Translation report Dutch team - Weeks 3 and 4 - Utopian/DaVinci STEEM Whitepaper Finished!

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This is my second translation report for the Dutch team. Due to the hardfork, but also some other circumstances, it has been a bit quiet in the translation sector. However, my team is slowly picking up pace, and it's looking like we're making up for any lost time.

The Team

Our team consists of:

@misslasvegas (yours truly) - Language Moderator (LM)
@minersean - Translator
@altrosa - Translator
@anouk.nox - Translator
@dragonsandsnakes - Translator
@tokentattoo - Translator

Translations to date:


The translation report would usually cover the translations done until the end of the month. This time they were done, but I didn't have the time yet to proofread the translated strings. I am catching up on this now, but I believe that one in particular should be mentioned here today.

Steem Whitepaper:

September 22nd 2018
1100 words

October 2nd 2018
1300 words

Crowdin link for the project:

And with that, the Steem Whitepaper is finished! And all of it within one month!

This required commitment and hard work by @altrosa. She did it, and I am very proud to have her on my team.

What an accomplishment!


Work in progress

BibleBot and OpenCart

@anouk.nox started out with a lot of enthusiasm. She wanted to get started right away. But then, life got in the way.
First she had to deal with her poor sick baby, and then she caught the bug herself.
But now she is back and going strong!
Because she requested a not-so-technical translation job, I thought that biblebot would be something to start with. The quantity is not too high, and the terms are not very technical.
She has finished this for 50% already!
We know now, that she is capable of much more than these simple translations, so besides finishing the BibleBot, she is also working on OpenCart. This project has a huge volume, but was partly done already.
However, there is still quite some work in it for @anouk.nox.
She works very consistent and fast. So far, there were only minor issues.

More about the work she is doing in my next report.

Crowdin links to these two projects:

What's next?

I have spoken to @altrosa about what her next project will be, and I believe she is deciding between
Quasar Framework

I am sure that, whichever she decides to translate: I will not be disappointed.

Absent these past two weeks

@minersean started back in college, and had a few busy weeks. At the moment, he is 'working very hard' on his trip to Morocco with his fellow students. What a life! Surely, he'll be back fresh and renewed to take on the next task.

@dragonsandsnakes and @tokentattoo needed a little time for their work at home.
They didn't know where to start regarding the translations, so I chose a project for them to get started on.
Once I have explained it all to them, they will be starting on the project for Gdevelop


It's safe to say that I am very lucky to have these people on my team. All are hardworking people and communication between us is perfect. It is very exciting to see that Steem Whitepaper has been finished, and I think that both @altrosa and I can be proud to have worked on this. Above all, we're Steemians after all!

There can be a lot of joy in this kind of work, especially if the people one works with are all on the same line as you.
I believe this to be the case and I enjoy working with all of 'my people' very much.
They have proven to be professionals. And after my 18+ years of working in the translation business, I can honestly say that this is not always the case.

Thank you for reading, and please keep an eye on my update two weeks from now.


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This was a very fun update to read, in more than one way. On the content side, it's great to see the progress your team is making, and completing the Steemit whitepaper is a big deal. Kudos! It's also great to see that you're becoming a real team, with excellent communications. That's so important moving forward.

On the presentation side, I really feel like you've taken my comments from the last post to heart. Both in terms of aligning the text, and in terms of fixing those little grammar issues I pointed out. As a moderator, that's very gratifying, as it makes me feel like I've contributed to having better content on this blockchain of ours. Thank you.

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Wow, thank you @didic! That means a lot to me! And what a hard worker you are. My compliments to you for all the hard work you put into this.


Thank you for your review, @didic!

So far this week you've reviewed 12 contributions. Keep up the good work!

I think we are a great team, and will keep you busy @misslasvegas :-) Thanks for the nice words :) Happy to be part of the team!


Somehow I don't doubt that I will be kept busy :D It's all good in Utopia!


Haha, reminds me of that tv show (is it still on tv?) But yes, it's all good!

Thanks for all the nice words! :D We're rocking it!