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2018-06-23 OPEN SOURCE CONTRIBUTORS Voted By @steemitstats

1@c0ff33a65Weekend fun family time at Jumparooz with me @c0ff33a ☕️
2@kingscrown77Whats Up Today ? [23/06/2018]
3@irelandscape56Particle physics - exercise 1c solution
4@mightypanda55[busy.org] Clicking on busy icon should take user to feed on mobile screen
6@sourovafrin61Dtube version 0.7- In case of multiple account uses Dtube automatically switch to first account when any page of dtube is reloaded
8@murez-nst51Java™ - Best Practice for Remote Communication with Java RMI
9@teekingtv575 Incredible Things I Learnt About SteemHunt In Just 24Hrs And Why You Cannot Miss Out
10@amulla50550Bug-hunting: Youtube can't response when try to forward
11@batarian7158AutoUpdater.NET New Logo
12@to-the-sun58INDIVIDUAL NOTE REMOVAL: a new feature for the open-source project The Amanuensis: Automated Songwriting and Recording
13@clayboyn67Revive Steemit Tag Search
14@adelsz36It is impossible
15@li-art55digital painting a girl and her sculptor
16@raycoms65Minecolonies & some quite important fixes!
17@adelsz36Life in Egypt
18@alito94201035ART EXPLOSION WEEK 41: Theme NATURE - Mantis
19@phogyan55Original Art Photography and Design Series by @phogyan(Aries) # 80' Design for Family Hospital Uniform'
20@dontador43Labstep - An app/platform for tracking scientific research
21@steempytutorials55Part 24: An In Dept Look At Steem Operation Types Part I
22@mightypanda55[busy.org] Bookmark showing duplicate posts
23@andreina8945La Rica Cena nutritiva de hoy
24@lupafilotaxia47Organogénesis in vitro: Una alternativa Bio-Tecnológica para la propagación de plántulas sanas y genéticamente homogéneas.
25@nicknyr53Tutorial: Building a web app with React, Redux, and the Steem Javascript API, PART 2
26@adelsz36Hello my friends and followers
28@rufans60Steemhunt- An Account Voting Power On Steemhunt - Doesn't Correspond With Other Voting Power Checking Tools
29@kit.andres62QueryJane - Python code Autodoc configuration - Documented Account module.
30@sourovafrin61Bug: Scroll bar placed on right side is not working when it is on top of the search bar on steemhunt
31@kkb03140야탑역 밥이 맛있는 집 - 북창동 순두부 / Rice is delicious at Yatap Station
32@sharinglife33Natures Way
33@syedaamir3925 Million Wallets and Beyond - Blockchain Updates
34@mansyaprime54New Logo for BMI Calculator Kotlin Room MVP
35@syedaamir39#steemit Trending topics and tags on steemit dated: 23-06-2018
36@jeezz47Contemporer vidual art
37@markgreek38Snake unique
38@techtek63Blinkit v2.7 - User Experience Improvements
39@sk-russell52The Charles Bridge is the symbol of the city.
40@midun58Logo Design For Chat
41@steemitglass56Selfllery - Monetizing Visual Content
42@junaidiqbal45EOS' Blockchain Arbitrator Orders Freeze of 27 Accounts
43@zaid2249Bug eSteem : the name of the account on the vote list is not lost, after canceling the vote on the post
44@hede-io51Introducing HEDE: Wiki Platform & Knowledge Sharing Dictionary on Steem
45@hakancelik58Coogger Update - coogger api and now it is faster.
46@adelsz36The military coup in Egypt
47@blockchainyouth60Using LightScribe Technology in conjunction with STEEM cryptography to prove ownership of Content [DCopyright (Decentralized Copyright)] - The WhitePaper
48@ray14788054Detour - Immersive Audio Tours - A location aware audio walks app
49@alejandrofz48[SteemHunt] When trying to change the publication, the page is blank.
50@team2dev56[Java Tutorial #8] - How to create SP to Vests Converter Calculator Aplication using Netbeans
51@adelepazani61walk with me to National Museum of Iran - #Part One
52@ssonia54Introducing Standard Notes Mobile & Its Extension
53@adip55Drawing portrait with Chalk and Charcoal

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