Spark Payments (formerly steempay) - Rebrand to Spark Payments [GRAPHICS]

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Everything was done in Photoshop

  • Use rounded rectangle tool to create rounded rectangle. Rotate 45 degrees.
  • Use polygonal lasso tool to draw lightning bolt. On new layer, fill lightning bolt shape.
  • Back on rounded rectangle layer, use the pen tool to draw connecting lines and fill.
  • Trace around entire shape with pen tool to create a vector shape.
  • Color shape with #ffcc00
  • Get text tool and use font: Barlow Condensed Semi Bold with color #282727 in all lowercase

alt text

Benefits / Improvements

This is a complete rebrand for SteemPay. The project is now Spark Payments and needed a new logo and color scheme. This was partially done in an effort to avoid confusion with a competing project by the same name and we will slowly begin transitioning all of our projects over to this new name.

Proof of authorship

Screenshots of the process:


Photoshop CC 2015

  • Rounded Rectangle
  • Polygonal Lasso
  • Pen
  • Text

Original files

Proof of Work Done


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I hope you understand.

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Thank you! I don't own any vector software, but I'll keep that in mind for future contributions.

Nice simple logo, I like it!

Thanks man - I picked it for a few reasons..."spark", to me, says "fast, efficient transactions". Spark also implies electricity, which is the next evolution from power by steam (see what I did there? lol) well as SteemPay is SP...and Spark Payments is also SP :)

Yes, very logical yet simple and to the point as well.

Do the slot machines pay yet? That was great fun.

Haha no I was just using that project to learn to detect transactions on the network

hi @kodaxx . so you'll be removing Steempay app? I can't log-in with steempay, and it doesn't specify what password we should use.

Yes, there is another Steempay app - steempayco - but there is no android app for this i can find, and the guy asbear isn't really developing it anymore. But it generates QR codes for products which is great.

It would be great to see Spark or something be definitive, and get more clarity, and see the older one removed.
Best of luck, following.

The SteemPay wallet will not be removed, but rebranded when I get the time. The wallet should still function as normal. The password you need to enter is your master password, it usually begins with P5. Be careful entering this into apps you do not trust. In our case, we do not save or send out your password, but we use it to generate your active and memo keys, which we encrypt and save onto device. Others may not do this

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