. :)

Faster than ever! After the attack all the best people of the blockchain came to support us. That was amazing to see!

Excellent - Voted for you as Witness.....


Supporting steemstem equates supporting quality content. Thank you @utopian.io for believing in the @steemstem community. Just voted utopian.io as a witness!

Thanks a lot @utopian-io for this great support to our community @steemstem, we appreciate you guys. Surely you guys got my witness vote (smiles)

Great to see sir @Utopian-io. helping one of the best curation projects and communities on steemit in Steemstem. We are more than grateful @utopian-io, thank you so much for supporting the steemstem community!

I join my voice with my fellow steemstem members to say a big thank you to @utopian-io. We appreciate your contribution.

This is awesome. Well done!

Thank to @utopian-io for the support to #steemstem community.... Very grateful for such support for you... Science is taken over and technology is what we enjoyed and that is what connected universe.

I have just found your page and this looks amazing!

We are very grateful from @steemstem for this you are doing

U deserve a witness vote...

Eyyy what an interesting initiative I really hope will be a very productive job since I joined the discord chat and I would love to be part of it. Greetings.

From steemstem community, I say a big thank you to @utopian-io for counting steemstem community worthy of their trail. We will not relent in the quality work.

What more can I put here, but to appreciate @utopian-io, out of all the communities on steemit, you feel steemstem worth this. Well done, and I believe that our authors on steemSTEM will never compromised the standard.

This is dank. Very dank.

Finally stupid jokes about scientific ideas are getting the attention they deserve!

This is excellent news! I am sure the result will be even more high quality content to enrich the Steem community!

Thanks for doing this @utopian-io!

Woot, I cannot say thanks often enough here! Your support for us @steemstem is a great step for us!

Thank you very much for seeing value in steemstem :)

Love this, congratulations to STEM authors

Another nice post.. thanks.

This is one of the best news of the year. Thanks a lot, @Utopian

Just perfect.. wow :

As a honorary member for SteemSTEM, I am honored to find out about this trust you put in us. SteemSTEM articles are always checked for plagiarism, documented and sourced to make sure they are of the highest quality there can be. We are actively mentoring people and very often we see people who join Steem just to post in #SteemSTEM.
Having educated people contributes to a good and welcoming environment for everyone.

Again, thanks for the support! Kudos to everyone!

On behalf of the steemSTEM community I say a big thanks to this initiative.

This is exactly what was needed! Thank you for supporting our communities!

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This is an amazing initiative. And this will encourage the production of more quality contents.
I join my voice with that of everyone at SteemSTEM to express a since appreciation

Great Words to live by!!

Most welcome.. and very amazing..

Most welcome sir..

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Great news. I glad for the stem community. Thank you so much @utopian-io for supporting the steemstem community!

On behalf of every SteemSTEM members, I say a very big thanks to the @utopian-io management on this kind gesture. Kudos @lemouth for pulling this off...

Thank you utopian for this support for #steemSTEM.

Wow ! Such awesome news ! Congrats @steemSTEM and @utopian-io and @steemmakers !
This is wonderful collaboration and I can't wait to see the results !
Great job everyone !

hello and vote for the witness! thank you for giving so much to the community

Thanks for your support, we appreciate everything.

Thank you for such an awesome act. We, members of the steemstem community, is very grateful for the support.

All of us in steemstem and its sub-communities are grateful for this initiatives. I am sure authors would be more motivated to improve the quality of their contents as well as bring more scientists aboard steemit with this great news.

Thank you once again.

very good information. I just found out this community. please tell me how to join this community.

Hi there. You can find all the information at https://join.utopian.io/guidelines

Thank you for a productive platform that will help the community to grow with Steemit. It will open a lot of avenues and ventures that will enable us to reach our goals. Also, the feeling of being a part of Steemit's productivity and blockchain potential growth, is amazing.

Following, upvoted, commenting, participating, sharing, joining, resteem, and looking forward to promoting @utopian-io.

by @share4angels

This is really great news for science and programming.. Thanks to @utopian-io.

Hi @utopian-io! Great initiative taken by you all and specially congratulations to all the team members of our #steemSTEM for their positive and innovative approach for the welfare of the community. 😇

It's celebration time! 🎊 🎊

Welcome @utopian-io and thanks for supporting #steemSTEM!! 😇

Thank you so much for your support!! We are trying to bring value on this platform are promise to keep doing so!! Your help is appreciated dearly!

Wow! This is lovely. Thanks @utopian-io and congrats to steemSTEM community as a whole.

Question: What and where can I get the github repository link? Please someone help me. @utopian-io @lemouth