dPixify: Launch of New Open Source Project on Steem Blockchain

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What is dPixify

This post is my official announcement that dPixify is being added as one of the open source projects on the STEEM blockchain. I will provide as much information as possible to make it clear what this project stands for and the technology behind it.

dPixify uses the STEEM blockchain to reward creative commons contributors. It is an open source project that is still in early development and documentation stages.

Users will use their steemit accounts to upload royalty-free stock photos and digital graphics on the dpixify.com web site, which will post to the STEEM blockchain. The rewards will come from votes on those photos by other users with steemit accounts. Additional rewards can come from curators and sponsors of the project.

The photos and graphics will be available for free to anyone who wants to use them for personal or commercial use based on the creative commons license. The dpixify.com web site will function and look very similar to pixabay.com and unsplash.com. The only difference will be that it will run on the STEEM blockchain and post to steemit like dtube and utopian. All content uploaded to dpixify.com will have a creative commons license.


Some web sites that provide free stock photos get traffic in the range of 60 million visitors per month. There is a growing community of bloggers and professional designers who are looking for free photos and graphics.


One of the most shared content on steemit is photography, so there’s a lot of potential for existing steemit authors to start posting to this new web site. This will help them to start earning extra money for doing what they already do just by allowing others to use their photos.

Market Convergence

When all these pieces come together in this one web site, it will add great value to STEEM, steemit and the whole community that shares and uses photos and graphics online.

  • New steemit users will have an opportunity to start making money faster and easier if they already have good quality photos or graphics. This will increase the retention rate and motivation for people to stay with steemit. Also, it will increase the rate of word of mouth referrals.
  • People who already contribute their photos to other web sites will switch to the one that runs on STEEM and rewards them for sharing their photos. This could potentially bring millions more users.
  • Niche advertising to web designers and bloggers becomes more relevant. They would be targeted to do something they already do but with more benefits.
  • People who download photos would link back to the site if they don’t have to.
  • Many bloggers will list this new site as a resource in their guides to get free stock photos for new bloggers. This will lead many of them switch to steemit to post their content.

dPixify Mission

  1. Add value to STEEM and steemit by providing valuable content to the blogging, web design, and graphic design communities in the form of royalty-free stock photos and graphics.
  2. Attract bloggers, web designers and graphic artists to open steemit accounts and buy STEEM when they use the free photos and graphics from dpixify.com
  3. To advance the Creative Commons Movement.
  4. To help cryptocurrency go mainstream by providing and rewarding free digital assets.

Already existing features

The web site is not yet functional. However, you can preview the basic layout at dpixify.com. Here’s a screenshot of what it looks like now:


Technology Stack

  • Node, NPM, Express
  • Bootstrap
  • SteemConnect v2
  • Javascript, HTML, CSS
  • MongoDB
  • Hosted on heroku.com


  • Set up log in with steemconnect
  • Add ability for logged in users to upload images to the STEEM blockchain through dpixify.com
  • Add voting and comments from dpixify.com for logged in users
  • Add content to “about” and “faq” pages
  • Add a backend to image approval and curation before they’re posted
  • Set up a bot with delegated steem power to upvote approved posts
  • Add moderators to approve posts
  • Search engine optimization to show up high search results for relevant terms
  • Targeted advertising to blogging, web design and graphic design communities

How to Contribute

My username on discordapp.com is leap8. You can direct message me there or join the dPixify discord channel at https://discord.gg/fNxZ237.
This open source project is on github at https://github.com/leapforward8/dpixify.
Any help with this project is greatly appreciated. It can be from steem power delegation to content or graphics.

About Me

I live in Florida, United States. I have B.S. in Computer Science and Master’s in Business Administration (M.B.A.). I’ve been doing web development for a living for about 10 years but I’m new to blockchain development.

creative commons @leap8

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This is a project that incredible many will use when you get it up and running.
As you mentioned, the traffic will be incredibly large and will catch attention on Steemit

Appreciate your project and re -teemed it.

Regards @xpilar

Yes, I'm very excited to see it grow! Thank you.

This is a great project, I cant for it to become functional

When do you think the project will become functional?

I think I can get a usable site done by April.

Hi @leap8, I think dPixify will be a great project.

As we discussed in discord, I think it will be important to be able to submit content to dpixify's repository of steemy crative commons art without creating a steemit post. There is tons of creative commons art that users on steem have already made into posts... having a central location for authors and artists to find that art is the real issue which I hope to see this application solve.

