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It's been another impressive week of contributions to Utopian's various categories. This week, we're highlighting excellent selections from the Translations, Ideas, Blog, Tutorials, and Video Tutorials categories. Check them out!

Staff Picks

SIP001 - Non Fungible Tokens in STEEM by @upheaver [ideas]

This is an Ideas contribution meant to improve the Steem blockchain. The author did not just share the overview of the idea. Instead, he went into great detail describing how it could be implemented, its usecases and its advantages if integrated. The contribution is well thought out, and this is the sort of effort we would like to see on the ideas category.

Total payout: 83.05 STU
Number of votes: 685

Simplified Chinese translation of Node.js #12 - 1090 words by @aafeng [translations]

@aafeng's translation was perfectly accurate. The sentences are fluent in all the strings. The translator even highlighted some of the source strings that were difficult to translate. He showed us how he tried to understand the underlying programming concepts by running a demo code to get accurate translation.

Total payout: 27.43 STU
Number of votes: 122

The Curious Expedition Greek Translation - Part 50 (~ 1088 words) by @trumpman [translations]

According to the moderator, @trumpan's execution of this translation was flawless. The post about the translation is filled with humour and is very engaging. Both of the translation posts selected this week are excellent examples of what we want to see.

Total payout: 28.50 STU
Number of votes: 193

Advanced Flutter Project - Setting Up the Basic Structure - Part One by @tensor [video-tutorials]

Video Tutorials MVP @tensor presents us with a new course. This is the first in a series of an advanced Flutter project. @tensor uses the Utopian Rocks Mobile application as the basis of this project. He tells us that we will be able to expand upon the code and feature list of this application. This tutorial get us started with the systematic and deliberate steps we have seen in many of @tensor’s other tutorials.

Total payout: 44.85 STU
Number of votes: 272

A Token on the Steem Blockchain!!! by @shredz7 [tutorials]

The author of this tutorial provides us with an innovative concept that he recently introduced, allowing the creation of tokens on the Steem blockchain. In this tutorial, he leads a well-written, easy to follow, step by step guide to help you create your own token, transfer funds, and sync blocks for every user with a balance. This, along with other community based work, can represent the foundation of how tokens will function on Steem. It can potentially serve as an alternative to Steemit Inc’s implementation. Make sure to have a look at the tutorial if you’re interested in tokens. Whether you want to create them or challenge the concepts he refers to.

Total payout: 34.70 STU
Number of votes: 87

Launching #WeAreOne  --  Curie, Sndbox, Travelfeed, and More On 1Ramp [Web + Android] by @the1ramp [blog]

This post details a massive update to @1Ramp's platforms on Android and the web, with the creation of #WeAreOne, a dedicated space for communities. The post is detailed, engaging, and very well illustrated with screenshots. This is an impressive update, and one we look forward to seeing evolve.

Total payout: 55.42 STU
Number of votes: 355 Post Statistics

The staff picked contributions are only a small (but exceptional) example of the mass of contributions reviewed and rewarded by

  • Overall, the last week saw a total of 139 posts, with 125 of them rewarded through an upvote by @utopian-io.
  • In total, distributed an approximate of 3389.54 STU to contributors.
  • The highest payout seen on any contribution this week was 118.496 STU, with a total of 282 votes received from the community.
  • The contribution that attracted the most engagement was Ideas For Improving DTube, with no less than 100 comments in its comment threads.
  • The average vote given by was worth 26.90 STU.

Category Statistics

CategoryReviewedRewardableRewardedTotal rewardsTop contributor
translations4847471383.29 STU@alexs1320
blog221818316.80 STU@actifit
graphics43354.92 STU@zularizal
development212020572.24 STU@immanuel94
bug-hunting22230.78 STU@tobias-g
ideas43389.13 STU@upheaver
iamutopian999332.33 STU@katerinaramm
tutorials161111179.14 STU@drifter1
video-tutorials22280.53 STU@tensor
analysis33395.53 STU@miniature-tiger
documentation1113.02 STU@bobinson
anti-abuse11133.46 STU@flagawhale
copywriting11121.30 STU@harry-heightz


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Thanks a lot for the mention!

u guys are blowing my mind, wow

mark woofalo, haha

Always nice to make it onto the top list of the week. Hoping my latest tutorial makes it up there as well.

interesting update. we're interesting to learn more about @upheaver's NFT token implementation. We didn't even know it's possible on the Steem blockchain yet!

Steem Improvement Proposal 001!! Love that! Great work on improving open source development @utopian-io!

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