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2018-06-21 OPEN SOURCE CONTRIBUTORS Voted By @steemitstats

1@dimitrisp61Steemit Greek Translation (~1300 words/50%)
2@elpoliglota47[Translation][Spanish] OroCRM (1070 words) (Part 1)
3@carloslgonzalez37We all have the same posibilities
4@katerinaramm59Byteball - Greek Translation (part 1 & 2 of wiki - appx 1000 words)
5@asbear68Steem Pay Update - Creating the First REAL ECONOMY on Steem Blockchain!
6@saidqautsar43HEALTH TO BODY
7@ray14788052Holo - Mix the real world - An app to add holograms to the real world
8@utopian.stats32Utopian Moderator Payout - 2018/6/21
9@destroyer3347THE LIFE OF PLANTS
10@enmaart59DaVinci.art project - thypoon
11@telurpuyuh55Steemg Logo Proposal
12@rosicreative54ART EXPLOSION WEEK 41: Theme NATURE
13@rufans60Dtube- Playback Rates Doesn't Fit Video Screen
14@nuell49iZotope spire studio - iZotope spire studio is a wireless mobile recorder
15@adelsz35What did the Lebanese Arab in the referees' committee?
16@elenasteem65DTube-Speedpaint - Alien and clouded leopard (Alien- Covenant, Alien 3) (ES)
17@danialaziz47[Translation][Chinese] Verdaccio....
18@mendezand64Logo Design - SteemG
19@johntor51DS3: Body and House Cleaner
20@charles.antigua46LOGO for SteemG
21@caracasfrases53📢 Blood Infection: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment
22@anonymee49Introducing National and Continental Shield Tournaments
23@aree-vanier47Kerbal Space Program Profile Manager
24@tensor65Building a Simple Todo App with Client Side Development in Dart - Dart Tutorial Part 5
25@susanli376965Chinese translation of Byteball Wiki- 1,138words completed (2)
26@phillips9344Mas Arte y Cafe
27@isabella39454Spanish Translation of Verdaccio (Part 1) (579 words)
28@andreina8945La Cena Rica de hoy
29@teneresa53New icon for the mobile app KidsID (MCM)
30@omjacknews52Suggestion "Add a button (quick exit from the web device)" to a message for login notifications with a computer device - Telegram
31@ggcarlosr57My Contribution to Steemg Logo Design [Task Request]
32@emtudo30School-SPA: is an interface/frontend for the School-API
33@mattockfs50Writing a simple STEEM statistics-script in Python with asyncsteem
34@hossain8841The heart is healthy.
35@bharathi2247"Song Of The Sea" The Best Film in Traditional Animation
36@smhp201638Trans Siberian Railway: The Greatest Railway on Earth(part-01)
37@mansyaprime53New Logo for Screen Capture Lite
38@pckurdu55The Resolve Parameter in the ui-router Module
39@difelice500044steemhunt te da un voto por participar en su comunidad, antes busy.org lo hacia, ahora cuantos mas hay asi?
40@tobaloidee62My Logo contribution to "TabToolbar" (merged&used)
41@quantumworld25Promoting MineColonies To Asian People - Part #1
42@elenasteem65Graphic drawing Forest Sorceress
43@adelsz35Use make-up to fool viewers visually
44@sebbbl54Tags field improvement
45@elenasteem65Graphic drawing Fairy Kenza Illustration for a fairy tale
46@jbeguna0460Logo Proposal for Steem-G
47@ajihasan48My Logo Design for Steemg.org
48@amirdesaingrafis57Logo Design Proposal For Steemg - [Task Request on Steemg.org]
49@melaffection48Adding Promote,Total Earnings And More Features On Memeit
50@rizwankhan54My Logo desgin for Steemg
51@aftersteem25Creating An Aplication That Take Users In Server And Making Server Lobby , Create User to Bind Server Lobby And Sending Request for Adding Friend or Sending Message Application Using Visual Studio Part 1 - Server Part
52@badzkie12348Logo Proposal for Steemg
53@aligaby8944Beautiful waterfall
54@tobah41The Mainstream Of Cryptocurrencies Is Globally Changing The Use Of Internet!
55@drsensor53Mix Rust Code (WebAssembly) with Vue Component #optimization - analyze wasm call graph and shrink the size
56@navneetkumar25Steam Summer Sale 2018 the Deals Start Today
57@dcomix35DCOMIX — Designing A Decentralized Webcomics Platform
58@drsensor53Introducing binaryen-loader
59@adelsz35Only women are forbidden to enter men
60@josefmedinar543d Modeling Tutorial The Batmobile (14th part)
61@alexendre-maxim55Node Js Tutorial Creating a REST API #02 Adding Routes To The API And Use The Nodemon Package
62@abhi370053Setting up the EOS Blockchain
64@smhp201638Trans Siberian Railway: The Greatest Railway on Earth(part-02)
65@adelsz35Today I will make his deal with the platform
66@baranpirincal62Logo Design: Exploration Game
67@anthony.okpunor41Quicksell - WhatsApp digital cataloguing and Sales
68@andreistalker59[V0.1.4] - SteemCasino - Roulette, Dices and Slots are now provably fair.

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