The Crypto Renaissance - Exhibition in NYC [Grand Opening!]

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Opening Night!

Last night we opened The Crypto Renaissance exhibition in Brooklyn! The event was entirely free and open to the public in an effort to drive more visibility towards cryptocurrency in the creative world today. Steem was front and center. Throughout the space we showcased dozens of Steem-powered projects that have come out of our incubator, @sndbox. The center of the floor featured a 9'-0" tall Steem DApp tower installation, which included huge supporters of this exhibition; @fundition and @utopian-io. A big thank you to those two amazing communities who have helped make this exhibition a reality. More awesome apps included @dtube, @dlive, @steemitblog (of course), @esteemapp, @busy, @dsound, and @steempress.

We even had an interactive selfie station that linked to @steepshot! The exhibition will continue to be free and open to the public over the next few weeks (through August 15th). Visitors will have unrestricted access to the @exhibition account to explore the Steem blockchain and learn more about all the tools and resources built on top of it.

Click here for more on The Crypto Renaissance Exhibition

Event website -

Opening Night - Friday, July 20th

The turnout and energy all night was incredible! A mix of Steemians, crypto-newbies and leaders across the blockchain landscape in New York City. Thank you to all who came from Brooklyn and Beyond to make this event happen. Here are just a few preliminary snapshots of the show:












Yes, @dougkarr (author of Dwelling) was the culprit behind Steepshot being overloaded!

Here are some selfies from our Steepshot Selfie station posted through @exhibition. We'll continue to post awesome snapshots from the show via this account and as weekend programs take place over the next few weeks. Stay tuned for more announcements on those events this week - Upcoming workshops include @dougkarr and @opheliafu of Dwelling next Saturday! Stay tuned for more!


Follow @exhibition to track our Steepshot Selfie Station

The @exhibition account will be LIVE throughout the entire 4 weeks. Visitors can log on and use the account as they please. Be sure to follow along and engage. 100% of the liquid rewards from the @exhibition account will go towards reducing the cost of The Crypto Renaissance exhibition. You can learn more about the show, here. The @exhibition account will accrue Steem Power that will then be used for future events and Steem meetups around the globe. Learn more about the @exhibition account and this rotating initiative, here.

Thank you Fundition + Utopian

This show was a big team effort. Alongside the incredible support of Fundition and Utopian teams we owe a big thank you to our generous donors - @roelandp, @thejohalfiles, @hansikhouse, @voronoi, @opheliafu, @mintvilla, @nanzo-scoop, @ericvancewalton, @leotrap, @firepower, @sjennon, @lukestokes. @bitrocker2020, @aaronleang, @alvinauh, @kymio, @superoo7, @khimgoh, @bree1042, @waybeyondpadthai, @aaronli, @steeminator3000, @espoem, @natureofbeing, @travelling-two, @geetharao, @zamifara, @barbara-orenya, @katalinaooma, @kimzwarch, @iamjadeline, @zord189, @elizacheng, @viverridae, @shortcut, @ciontheemrald, @consciousangel7, @em3di, @vandigital, @voiceoff, @ninjace, @encryptdcouple, @amvanaken, @bulent1976, @abduhawab, @fingersik, @manouche and @icaro!

Special thanks to @aaronhong for the poster design.

The Crypto Renaissance Details

  • Schedule: July 20 - August 15, 2018
  • Location: 100 Bogart Street | Brooklyn, 1st Floor Gallery

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What an amazing time and a fantastic show!! Thanks again so much for inviting @opheliafu and I to be a part of it!!!

Last night was a blast. Thank you and @opheliafu for being part of it! The Dwelling room was amazing and kickstarted so many great conversations last night. You both really brought the blockchain to life! We're looking forward to your workshop next weekend :D

Counting down the days until I jump on that flight!

Place looks top notch, awesome job with everything here @sndbox @voronoi.

Thank you so much for your support @thejohalfiles! We're looking to make a splash with Steem in Brooklyn. There is a huge number of blockchain projects in the neighborhood and some big players looking to learn more about social DApps that can fuel them. Thanks again for your generosity and support of this exhibition!

hi uboud me ?

Awesome work guys! First of all: The design is just amazing and looks really professional, well done! And thank you for putting in the effort to promote Steem and educate people on what the blockchain has to offer, including all of the great DApps we have running here. Extra thank you for adding SteemPress to the mix!

Please let me know if there is any information or designs that you have for any of the other DApps which let you inform the visitors of what the DApp is doing that you are missing for SteemPress so that I can help you get that.

This is amazing! I was very happy to be a sponsor to this exhibition and hope to see more of these initiatives on Steemit <3 Let's take on the world!

Thank you so much for your generosity and support @sjennon! :D

(Still working on your illustration and should have that up on the website very soon.)

(I'm pumped!)

Good luck with the Exhibition. Shared on twitter to help promote #Steemit and #Sndbox. Stephen

#Promo-Steem #steemtalent #JoinSteemit

The Crypto Renaissance - Exhibition in NYC [Grand Opening!] #steemtalent #JoinSteemit #steemit @Steemit #sndboxdaily

#Cryptocurrency #Exhibition


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Wow! @sndbox!

This is huge! This is commendable! This is marvelous! The awareness you guys are bringing to cryptoverse is one of a kind! And for sure, this gonna have a huge impact in Crypto adoption and general acceptance. I an happy that steem took the center stage in this exhibition. Thank to one of the best teams ever to be built on steem blockchain! Resteemed! Exhibition followed!

@eurogee of @euronation and @steemstem communities

Well done! :)

Looks fantastic - what a great way to promote the Steem Blockchain and all the various Dapps. It's an awesome display of great teamwork and you have certainly achieved high quality. If you can tag in #promo-steem it would help demonstrate the high bar you have set on a promotional /educational exhibition. It will be inspirational for our community of Steemit promoters to see this post on the tag.

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Awesome job gus! Love the exhibition idea! We should get promo steemians all over doing this!

Thank you guys! Just edited :)

We’ll make sure to use the tag more often as we host events / workshops over the next few weeks. Thank you for cultivating such a great ambassador program and a forum to spread the word!

Great to hear!! We hope that our decentralized curation guild run by ambassadors who have a clear track record of supporting the community and who have been elected in by the community can help properly reward efforts such as these!

Great news - many thanks for the support. We have a passionate group of Community Approved Ambassadors who curate the #promo-steem tag and will no doubt identify your posts as high quality. All the very best wishes for the rest of the exhibition/workshops and events.

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