Create a logo for Steeditor [+30 SBD reward]

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This task request is about a logo (icon + text) for Steeditor - an editor for Steem posts with advanced options. The app (actually, a prototype of the app) is designed following Material Design principles, so the logo should also use these principles.

A current version of the app is available here:

You don't have to take the current app's color palette into account - if you have other vision for the product colors feel free to use them. I can change primary and secondary colors of the app theme.

I think the YouTube's logo is a good inspiration:


I'm not a designer, but I found an interesting tutorial on creating an icon (with examples):

The only acceptable format is SVG. I expect to get two files - one with the entire logo (icon + text) and one with the icon.


I'm going to use:

  • icon as the app icon in SteemConnect login page
  • icon as the app icon if a user decides to add the app to his/her device's home screen
  • icon as the app's favicon
  • logo on the app's navbar


2 June 2018


If you have any questions, contact me on Discord (jakipatryk#1263) or (jakipatryk).

Additional reward

The author of a winning project will receive a bonus reward from me - 30 SBD.



Hello @jakipatryk

This is my logo contribution for your project. I hope you like it.

I have made two options of the same proposal changing the position of the icon.

If you want to ask for changes, just let me know.

I'm not really clear how the Utopian contribution system is working now, but if it's allowed and you think it's necessary, I can design other proposals.

Captura de pantalla de 2018-05-27 14:18:06.png

This is how it looks as app icon:


Looks great! I prefer the one on the left.

That's my preferred too. That is why I made the app icon with it.

As I said, I'm a litte bit confused about the correct way that I have to make my contribution, now I just have to wait to the dead line, right?

You should create a post now, check out this post.

The template is available here.

You can also use Steeditor to create a contribution (when creating a draft, you'll be asked to choose a template, at this point, you will be able to pick "Utopian contribution: Graphics"), but it lacks some features you'll probably want to use, such as image upload.

Ok, I will post, thank you very much.

Hello @jakipatryk this is the official post of my contribution.

This is my first time contributing since the utopian platform was attack, please let me know if I have made some mistake on my post to correct it. Thank you.

I think it's correct, but I'm not a moderator.

Yes, I know hehe. Thanks for helping me.

Your desine is exceptional! Bravisimo!. Much success.

I love the simplicity of this logo, I'm a fan of that. And the color feels very warm.

This design is very good, I really liked it. It is simple, clean and the colors do not overload the image. Great job @camiloferrua

This is my contribution...

SteEditor Logo.jpg

Which one do you like?

The second one ;)

Thank you indeed :),. Can I creat a post for complete presentation?

How about my brother here my logo contribution for your app, notify me if you want me to make a more detailed publication of my proposal. Thank you for the opportunity.


Looking good, feel free to create a post now ;) a winner will be chosen a day after the deadline

Hi @jakipatryk

This is my logo proposal for your project.

I kept it simple. As requested, there must be one with the entire logo (icon + text) and one with the icon.

Icon + Text
And I provided it in a different position

Icon only
The icon in the above logos will be just the same as the icon only. And I also provided another icon only style.
And provided it in a different position
Logo Idea

If you want changes, just inform me. Thank you :)

I like your idea ;) I would like to see how a combination of these elements would look like: a text from the first logo next to the first icon, but with a white Steem logo instead (the icon with a background on the left, bold text on the right).

This is it sir. Sorry for the late response.
As what you have told, I used the first icon only then change its steem logo to white and used the bold Steeditor text on the first icon+text
I have made a little changes with the thing that you suggested :)

I have already posted it @jakipatryk. Thank you for your suggestions for the improvement of the logo. By the way, here is the link,


Hello @jakipatryk, I would like to propose my design. Suggestions are freely acceptable, please comment if you would want something changed. Thanks, could I start making a contribution now?


It's time to announce a winner. First of all, I want to thank all of the participants. I didn't expect so many really good proposals.

I decided that my app will be looking the best with a logo made by @camiloferrua, thus he is the winner! Congratulations!

This task request is now open.

Deadline: 2 June 23:59 UTC.

Contributors please take few days, so moderators and project owner have some time to decide which work to choose.

Your contribution has been evaluated according to Utopian policies and guidelines, as well as a predefined set of questions pertaining to the category.

To view those questions and the relevant answers related to your post, click here.

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@andrejcibik The dynamic is still to publish the proposals here and you choose who make the final post to be voted?

Usually not. If yes, I will anways say it in my initial comment. In this case no.

all will be qualified then?


Hello Sir!
This is my entry for your Task Request,
I hope you like it :)

This ini my entry

Preview Design.png

Which one do you like? :)

The first one looks great, but I'm not sure if the icon would look good on a device's home screen. Could you add some mockups in the post you'll be creating?

