Fast-Reply : Never miss to answer a comment again (& do it faster than ever) !

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I am very proud to introduce you my new baby Steem tool : Fast-Reply !

What's Fast-Reply ?

Fast-Reply is a tool specially designed for Community Leaders, Influencers, and all the others Steemians with an every day huge amount of comments to reply. Using this tool will help them to focus and review/comment faster all their comments.

In this post you will discover the new features and improvements we made on the Fast-Reply tool.

Get started with the tool, it's free !

To use the tool follow this link :
You will need to connect with Steemconnect and it's totally secure since it's provided by who has a partnership with

Fast-Reply, "waiting no more".

My video is at DLive

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test, let's see how it goes.


So... @jwolf : verdict ? 🙄

More like an auto bot reply app/gateway
That's really innovative
Great effort Ma'am
Most likely, there will be a French translation as well as other languages options i presume


Not really and auto bot at all @mickyscofield.
No idea of translated. Didn't think about it.

Looks like an interesting tool. Keep up the good work :)


It is @hanen. Don't hesitate to check it out.

Lol i can't imagine how this tool must be if you've got a large following would ping your poor self to death with notifications

Merci @Roxane, je vais essayer =). PS ma mère est belge, et je viens de découvrir ton profil =) Je ne savais pas qu'il y avait des Steem meet-ups au Luxembourg (mon autre moitié!). Contente de faire ta connaissance!


Hello @evecab !
Heureuse de te rencontrer aussi !!!
Trop bien que tu sois à moitié belge :D :D :D Tu vis dans quel coin maintenant ???
A bientôt!!

I literally just browsed around on the apps that based on Steem and I checked out this fast reply one. Just knew that you and your husband were the ones created! So useful you guys!

One thing that I would like to ask tho, when I write the reply on the app, turned out it show something like for example '@roxane' << I'm not so sure if that's necessary or if I deleted that when I reply on the app, would the person that I write to notice it?

I like the way do when it comes to the look of replying..

Thanks for doing this. The app is awesome :)


Hello @waybeyondpadthai !
Thanks for using the app.
You can delete the @nickname if you want. We added it because I always write the name of the person I want to reply so I am sure she/he gets a notification :) So, it's really up to you.


@roxane yeah, I've been deleting but now that I said that, I'm tempted to just leave it on LOLOL 🙏🙏😅

I kinda love the idea.

I like the way you always do facial expression!

Ok, upvoted!! Great idea for a tool@roxane!! Will try it out now🤗👍