The implication of reputation score has been somewhat reduced. How about combining new indicators?

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Who has the most influence in the STEEM chain? So far it's probably ned.

(All of the material in this article was extracted through steemsql DB)

However, the first place based on reputation is haejin, and ned is only 490th.

What is wrong?

The two main wheels of the STEEM chain are SteemPower and Reputation. However, the reputation axis collapsed due to bidbots, circle voting, and so on. New users can create 70 Reputation Points a day. Also, the reputation of accounts that do not write often, such as ned, is relatively low.

On behalf of reputation, we need additional indicators to know the impact of our accounts. The number of followers also has limitations as an indicator.


It can be supplemented by the SP sum that followers have. According to this standard, ned becomes the first place, and major witnesses rise to the top. Please compare the table below.


Personally, it seems better to combine the two indicators.

Proposal Description

In Busy UI, it is recommended to show the following additional information.

  1. Follower's steempower sum
  2. Rank by follower's steempower sum
  3. (optional) Reputation rank

Mockups / Examples

  • Now


It shows your account's reputation by default. If you move the mouse to the position where the reputation is being viewed, it will tell you the reputation score.

  • Future


The reputation of the account and the SP total of the followers are shown by default. If you hover over that position, you will also see your reputation rank and the SP total rank of your followers.


There are four advantages to using the SP indicator of followers in combination with the reputation score.

① Prevent distortion due to reputation

The use of bidbots or circle voting makes it difficult to know the true reputation of a given account.

However, if we use the SP totals of the followers as an additional indicator, we can see the true impact of that account.


For example, my reputation rank is 1500, but my followers have the top 500 in the SP total.

Also, accounts that support users with many SP will have a much higher total ranking of their SPs than reputation rankings. Even though the account rarely writes.

On the other hand, the SP totals of followers of accounts that have earned reputations in a false way are generally worse than their reputation rankings.

② Contributing to improved understanding of users about STEEM chain

Profiles are the most frequently viewed screens for users to learn about other account characteristics.

If we place reputation and SP sums of followers in these places, it can help users to set the direction of use of the STEEM chain.

They become aware of the importance of followers who watch them, and quickly realize the importance of communication. This helps us prevent the selfish behavior of new users.

This is the basis for constructive development of the overall STEEM chain.

It may be more effective to show the screen one time than to explain the hundred times in a word.

③ Troubleshoot account voting delays, outages, and time delays

This allows us to resolve user support vote delays and errors in the account.

Currently, the account will vote support based on the SP total of followers aggregating at For example, if the SP total of the account's followers is 5M, the voting weight is 5%.

However, is managed by a certain individual (perhaps jesta), so the update is very late. Or it may stop.

URL of :""

Therefore, new users have not received the support of for a considerable period of time, and existing users have received a lower level of support than the actual users.

By managing the SP total data of the followers from "BUSY" side, it is possible to solve voting support issues of account at once.

④ Opportunity to increase "BUSY" users

One small advantage is that many users are settled in "BUSY".

"BUSY" is the most famous writing platform in the STEEM chain, but it is still much lower than the steemit platform.

"BUSY" can take advantage of this opportunity.

Of course, it can not be perfect. However, this can get better.

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Hello, @lostmine27. Nice work on giving a detailed review and suggestions to improve user experience on the busy interface. One of the interesting and important things about any social media platform is providing its users with enough interactive tool like the few you have mentioned here. That's said, I would recommend you to submit this as an issue on Busy's repository, this way, the dev team could see and keep track of it. Thank for using Utopian.

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Thank you for your review, @knowledges! Keep up the good work!

요약(for Koreans)

스팀 체인의 두 축은 스파와 명성입니다만, 여러 이유로 명성의 함의가 많이 퇴색된 측면이 있습니다. 따라서, 프로필 화면에서 명성 점수와 함께, 팔로워들이 가진 스파 합계 및 그에 의한 순위를 병행하여 보여주고, 가능하다면 명성 순위도 보여주는 것이 더 좋아보입니다.

"BUSY"에서는 이를 통해, 좀 더 실질적인 사용자 영향력을 확인할 수 있고, 초기사용자들의 스팀 사용 방향에 대한 나침반이 될 수 있으며, BUSY가 직접 팔로워들이 가진 SP합계 데이터를 관리함으르써 현재 BUSY.PAY 및 BUSY.ORG의 지원보팅의 지연/중단/시차 문제도 같이 해결 가능해집니다. 또한 BUSY사용자를 늘릴 수 있는 작은 요인이 될 수도 있습니다.

이것이 완벽한 방법은 아니지만, 더 나은 방향으로의 개선인 것 같습니다.


한국어 요약 고맙습니다.


네 naha님 건강하고 더 좋은 일 많이 생기는 한 해 보내시길 바랍니다.


좋은 아이디어에 그림이 넘 귀여운데요?ㅎㅎ 직접 그리신건가요 아님 저런 느낌으로 그려주는 툴이 있나요?



balsamiq 이라는 툴을 우연한 검색을 통해 알고 대충 사용해봤습니다. steem하면서 별걸 다해보네요 ㅎㅎ

busy가 하루 1회 정도 팔로워SP를 DB에 INSERT한다면, 그리 어렵지 않은 일 같은데 늘 놀고 있다고 하셔서 아이디어로 고려할지 모르겠네요. 저것 보려고 busy쓰는 사람들도 좀 생길 것도 같은데요. 사실 저장소를 steem으로도 올려보고 싶은 아이디어이기도 합니다. 제가 busy를 거의 안쓰거든요. ^_^


재미있는 툴 알려주셔서 감사합니다. busy는 놀지만 유토피안은 놀지 않으니 유토피안 리뷰에는 아무 문제가 없을거에요. 실제 반영은 스팀잇은 당장 급한게 많으니, busy는 아예 업데이트를 안하는 분위기니 쉽진 않겠지만ㅠㅠ

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