Ray-ban Clubmaster: Open Source 3D Blender File

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here‘s a gif of a 3D reconstruction of Ray-Bans Clubmaster sunglasses. You can download the file, if you are familiar with Blender or use the obj file. It‘s not 100% proportional to the real glasses ( > no Wifi, no Airdrop, therefore no background pictures for proper references), but I think I came pretty close, so if you are in need for sunglasses, feel free to use the model and change it up or use different textures.

I have been mia for the past two months, always claiming to be more active, but I am now working on a 3D project portraying me and my life those past weeks and there are some gimmicks and extras, which I had to model, in order to make the model more....me:D So therefore I just finished the glasses and am working on Vans Old Skool next.



  • I started off with a cube, mirrored it and created a raw form of the frame.

  • Then I usually always use the Subsurf Modifyer to create and deform some edges.

  • To create the glass and all the other details, I just add another cube and recreate the former steps to make the glasses similar to the look of the clubmaster.

  • I used some textures from Poliigon and mostly used the Principled Shader to import image textures and combine them with the material I need.


I parented all objects to the frame and set the origin of the temples at the hinges, so that you can rotate them as you please. I didn‘t rig the glasses, because I just needed them "open" for my project, but I just set different rotation points for the animation.




I chose five variations of the glass and four for the frame, all the textures are packed in the file. So in case you are in need of glasses for a project and think my object will suffice, I am happy to help.
Please leave a comment, if you check out the file and would be great to know how you use the sunglasses:)

Hope you liked it, and will stay tuned for more objects (f.e. Vans, Apple Watch) until the final project is done:)
I will finish the Maiko and Enchantress of the Night, I really will :D And then will start modeling some Steemmonsters as I started to collect some too:)




Great job! Following.

Yey^^ Thanks :)


Nice model and textures! And that girl looks familiar. Is she you? Haha. Anyway, nice to see you again.

Btw, check out my latest post. :)

Thank you :) I did, it‘s crazy good. It‘s a little hard for me to post about „sort“ of different things, it was easy to read and really interesting. Sadly I just saw it, but love how much work and effort you also put in your posts. Looking forward to check out your animation portfolio:)

And yes^^ I tried to sculpt a comic version of myself^^

Hey, seems interesting, I'll start my research:) Thank you!

Great @jellenmark, if you can signal your interest on my post, that would be great.

Awesome work and thanks for providing the blender file as open source. This is not very common in this space.

Did you really pay 38 Steem to upvote someone else's post?

Yeah! She deserves it :)

Thank you @geronimo!! Would be interesting if there‘s a way to know if people download the file:)

Don't you think there are many Steemonians that would deserve at least a slightly higher financial reward for their posts?

I am quite certain many Steemonians would work there butt off to earn such a nice upvote!

I do like the idea that you did this for someone else. So keep up the good work!

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Wow! What a great job, so Awesome

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