Greetings @jakipatryk, This is my proposal of the design for your application, Suggestions are always accepted, Thank you


This one with white text is my favorite, but I do not think that this logo would fit the needs of my application.

You can still create an entry, and contributions will be evaluated regardless of my ranking.

Thank you, i would like to propose new designs for you @jakipatryk

2nd Proposal for the TR

Hi @jakipatryk.

I present my work. Which orientation do you like the most and which of the two fonts? and most importantly, did you like the job?


Hi Sir @jakipatryk here's my design. best regards!

here's the link to my full contribution Sir @jakipatryk Thanks for this task!

@jakipatryk My Contribution If you want some change you can let me know to do it I hope you like greetings

presentacion para github.png

Hello, Sir. I've created logos as my proposal to your task request. Hope you like it :)

Version 1.

Steeditor ver. 1.png

Version 2.

Steeditor ver. 2.png

You can reach it here:

Good day Sir! Here's my logo conrtibution Sir @jakipatryk




You can check full post here

Hi @jakipatryk, this is my logo design for you, and this is with GIF animation. Hope you like it ;)



Hello, @jakipartryk here is my proposal for your project

A Simple and minimilistic design for Steeditor hope you like it :)
here is a link to my contribution

Hi @jakipatryk!. I'm very happy to have a logo for your project.

This is my entry :

my design, i need feedbacklogo steeditor.jpg

Hey @jakipatryk
Thanks for contributing on Utopian.
We’re already looking forward to your next task request!

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Hi, This my contribution Link.

Hi @jakipatryk

This is my contribution for your Task Request. I do hope you will like it .. Many thanks !


hello @jakipatryk, this is my contribution to your steeditor logo. I created two versions of the logo. Which of these two logo versions do you think you like? if any change please let me know. can i already post this logo now?

post dikomentar.png

These colors don't look good togather.

Thank you for your advice. I will change the color.

post dikomentar.png

Hi @jakipatryk, I've changed the color of the logo. how do you think of the color of the logo I changed? can i post it in Among the two variations of this logo I created, which one do you like?

Version 1 looks better; you don't need my permission to post a contribution, they are evaluated independently.

hello jakipatryk. here is my logo design for your project. :)


My post here :

hi @jakipatryk
this is my contribution for you helpfully project
Hope you like it

version 1

version 2

How to post my contribution?

You should create a contribution, check out this post.
The template is available here.
You can also use Steeditor to create a contribution (when creating a draft, you'll be asked to choose a template, at this point, you will be able to pick "Utopian contribution: Graphics"), but it lacks some features you'll probably want to use, such as image upload.

Hello @jakipatryk

This is my logo contribution for your project. I hope you like it.
If you want to ask for changes, just let me know.

Logo Result 2-01-01.jpg
Logo Result 2-01.jpg
Logo Result-01.jpg

Here My Post :

you got an awesome design sir !

Thank you so much sir @loydjayme25 for the compliment. I try to do my best. :)

my contribution :link

hello sir, thank you for the opportunity, im glad to make this contribution and receiving your feed back, regard from me :D

this is my full presentation

Hey, I created several designs, I hope you like some of them

Sin títuleeeeo-1.jpg
Sin tíeeetulo-2.jpg
And without text
Can you tell me which one you like the most?

The text should be separated from the icon, thus I'd say these:

Thanks for you response bro, i going to make a post using those logos, i hope you like them ^^

Hello @jakipatryk , here is my proposal. Hope you will like it!



Hello! This is my proposal, I made 3 that vary in small things and I would like to see which of them you prefer?

Thanks for this opportunity!

The third one looks good, but I don't like the fact that the tear looks simillar to Steemit's logo.

Hi @jakipatryk

This is the logo you requested for my version!

MODEL 2 04.png

As for the benefits of the logo:

  • In accordance with the project character
  • Very interesting and can be seen in all sizes
  • Minimalist and clean, looks very easy to Recognize and remember
  • Having the symbol "Pencil" - "Editor" - "Page Editor", and the symbol of the letter "e "
  • Modern color variations and simple so visible attractive and clean.

See here for more variations:

Hi. The winner has already been chosen?

Hi, nope. The winner will be chosen a day after the deadline (3 June).

Do you prefer a flat or embossed design?

Flat, the app prototype is built using a material design library, and flat design fits it better, I guess.

hi @jakipatryk I am interested in this contribution, and this is my entry I hope you like it

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Good day sir, I want to propose my logo for steeditor. Your suggestions are open sir.

first design


second design


Logo + text (toggle nightmode to see the white ones at the bottom.)


Why did you get a downvote from @cheetah?