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I use this medium to write about the latest editing project on the Steem Blockchain, an open source editor with custom markdown settings. I am incredibly excited about the new possibilities it brings to the Steem Block-Chain ecosystem.

Welcome Steeditor to the Steem Block-Chain.
Steeditor is a writing platform developed by @jakipatryk; he created this project as open source after the attack on utopian-io servers over four (4) months ago. It prompted him to build it as an avenue to help utopian contributors who are used to the utopian frontend with contribution templates. Steeditor is somewhat similar to Laverna, similarities and difference would be discussed later in this post.

Login to Steeditor here

1.1 Uniqueness of Steeditor

Steeditor is an open source platform for mainly Steem Block-Chain writers, to write, edit and submit articles to the Steem Block-Chain. Steeditor users can share post rewards with other steemians or communities, also set maximum payouts on a post. Ability to upload images using image URLs.
Steeditors allows extensive content editing, Note: not all parameters are changeable once you submit to the Steem Block-Chain after post official seven days payout.
Simplified user dashboard, which displays the following information:

  • General user information, which consists of the date you joined Steemit, reputation, voting power, location.
  • Recently created drafts.
  • Recently created templates.
  • Recently created posts.
  • Wallet information.
  • Witnesses, you vote for on the Steem Block-Chain.

1.2 Steeditor Logo

Image Source

As an open source project, @jakipatryk created a task request via utopian for logo contributions from open source quality designers under the utopian contribution guidelines. Many contributions were received, and @camiloferrua design was deemed satisfactory by the project owner having fulfilled the guidelines by utopian.
Link to logo task created by @jakipatryk here
Link to chosen logo by @camiloferrua here.

2. Steeditor Login

Once you are logged into Steeditor via the SteemConnect login platform, A new page would appear showing your dashboard consisting of your general information, recent posts, recent drafts, new templates, wallet information and list of witness you vote for on the Steem Block-Chain.

2.1 SteemConnect Login

Steeditor requires users to login via the SteemConnect secure platform. SteemConnect requires access to your Steemit account posting roles, for comments and comment options.
What is SteemConnect?

SteemConnect, an identity layer on top of the Steem Block-Chain, where you connect to authorized apps securely and conveniently. You can read more about Steem Connect here.

2.2 Some Developmental Changes on Steeditor

Steeditor started out as a project to help utopian contributors with updated category drafts. Later on, the options for users to create their drafts were made available.
The most recent update was released over 14 days ago, with two features added:

  1. Unlimited content editing;

Which gives users the power to edit their Steemit.
The following options are editable even on broadcasted posts:

  • Decrease maximal accepted payout.
  • Decrease percent of SDB/Steem in the reward.
  • Edit the metadata.

Users can also edit posts which are over seven days old.

2 . User dashboard;

The dashboard comes with some user data and recently created drafts/templates/posts, wallet information, list of witness you vote for on the Steemit Block-Chain.
Ability to switch off/on upvotes on a post would be available soon.

2.3 Writing

As it was stated earlier in this post, Steeditor comes with pre-installed templates. The available templates are for utopian contribution categories for now; more would be added later on for other communities on the Steem Block-Chain. However, users can add more templates to suit their writing style.
Steeditor comes with some pre-installed markdown tools to help users speed up writing. It comes with the following markdown tools:

  • Headings, 1-5.
  • Bold text.
  • Italic text.
  • Strikethrough text.
  • Quote.
  • Link.
  • list.

steeditor 16.png

Steeditor comes with full-screen mode and a split mode that shows a live preview of texts.

2.4 Quick Look Using the Steeditor

Am logged in, and need to contribute to utopian?
Click on draft, select the plus button at the bottom right of the window, click select templates and scroll down to pick your preferred draft according to your contributing category on utopian. Then select create, this would create the latest utopian draft based on your chosen category.
The first two tags would be added to your tag section automatically, first the utopian-io tag followed by the utopian category you selected. Now you can type in the body of your post, once done click on next. And a new page where you can set advance payment options for your post, once done with the setup click next, this takes you to the summary of your post with an option to send to your Steemit blog.
How can I get image link while writing on Steeditor?
You can get image links by uploading to Steemit or use postimage.org.

