Episode 2 of The Utopian.io Open Source Radio Show - Wednesday at 7 UTC

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Utopian.io and MSP Waves are proud to present the Utopian.io Open Source Radio Show coming to you live every Wednesday at 7PM UTC on MSP Waves.

Interested in Open Source on the Steem blockchain and beyond? Looking to hear some inspiring stories and discussions about the Open Source ecosystem? Tune in to the Utopian.io Open Source Radio Show!

You missed our premiere? Don’t panic!

The great @buckydurddle is recording all shows and posting them after some light editing. So in case you missed it, here is a recording of our (spectacular) premiere with @elear and @tensor as guests.


When and Where?

Wednesday June 06, 7-8PM UTC on MSP Waves:
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Your host: Jedigeiss

What’s On The Menu this time?

The Utopian.io Open Source Radio Show, hosted by @jedigeiss, will feature special guests, spearheading the development of some of the most interesting projects out there; prominent members of the Utopian.io community; interesting contributions made via Utopian.io and discussions about interesting news and developments in the Open Source ecosystem.

Our special guests this week: @roxane and @oroger

Special Guest

In this episode of the show we are super happy to welcome Roxane and Olivier, two well-known steemians. We’ll be discussing their new Steem tool Fast Reply and other topics.

It seems to be a perfect mixture, a beautiful lady able to move the masses and a brilliant developer weaving magic into programming language.

We can’t wait for their insights and stories!

Our Pink Princess of FOSS News, Mother of Feeds, Writer of Content, First of her Name

Open Source News Digest

Microsoft buys Github!? How is that going to affect all of us? And what does Microsoft want?

For sure this is one of the topics that our Pink Princess will highlight in the news digest section of the show.

Feature Your Project & Share Your Thoughts

We’ll also be chatting to the audience to hear your insights and offer a stage to anyone looking to gain exposure for his or her own Open Source project.

So if you want to join in just tell us in the audience chat!

More Surprises

Giveaways, raffles, exclusive Utopian.io content and more.


MSP Waves

MSP Waves and Utopian.io

The Open Source Radio Show is part of a cooperation between Utopian.io and MSP-Waves toward a mutual goal of empowering and supporting the Open Source community and the Steem blockchain. Among others, we plan to engage the Utopian.io community in developing tools for MSP Waves, and contribute to the ongoing growth of MSP Waves - the top radio station of the Steem blockchain.

Taking part in the production of Utopian.io Open Source Radio Show are the team of professionals at MSP Waves. We would like extend our gratitude especially to @r0ndon and @aggroed for their constant, highly professional technical support and the motivational encouragement.

Guys, you are really some of the best people on our beloved blockchain.

We look forward to seeing you in our audience!

Jedigeiss, for the Utopian.io Radio Show Team


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Nice! This is definitely something to look forward to. Thanks for updating us on this stunning development @jedigeiss

I think it's a brilliant idea.. @jedigesis.. We the new steemite members can get to learn a lot more from this.. We will also benefit knowledgably from it

Another part of the Blockchain Revolution - and I'm there live...

Great topic sir. Episode 2 of The Utopian

Intersting radio.

Good job, a very good idea my friend and I really like

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My side project, will be open-sourced soon - ofc on utopian!


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You asked me in this comment to create a reminder.
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Good job, a very good idea my friend and I really like

Interesting I hope to hear you, success and blessings, thanks for sharing!

Hoping to hear them, excellent as always, many congratulations.

Feels good to know about the radio show. You all guys are doing a great worl together and don't stop in middle. Thanks for sharing sir.