Introducing 'Competition Pools' on 1Ramp - With 2 Ongoing Contests

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1Ramp is available on Play Store and web

We are really excited about this update. This update will make hosting contests on Steem a cake walk, from creating contests to announcing results, now all that can be doing using 1Ramp's Android app. For all the Steemians, discovering contests, participating, and keeping track of them would get a lot easier and fun.

Almost two weeks ago we posted an announcement on Steemit -- Live Competition Pools on 1Ramp [Coming Soon!]. That blog talks at length about running contests on Steem and in general. We also explained how the 'Live Competition Pools' feature will look like using our design prototype. Today, we are glad to announce that this feature is now available in our latest update.

Install the app and try it out by participating in two running contests by 1Ramp.

1. Live Contests on 1Ramp

We are running two real contests to show you how everything works and looks like on 1Ramp.

1.1. "Outside My Window" - Photography Contest

Outside my Window.png

About the contest

Open a window, who said it needs to be a window at your home. It could be any window, of your car, your home or a Bus. Show us what you see, let others experience how you perceive the world through a window. Don't worry if the window is not visible in your photos.

Every contest created using 1Ramp’s app will be posted as an auto-generated blog post on your profile with proper formatting and all the essential details.

The auto-generated contest announcement blog is here: Click here to view

1.2. "Finish This Story in 20 Words" - Writing Contest

20 Words to go.png

About the contest

“Jeremy is sitting alone in the comfort of his sofa. There is a table in front of him, with empty plates, and plastic flowers on top of it. On the front wall is a television, which he muted an hour ago. He is not looking at the television, he is looking at the painting on the wall to his right.

It’s a painting that he made a year ago and he hasn’t been drawing ever since. What made him stop painting that is hanging in his home...?


Finish this situation in 20 words or less. Visualize Jeremy, what possibly could he be thinking? The story doesn’t need to be perfect, but it needs to be true and close to your imagination.

The auto-generated contest announcement blog is here: Click here to view

2. Creating and Managing Contests on 1Ramp

2.1. Who can create contests using 1Ramp?

The feature to create contests is available to a few selected accounts. You'd need special access to create contests on 1Ramp. We identified some really cool contest creators on Steem and we can grant them access to create contests on 1Ramp as soon as they signup on 1Ramp (that's the only way we can do it).

We request @travelfeed, @photofeed, @photocontests, @steemradio, @curie, @sndbox to try out the feature and let us know your thoughts on it. @firepower, @flamingirl, @czechglobalhosts, @cryptoctopus have been hosting engaging contests on Steem for so long. Your feedback and ideas would help us a lot. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

Note: All the usernames mentioned in this blog will get special permission to create competitions. We'll try to reach out to more contest creators but it is not possible to quickly find all them. We request that those who are interested in creating competitions should fill up this form and we'll give them special access ASAP.

We are giving admin access to a limited number of accounts for three reasons:
a. Not everyone creates or wants to host contests.
b. To work closely with some Steem users and perfect the 'Competitions' feature before we start
involving more and more people.
c. To make sure that there is no spam in the contests section.

2.1. Better discovery and participation —

Creating contests on 1Ramp doesn’t limit the discovery and participation. All 1Ramp users will find your contests in one place. Every contest created using 1Ramp’s app will also be published as an auto-generated blog post on your profile with proper formatting and all the essential details. Interested users who are not on 1Ramp can also participate using an auto-generated unique hashtag for a particular contest from any Steem Platform.

2.2. Judging entries got easier —

The biggest advantage for the contest creators is that once they start hosting contests using 1Ramp, they won’t need to open a lot of links, worry about finding all the entries and figuring out the chronological order of the posts and then manually make a blog post. You’ll see all the participating entries in one place on 1Ramp.

2.3. Declare winners in 2 steps —

You can announce results using 1Ramp in two steps. Once the contest ends, you can head on to the ‘Declare Winners’ section and assign ranks. Shortlist winners and hit ‘Publish’ and an announcement blog will be posted from your profile.


Here is a test sample of winners announcement blog: Winners Announcement Blog - Test
The automated blog will show a title, first image and a couple lines of text from the participating entry, and link to the original post.

2.4. Judges by 1Ramp —

We declared two judges in our previous contest related announcement blog. As we onboard more judges, the admins will be able to request them to judge their contests. We are in the process of building this part of the system and if you request judges provided by 1Ramp, you'd need to collaborate with us via discord or email: [email protected]

3. Participating in Contest via 1Ramp

Those who frequently participate in various contests know that it is hard to discover them. 1Ramp makes it easy for you —

3.1. Keep track of all contests in one place

On 1Ramp, you can keep an eye on the start and end date/time easily. As you browse through the contests you’ll find the contest title, total prizes, duration, and the number of participants to easily keep track of all the running contests.


3.2. Discover new people

See all the participating entries in one place and discover new creators. Often times, we find the best of active Steem users in different contests.
Discover new creators.png

3.3. Win amazing prizes

1Ramp will be running exclusive contests with special prizes, don’t miss on those contest.

4. Github Repository:

5. What's New --

Everythign major in this update can be found here:

7. GitHub Profiles:

8. Wiki:

We recently created a wiki for 1Ramp-Andoird on GitHub. So, now you can track our release notes there.

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Thank you for your contribution. A great update to the project and a lot of work done for this contribution. A small question, it is required to first initialize it with null, I have seen it quite a few times

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Thanks for giving insight about the code statement.

I understand it is redundant to initialize with null.
But it was due to result of typing flow while writing the class.
Some times Android Studio warns to initialize any object.

I will try to keep the codes more lean and clean.

Once again thanks for this great review.

Thank you for your review, @codingdefined! Keep up the good work!

Amazing update! Definitely picking this as a "staff pick" for the development category, so you will receive the highest possible upvote!

This is exciting, having all contests use this would be so cool! I can't wait to participate in the window photography contest as soon as I get back to my laptop in Taipei next week. @worldcapture, @derangedvisions, @runicar and @manoldonchev have been hosting some cool contests recently, they might be interested in trying out the competition pools! Do you plan to introduce the feature of setting flexible rewards based on the contest post payout like some contests do? Also, is it possible to specify if contestants should participate by commenting on the contest post, by using a specific tag or doing both/either?

Hello @jpphotography,

Thanks for suggesting us these contest creators. We'll definitely grant them access to host/create contests on 1Ramp soon.

There is already a feature to set flexible rewards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes, we just forgot to mention that in the blog.

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