2.5 More Mark Down Styles

As we all know by now, that Steemit doesn’t use the general HTML text formatting, using the Markdown developed by John Gruber and released in the year 2004.
I have been questioned on numerous occasions by minnows and by people who registered on Steemit through me, on posting styles using markdown. They come back the following week with the same question, and I have decided to add some essential markdown styles. I hope more markdown style are made available to Steeditor pre-installed tools, to help writers create more quality posts with ease.
I have selected more markdown styles which could help improve the quality of post styling.

  • To make tables; Tables helps to present statistical data in a more efficient and organized way to your reader, it is created by assembling a list of words and dividing them with hyphens -(for the first row), and then separating each column with a pipe |.


  • Inline codes help users highlight specific information to readers; it’s an essential tool for showing steps in your writings. To make inline codes use backticks at the start and the end of the code.


  • To center pictures or words, Use the <center> opening tag before the word or picture link and use </center> at the end of the word or picture link.

<center> Text or picture/video link</center>

  • To center your headings, place the <center> and<h1> before the word then, add </h1> and the closing tag </center> at the end.

<center><h1> Introduction</h1></center>

h1 represent the first header.
h2 represent the second header.

  • To write Subscript and superscript, type in <sup>at the beginning of the text and </sup> at the end of the text you want in superscript and use at the beginning of the text and </sub> at the end of the text you want in subscript.

H<sup> 2 </sup>O
H<sub> 2 </sub>O

  • To align text and images,
    To the left use: <div class="pull-left">Text or Image URL</div>
    To the right use: <div class="pull-right">Text or Image URL</div>
    Insert text or image url in the space you see Text or Image URL.
    <div class="pull-left">https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmNeJ3Mwf1ydxYPzrXc9BQNvypA2w3XSnd2JuPYbFUZWmE/steeditor%204.png</div>
  • To scale images to preferred size, use this before the image link
    Place https://steemitimages.com/widthxheight/ before the image URL.


  • To add section dividing lines, Add three or more asterisks, hyphens, or underscores under or above the text, this creates a section line in your post.


Note: You can combine two or more markdown style, with a word or a sentence. It gives your writing a matured and professional look. For example, you can decide to bolden the headers text on your table of values. You can have fun trying it out and get some nice combinations to help increase your text quality.

3. Steeditor and Laverna

As a user of both Steeditor and Laverna, let’s have a look at the differences and similarities of Steeditor and Laverna features.


3.1 Similarities

Lavena is also an editing project, having similar features with Steeditor.
Both apps are open source and free to use, with files on Git-Hub.
Both apps have preview mode for markdown styling.
Both apps have built in the markdown styling tools.

3.2 Differences

Laverna is available for download on Pc, Tablets, coming soon on Android.
Laverna has a built-in decryption system used to keep notes safe.
Laverna stores note on your device and can synchronize to dropbox and other remote storages.
Laverna has more built-in markdown tools.
Laverna can export and import notes.

Steeditor is built to connect to the Steem Block-Chain.
Steeditor posses word count.
Steeditor store templates locally on users device (in the IndexedDB). This feature helps users manage templates even without any internet connections.


I feel this is a massive project for writers on the Steem Block-Chain, which could help improve and reduce time spent formatting text style to a minimum. It is also a great tool for every utopian contributor with pre-installed contribution drafts helping Steemians contribute to Utopian with ease since the absence of the Utopian-io front end.
As a contributor to utopian, Steeditor has made writing easy and smooth for me. I await more exciting features and updates on the Steeditor for utopian contributors and other communities on the Steem Block-Chain.

You can contact the developer on discord: jakipatryk#1263
Welcome to Steeditor and thank you for reading.

A question to the developer of Steeditor and utopian contributors:
Will Steeditor become obsolete to utopian contributors once the new utopian frontend is up and running!!!!?

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