Yes, that's one of the things that will be added to this app. Content discovery is not that easy here and I hope that I can help cc art be easier to access for everybody.

I agree on this actually... I've got images that I'd want to add... but wouldn't want a post created each time.

Adding a post to steemit will be optional when you add an image. I'm thinking a simple checkbox will do.

That sounds perfect dude! Well done!

A thing to think about is that the image in the Steem blockchain provides proof that you were the original creator. So it might be worth creating a second account to upload images?

That's a good idea... I definitely wouldn't be opposed to that if it proved that I created it and got credited soforth. Nice idea @carn.

Hey @leap8,

This sounds amazing. As a photographer and blogger, I spend so much time looking for the perfect photo or image, and it is honestly a huge struggle. If I submit a photo, does it basically became a post in my blog feed?

Also, will you be looking for curation staff at all? I currently work as a Curie curator but would be really excited to help out here too if needed.

Yes, it will post to your steemit blog feed if you want it to. Curation will definitely help to improve the quality of posts there. Any help moderating content will be great. You can join the discord server at https://discord.gg/fNxZ237 . Thank you!

happy to come and host all our @nomadpictures photos on there when it's up and running! looks good.

That will be great! thank you

Great idea! one question: will the one week window for upvoting and rewards still apply?

Than you! All steemit voting rules will still apply but I'm hoping to find some sponsors that will give rewards for contests. Also, some kind of tipping system so people can send tips after 7 days might be helpful.

A tipping system would be good

This is such a brilliant idea. Everybody wins!


Great idea, and I love this platform more and more. I am new to steemit, but such possibilities. Thank you for posting!

yes, i hope this is a successful project, as we have been needing this since Steem was born! Thanks for taking it on!

I'm very excited to see this bloom!

As a curator I see too many plagarism of images. I hope that your project will enable free and quality pictures for all steemians!

Awesome project and there are a lot of great people in promo-mentors would love to help you on this massive project.

The people at @promo-mentors have been very helpful already and appreciate all the help!

Great project @leap8

thank you!

Good Project. upvote me please

This is promising. The only issue I have in mind is this will be another venue for image grabbers. I hope you will have a team to combat these people.

What's an 'image grabber?

Yes, I plan to have systems in place to check copyrighted images are not posted on dpixify. I welcome any help/suggestions on how to do it.
I hope to have moderators check each post eventually. Also, I can put some automated checks in place to make sure the images are original.

Moderators would a be good thing to have. Would love to be one of them :)

That would be great. You can find me on discord :-)

I will be eagerly awaiting for the launch of this portal. I have saved the link to this site so that I will be the first few to sign up and start uploading my pictures.

thank you!

An excellent idea! I will support this when it launches.

Question: Will the images posted also be seen on the Steemit interface?

Thank you! Yes, they will be.

Excellent project you have there my man!

If this community join forces we can certainly accomplish it.


Yes, collaboration always helps. Thank you!

Excellent proposal dear friend @ leap8, this project looks very promising
without a doubt I will use your storage services for my images
I wish you a lot of success!!!!!!!!!!!!

dPixify is great it will be a good and beneficial to everyone

Something that might be useful is a button to tip photographers with a small amount of Steem or SBD

Awesome project @leap8! You have our support!

thank you!

I really love this project. It has a huge potential! I'm following you and I'll help you further develop this.

I've re-steemed.

Thank you for your support!

Can you please remove the banner below your contribution?

I removed it.

How is this coming along? :) Very excited about this project but not any new updates. Is there another page now with updates?

Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved. Please note, that since your RoadMap looks great I am approving this, but in future try to add more features into a single contribution.

Also your repository does not have a License, which is required.

The linked Github repository must always contain code, a README and a license.

You can contact us on Discord.

Hey @leap8 I am @utopian-io. I have just upvoted you!


  • WOW WOW WOW People loved what you did here. GREAT JOB!
  • You are generating more rewards than average for this category. Super!;)
  • Seems like you contribute quite often. AMAZING!

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Commenting to bookmark it. So that i can follow up in future.

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Great idea! I'm excited to see how the project evolves. I use pexels.com quite often. If there was a resource that integrated seamlessly with Steemit so that users could search + drop images straight into their posts (while also rewarding the original contributor of the photo/art), that would be pretty awesome. Regardless, I'll definitely be following any updates as you release them!

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