Steem HF20: Discounted Account Claim and Creation Tool

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Steem Blockchain is running on 20th Hradfork which has brought significant changes in account creation process. Anyone with enough Resource Credits (RC) can claim discounted account creation credits which they can use to create accounts for free.

There is no GUI for this feature yet. This tool is build to help people claim account creation credits and create account with them.

How to Use

You can try the online version from Github page or But as there is private key involved, I'd suggest clone or download the repository to your computer and run from there. The webpage should work on all latest browsers.

Here is an excellent tutorial written by @mcfarhat explaining the account claiming and creation process.


When writing this post, Github page was not up, if it still not working you can try


  • dSteem
  • jQuery


  • Form validation
  • More advanced feedback


Feel free to fork the repository and submit your changes.


  1. Index page and main JS file

GitHub Account

Thank you @zaku for letting me test the tool from you account. I highly appreciate it. :)


Thanks. That's a great tool.

It would be good to mention RC costs and requirements for the potential users. :)

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I was in a hurry to get it up and running as soon as possible. I'll try to update it in coming days with more information and requirements.

Thank you for evaluating the contribution. :)

Thank you for your review, @emrebeyler!

So far this week you've reviewed 1 contributions. Keep up the good work!

@pharesim 's has an EMAIL INVITE feature :D what is YOURE thing gonna have as ITS gimmick to survive :D

This looks really interesting. It's the first tool I have seen for using RCs to get account creation credits.

I will need to test it at some point. Hopefully they make it user-friendly enough for non tech users to use!

I also hope that they will implement it on or on other popular condenser, as many users may not know this tool or others that may come later.

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Wonderful job you have done ! Appreciate your effort and support.

Thank you brother.

Is there any way to get Steemconnect involved? It's more trusted and widely used. Also it'll allow to directly handle everything from the browser.

Good Luck on future developments!

This feature just launched few days ago. So, there is no SteemConnect endpoint for it. But you can download the code and run from your computer, code is opensource, so you can check too.

Thank you for commenting. :)

Thanks for the fast reply!

Hey, SteemConnect has fixed the issue. Now you can claim using SteemConnect.[]

Is there any way to "Create Claimed Account" via SteemConnect?

Thanks for making this utility. I tossed you a GitHub star.

I am not sure if you can create a claimed account using SteemConnect. You can ask them on their Discord.

Thanks for the star. :)

And now a pull request.

I merged the PR few minutes ago. Thanks you for that too. :)

Thanks a Lot!

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One suggestion: Make the private key field be secure. Don't want someone snooping over your shoulder.

Good suggestion. For new account password we can not use input type password as user need to copy the password. But for other 2 I am going to do that.

Thank you for commenting. :)

No problem. Definitely understand the part about new user. You are 100% right on that. Maybe a toggle hide button could work. I was using the site just for the claim part and didn't like the fact that my key was shown to those standing around me when it didn't need to be.

Updated. More updates will follow. It was need to be done as quick as possible so there is no fancy UI.

Awesome thanks. Looking forward to gaining more SP and using your tool to claim accounts.

Me too. I can not use my tool. Had to use a friend's account to test on livenet. 😂

Hi @reazuliqbal useful tool ;)
What about to login using steemconnect?

Thanks. SteemConnect doesn't have an endpoint for this yet.

Hey, SteemConnect has fixed the issue. Now you can claim using SteemConnect.[]


This is a great tool to make new free account with hf20 rc consumption.
Thank you @reazuliqbal.

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