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RE: dPixify: Launch of New Open Source Project on Steem Blockchain

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As we discussed in discord, I think it will be important to be able to submit content to dpixify's repository of steemy crative commons art without creating a steemit post. There is tons of creative commons art that users on steem have already made into posts... having a central location for authors and artists to find that art is the real issue which I hope to see this application solve.


Yes, that's one of the things that will be added to this app. Content discovery is not that easy here and I hope that I can help cc art be easier to access for everybody.

I agree on this actually... I've got images that I'd want to add... but wouldn't want a post created each time.

Adding a post to steemit will be optional when you add an image. I'm thinking a simple checkbox will do.

That sounds perfect dude! Well done!

A thing to think about is that the image in the Steem blockchain provides proof that you were the original creator. So it might be worth creating a second account to upload images?

That's a good idea... I definitely wouldn't be opposed to that if it proved that I created it and got credited soforth. Nice idea @carn.

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