Carnet V0.14 - Access links, Customize Dates, Fake Notes Are Now Hiden & More.

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It's over 2months ago since I published a blog post about Carnet and its features. First, was an introductory post while the other was a detailed experience I had while using its features.
In today's post, I will be discussing the latest version of Carnet and its development roadmap.

I am extremely happy to bring to you the latest happenings on the Carnet project. I'm always excited to get an update notification about a project I love so much and Carnet is one of them. 19days ago, Carnet v0.13.0 was released from the master branch. I decided not to make a separate post about it, but to make reference to it in its next version release. And finally, Carnet v0.14.0 is here.

Below are the changes in version v0.14.0 in details;

Links Are Now Clickable

Ever since I have been using Carnet, I had never thought of a way to access links from the app. I included a link in the first document I created, but I never knew accessing the links wasn't possible. With the latest version, links can be accessed right from the overview screen or while editing a file.



The images above are the screenshots displaying different ways a user can access links from the latest version of Carnet.
The first image is the overview page displaying documents I created with their link in red colors. The second image is a screenshot I took while creating a document. Both links from the screenshots can be accessed by tapping on them which then directly opens in the default browser.

Custom dates

The ability to customize a document creation date is one of the updates I love the most in v0.14.0. With this option, I can change a document creation time to any desired date. The option to archive this is placed at the top left side when the document is opened, making it easy for any user locate.


Fake notes when no notes to display

The fake notes are the default noted created by the developer. In older versions, these notes always appear alongside the user's notes. The developer changed everything in the latest version by hiding the fake notes if the user has a note saved, or display the fake notes if the user does not have any saved note. This update will prevent users from getting confused with the displayed notes on the home screen.

Unarchive/restore to latest

I have noticed that the latest updates are related to helping users make their home screen neat, and less confusing by introducing an option to remove a note. Another interesting part of this update is the fact that the removed notes can be restored back.

With this option, I don't have to use the delete button anymore.

Changelog in settings

I and a user discussed with the project owner on GitHub about the time frame set for the changelog to display after an update, and I'm glad he made the necessary changes. In v0.12.8 and older, Changelog only last for 2seconds on the screen which was why we made it clear to the PO that we need more time to view the changelogs. The project owner had Changed it from 2seconds to 10seconds in v0.13.0, but decided to add a changelog button in v0.14.0.

Fix: unpin

There was an issue with unpinning of documents in version 0.13.0. It happened that users can't unpin an already pinned document. I had to downgrade my Carnet from v0.14.0 to v0.13.0 to confirm this bug. And I'm glad the bug has already been fixed in V0.14.

Minor Updates

One of the minor changes in this update is the renaming of Recent label to Latest. I have never had any problem with the title given to the button that leads users to the recent/ the latest document. Although, I'm okay with the changes and at the same never needed it.

Version 0.13.0 recap

The developer included an option to print document right from the editing screen. The print button can be located from the Tools option.


Are you looking for the latest Android text editing client with the feature to sync your documents with cloud storage? If yes, then go for Carnet and tell your next friend to do the same.

Turtl was the application used in comparing its functionality with Carnet in my precious post. If you missed the comparisons, kindly check my backlinks. Comparing the latest version of carnet with Turtl is so wrong to do.

Carnet V0.14.0 isn't an update anyone needs to miss.

Thank you for reading. Bye.

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