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1 year ago we launched steemauto with a very simple template and poor backend. Backend improved during the time but front-end is not improved a lot.

I started re-developing steemauto with different language which I believe will deliver more reliability.
Let's keep project un-seen in the production until an official announcement. (no demo)


Development progress:

I can say 50% of v2.0.0 is already done. (of course, it is not the end, we will see v2.0.1, v2.0.2, and so on)

What already developed:

  • Homepage
    I believe homepage should be simple and contain a basic introduction.

  • Sidebar and Navbar
    All useful links included in the sidebar and login button added to the navbar.

  • Authorization
    Login and logout methods added (by steemconnect) and some methods for receiving user information from blockchain.

  • Dashboard
    Includes everything you need to know about your account and its activities.

  • Voting details
    Current vote value, maximum vote value, and minimum possible upvote, all in the dashboard.

  • STEEM and SBD price
    By using coinmarketcap's API

  • Limitations panel
    Current voting mana, resource credits (RC), voting mana and RC limitations (threshold), and methods for editing these limitations

  • Balance panel
    Steem, sbd, total steem power (sp), received sp, delegated sp, and effective sp

  • Last successful upvotes
    Recent successfully upvoted posts through steemauto

  • Last failed upvotes
    Recent failed upvotes through steemauto with the error message

  • Announcements panel
    Certain posts by steemauto will be pinned to the all of pages

  • Stats of steemauto
    Some details about total users, daily registrations, daily upvotes, and daily posts (back-end needs more improvement)

  • Curation trail page
    Same as the current version, we added the curation trail page which includes your followed trails, popular trails, search box, and promoted trails (backend for promoted trails is not added yet)

  • Promoted posts (advertisement)
    I want to pin one or some posts to the all of the pages as promoted posts and integrate a bidding system to change that posts on a weekly period.

Development plan for the next weeks:

  • Landing page for every curation trail
    Including a short description, account balance, voting power, trail size, curation rewards, and profile details like avatar

  • More options for curation trails
    Included but not limited to the: self-voting, comment voting, including tags, excluding tags, and daily limitation

  • More details about curation rewards
    Including daily chart, most profitable authors, and estimated monthly and yearly earnings

  • Fanbase, schedule post, comment upvote, and claim reward pages
    Let's discuss later


I tried to use friendly names for all variables in the development process. Also, I explained variables and functions which was a little difficult to understand.
I developed any function in the back-end and any method in the front-end as an independent method. This will make changing or re-using these methods easier.

Go and learn typescript, angular v6 (v7) and javascript, then you will understand all part of this project.


We accept SBD, and STEEM for donations. Account to donate @steemauto
All rewards from this post goes to support development and maintaining of Steemauto.

With your great support, we can pass another month. Thanks a lot!

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Thanks for review

Thank you for your review, @helo! Keep up the good work!

Despite all these hardworks, it still baffles me that you render the service FOC.

Keep up the nice work

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Hi @mahdiyari, thanks for sharing this update! We're longtime users of SteemAuto and really appreciate the service you are providing through it + all of the many hours behind it.

It's exciting to hear that an upcoming feature will be to trail comments. We curate content published through apps like Musing (a mix of comments and posts) and having that option would be fantastic.

Do you have a timeline for when this feature will be available?

max 2 months

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