[Translation][Spanish] OroCRM (+500 words) Part #4

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Project Details

OroCRM is an open source PHP Client Relationship Management (CRM) application that allows to create a 360° view of your customers across multiple channels, organize the sales pipeline, manage account and contact information, communicate with customers, run marketing campaigns and track campaign performance.

Contribution Specifications

OroCRM is on the Crowdin Platform to be translated into more than 30 languages, some languages like Spanish had several dialect options for translators to choose theirs. For this project we decided to start on Spanish (Colombia) due to the other Spanish dialects (including the main one) had already started being translated. So we began translating Spanish, Colombia from zero to give the owner a properly organized and coherent translation.

Translation Overview

For this contribution, I translated part of messages.en.yml from the file OroZendeskBundle

In case you wondered what Zendesk is: Zendesk is a customer ticketing system that allows companies a method of tracking and responding to customer service requests. This is a very simple answer as it does much more than this theoretically, but at its core, it's a Ticketing tool. So most of the strings translated (the folder in general) are related to it, tickets. The user who is asking for support through a ticket is the requester. For most businesses that use Zendesk Support, the requester is a customer, but requesters can also be agents in your Zendesk Support instance. The submitter is the user who created a ticket. By default, the requester of a ticket is the submitter. For more information about Zendesk, I encourage you to visit their website https://www.zendesk.com/

Here are some examples of strings I translated in this doc: "Issues that were reported by customers or found internally and are managed via Zendesk." > "Los problemas que fueron reportados por clientes o encontrados internamente y están administrados a través de Zendesk." and "An Oro case that is associated with a Zendesk ticket." > "Un caso Oro que está asociado con un ticket Zendesk."


The project's source language is English and it was translated into Spanish.

Today I've succesfully translated more than 45 thousand words for open source projects, and I'm currently working for a Cooperative named RChain being on the translations section as a guide.

Word Count

Number of words translated on this contribution: 579

Link to the document:

Words translated so far: ~2293

Proof of Authorship


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  • This is your fourth contribution to OroCRM and once again, you did a great job with the post. It contains helpful information that allows users to understand more about the project and it also encourages them to continue learning.

  • Adding examples is a very good way to provide insight on your work as a translator.

  • Your translation was accurate. Since this project has several duplicated text strings, this time you were careful to use the same vocabulary in order to make sure the overall translation is coherent and appropriate for the Spanish language.


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