FreeCAD - Greek Translation (Part 14 - approximately 929 words)

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Hello everyone! Let's start with the basics once again:


Project Details

As mentioned in my previous contributions, I have been on a new Steemit mission since @utopian-io & @davinci.witness launched the Translation Category, giving us the chance to offer our services and provide quality translations for various Open Source projects. As I have mentioned several times in the past few weeks, FreeCAD is my second project and I have been having great fun working on the translations of this software. FreeCAD is an Open Source AutoCAD competitor that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux, and supports various types of open file formats.


Image Source:

This is just a reminder of the importance of all Open Source communities in a hectic world of scientific development and suppression of information:

Open Source means true freedom; there are no limitations. What better way to assist scientific progress and development than with the creation of free powerful tools. And even though this is not news to many of you, it is worth noting that the most important advantage of FreeCAD is the fact that is is an Open Source project. As I have mentioned several times in the past few weeks, FreeCAD can be used by other programs as a library as well. Suppression of information can slow our civilization's progress down, that's why Open Source projects are a technological blessing of our times.

And this is where you can find more information regarding this project I have been working on:

For more information regarding this wonderful Open Source project you can visit the the project's Official Website, as well as one of my previous contributions. If there's any specific kind of information you'd like to read about this project, please leave your requests in the comments below and I will undoubtedly do my best to provide all information necessary promptly.

I'm glad I was given the opportunity to offer my services and therefore I will continue to work hard and do my best.

Contribution Specifications

  • Translation Overview

This is the fourteenth part of a very demanding but rather useful project. The main reason is the utilization of too many technical terms, as explained all over again in almost all of my previous contribution posts. It is also worth keeping in mind that FreeCAD is a large project that consists of roughly 31,770 words. Taking everything mentioned above into consideration, and in order to be able to provide a quality end product, I have decided that I will be translating from 900+ to 1,200+ words in each part, making sure to conclude at least two to three parts every seven days so that this project is finished in time. My translation is now 52.7% complete and subject to @ruth-girl's proof-reading.

  • Languages

The current project is being translated from English to Greek.

  • In This Session

I checked all previously translated strings of the Part.ts file before I proceeded to start translating the remaining strings of the same file. The main reason why I have to keep checking all strings from the very first page of the file is the fact that the Part.ts file includes many strings that were already translated and needed to be corrected, just like I had to keep checking all strings of the Fem.ts, Mesh.ts and FreeCAD.ts files all over again during last week. Regarding the already submitted strings, I spotted a couple of those that were just poorly translated, while others included errors regarding syntax and grammar, which were thankfully a lot less than I'm used to having to deal with. Due to the fact that some strings are badly written and rather unclear, I often leave many of those untranslated in order to come back and handle them by the time I've concluded the file they are included in. That's of course another reason why I keep checking all previously translated strings of the file I am currently working on.

Another hard day at the office. Nothing new here, technical terms are plentiful and dev terminology makes things a lot more complicated. The Part.ts file includes strings that induce the need for advanced theoretical skills regarding Geometry and Physics; this job demands more than fluency in two languages. Needless to say, I had to conduct extensive research in order to come up with solutions regarding many demanding strings once again. However, these are not the only obstacles standing in my way; the FreeCAD wiki documentation is still incomplete, which means that many features and commands of the software remain unexplained on the web, plus there is no context available regarding the majority of the strings and this makes this task a lot harder than it may seem.

In conclusion, this was another relatively difficult part. I had to spend a considerable amount of time searching the web and trying to gather information in order to be able to provide accurate translations. FreeCAD is a scientific tool and therefore I feel like it is my duty to provide the most accurate translations. It is worth noting that constant corrections keep taking place due to the fact that things tend to get quite complicated as I move forward. Of course these words are never included in my word count. I will keep working hard in order to provide a quality end product.

  • Word Count

According to Crowdin, in this part I translated 929 words (949 as demonstrated on Crowdin, minus approximately 2% of those as untranslated words). I have now translated a total of 16,130 words.

Proof of Authorship

Special thanks to each and everyone of you who took the time to read this post and get informed about my contribution. I'm grateful to all the wonderful people who have been supporting all along.

Much love and respect to my awesome fellow translators: @katerinaramm & @trumpman! The same goes for our tireless, benevolent and patient LMs: @dimitrisp & @ruth-girl!

Last but never least, a big thank you to @utopian-io and @davinci.witness for giving us the opportunity to provide our services and for keeping this project up and running!

greek translator team.gif

GIF created by @ruth-girl!

Image Sources: 1st & 2nd Images by / 3rd & 4th Images from the Public Domain

I am a proud member of the Greek team.

Have a great day!


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Thank you for contributing again to the Davinci-Utopian translation project @lordneroo!
This was your 15th contribution to the Translation category and the 14th part of the FreeCAD project.

As I mentioned in your first FreeCAD contribution post:

This time you have chosen a difficult project; not only is it a long text, but technical terms are plentiful in FreeCAD and you need to spend a long time looking up for the correct translation of those terms in the target (Greek) language. I trust you being an engineer qualifies you for this particular project and I am sure you will manage to complete it correctly.

Oh, what can I say about this part? It was indeed another headache, but it was also very well translated. Your wording and writing style were correct and appropriate. I find it remarkable how you manage to figure out everything and I praise the fact that continuous updates and minor corrections take place all the time!

Your contribution post is very good too. It contains the basic details, but it’s also descriptive and tries to make the reader sympathize with your “ordeal” if, of course, there is a person out there ever going to read those contribution posts (humor makes our very existence bearable, doesn’t it?).

Thank you for your good and hard work! Keep it up! ΦρίκηCAD is half-way through!

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Thanks for the kind words and the constant encouragement!

if, of course, there is a person out there ever going to read those contribution posts (humor makes our very existence bearable, doesn’t it?).

Lmao! That's very true!

Have a good day!


Thank you for your review, @ruth-girl!

So far this week you've reviewed 5 contributions. Keep up the good work!

Good post. I follow and await for the continuation of the discussion


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