VANS OLD SKOOL: Open Source 3D Sneakers made with Blender

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In my previous post I provided Ray-bans Clubmaster sunglasses in 3D and promised to post Old Skool Vans next. This took a little longer as expected, because I decided to render the shoe in 100 different colors and present it in a turnaround, which turned into the DTube-Video above. A little background story of this project: I am currently moving to Berlin and also organized the move of my dad the last few months, so everything was a huge mess and stress. I wanted to portray that with a 3D model, but realized I had to model and sculpt a ton of objects I use or wear everyday to make the project more personal, which is turning into this series of objects I want to provide for fellow 3D artists.


I have some very old and used ones in turquoise and new ones in light grey, so I decided to portray the Vans in grey. I have to admit, that along the way I did some mistakes on the sole and had to save the project somehow, which you will see in the file. I am lazy when it comes to uv maps, but you can just change up the colors in Properties Panel > Material for the front, the back, the side, the laces, the seam and the stripe on the upper sole or create proper uv maps and update it on github.

  • As always I started off with a cube, added edges and deformed some vertices to get to the basic shape of the shoes.
  • I added the Subsurf Modifyer and started to add extras, such as extracting the lower faces of the shoe to create the soles and the middle part for the laces.



  • Next up are the holes for the laces: I added a cube, scaled it vertical (Z), deleted the upper face of the shoe, where the hole will be positioned. Then I selected two vertices from the shoe and two from the added cube and filled (=connected) them to merge the objects into one. I continued this step, until the four vertices of each object were combined.



  • To create the laces, I added a cube and a path. I deleted the opening faces of the cube and added an Array Modifyer and a Curve Modifyer, selecting the path. In the edit mode I positioned the vertices of the path to deform the arrayed cube and soon enough the shoe laces were done. I extracted the ends and separated them, to create the plastic part.

The next step is texturing, where I also used textures from Poliigon for the suede fabric and the front and lower part of the sole. Please check the license, the textures may not be redistributed.




The Vans were created with Blender, version 2.79, a free and open 3D creation software using the engine: Cycles Render. As mentioned in the process, the project contains textures from -"Textures may not be redistributed”. I rendered some frames for the video with the renderfarm SheepIt! and imported the frames in Adobe Premiere to create the turnaround animation. I used four samples from to create the music and that‘s it.

Hope you liked it and feel free to use the Vans if you are in need of sneakers. I duplicated the laces and didn‘t apply the mods in the vans_grey_right.blend-file, so the model is editable. I also included the turnaround animation Blender file, fbx and obj-files.
This is the first time I provided a 3D model via github, so I am thankful for tips and tricks concerning Blender, rendering and uploading 3D objects in general. The files are quite large, so I had to split them up. In order to open the Blender files, you have to download all zip-files with the same name and open the first one.






Thanks for reading and stay tuned!


▶️ DTube

This are really quality renders. And the gifs are all nice as well :)

I love Vans!

"Images and videos used must be distributed under the Creative Commons license and content source must be cited (when applicable)." - please do not use utoian-io tag if you are not contributing to an open source project. Repeated offense wil lead to ban.

Your contribution has been evaluated according to Utopian policies and guidelines, as well as a predefined set of questions pertaining to the category.

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What does that even mean? I have to upload all my rendered images on github too, where I provided all the raw versions? There was no option of adding the CC license on github, so do I add it in as an extra file?

Edit: Already had a chat on Discord^^ I get the last part. Something I overread in the guidelines, but the part with the images startled me at first, because all images and videos are from me:D

Your work seems to be of very high quality and we will gladly welcome your contributions. Only issue with this one is, it is not a direct contribution to any existing project. The way you should proceed on Utopian is finding some open source project (they have code and license disclaimer on github) and make something for them (after asking).

or check out our discord and @utopian.tasks posts to see if someone is requesting 3D models. If they do, you are free to contribute.

Now I see this is not a spam, rather misunderstanding. :)

Hey, it was my fault:D I already got answers on Discord want went wrong- ups ...should learn how to read already^^ I already have an ongoing project that might fit, so better luck next time:)

No harn done. No problem. We are looking forward to see your work.

nice 3D sneakers made with blender

Those are some nice shoes.. i want to buy those same models.. are they available on Amazon?

wow nice very informative and quality post you have here!! I like the old Vans shoes too.



Cool... greetings from Venezuela.

excellent !!!
Nice quality renders ...

Excellent one of my favorite brands

These are really nice

Welcome to steemit.nice to meet you.

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@jellenmark Open Source 3D Sneakers made with Blender.
I like this VANS OLD SKOOL.

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