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RE: Publish your software quickly without hiring a server using DriveSoftwarePublisher

in #utopian-io5 years ago

Thank you for your contribution. This is indeed a cool idea and sure it is a very budget way to have your customers update the software (thanks to Google).

  1. I feel that you don't use resharper to clean-up your C# code e.g. you may consider using var, LINQ etc for more modern language features.
  2. So, if you don't tell the customers there is a update, they won't find out, right? Is there a way to have the update notification built in the tool?
  3. I guess, the Linux users want to get a copy of the tool as well. If you are using e.g. Python, it might be easier.

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Thanks for the review

Yeh I use resharper but the thing is I started the project almost a year ago, and left it in the middle and I continued it a week back, back then I wasnt that experienced with formatting and things like that so the code doesn't look that clean

For point 2, that feature is under road map, 3rd party application will be able to use this program and check if an update is available and will be able to update it directly, no need for running any commands

For 3rd point, I think it'll work using mono/wine, though I haven't tried it yet

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