Link to the video with the presentation.

We got some exciting updates. New name for Utopian knowledge sharing platform. A new form of radio shows. Yet it feels as if something was missing. ETA. Although asking of that is usually not nice, and I am well aware of that, you have mentioned several pieces of news, but neither of them has any public schedule afaik. Everything seems to be in process with some changes on the way.

Looking forward to hearing @jedigeiss to talk to interesting guests. Let's hope it is sooner than later. :)

Regardless, it appears we have a lot to look forward to. Wish there is not going to be any impediment with the development.

Edit: Is there any chance that the series "Utopian Pills" will come back?

There are different ETAs involved here. For the radio show we are aiming next week even though there are still some technical limitations to overcome to do the switch to podcasts, but I don't see this taking more than 2 weeks from now.

As for the crowdfunding campaign we are looking for early February.

Finally for the Utopian Pills that's more of something I do in my free time which tends to be very limited lately, but I am hoping to do one soon regarding how we redefined our story and how we are presenting that to investors :)

I'll wait to see that as I am interested in how you redefined the story. I believe it's been obvious the released platform could not be called Utopian V2, it makes me think the "yet another" rebranding change has happened only recently as you successfully kept it secret and did not disclose it at Steemfest nor the first Investor pitch call round. 1,2,3

The Colony is our name for the crowdfunding and crowdsourcing reward exchange and content creation platform that we’ve been calling Utopian V2.

What about Utopian Bounty (uBounty)? Is that going to be a separate project created later in time instead of, as it was presented before, being a part of the Utopian V2?

Utopian Colony is the name of the entire platform as Utopian v2 was more of an internal name which is fundamentally unusable for the public for a number of reasons. Utopian Colony contains a set of major modules, uBounty is indeed one of them, specific for the bounty exchange.

I'm legitimately excited for the upcoming endeavors of Utopian ! xD

Grateful to be part of such an awesome team of professionals

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Awesome, I look forward to the New, Improved utopian and the fundraiser!

I'm very interested in seeing what kind of Indiegogo campaign you guys have come up with - hopefully it has a successful outcome!

It is going to be very nice and the community will be involved a lot before and during the campaign length :)

Indiegogo huh? Looking forward to seeing what this is all about. Keep going guys, hopefully everything will fall into place and 2019 will be a great year for @utopian-io!

You should be able to see that very soon.

You forgot to say “no homo”

Some homo!

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Hope 2k19 will be good year for you guys.

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Loving these progressions! Looking forward to the Gogo

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Can't wait to see more from you. Well done with Indiegogo. Cheers!

Why Indiegogo vs kickstarter