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Task Request


This task request, made by @jakipatryk is about designing a logotype and a logo icon for Steeditor - an editor for Steem posts with advanced options. The app (actually, a prototype of the app) is designed following Material Design principles, so the logo should also use these principles.

Logo Idea


Logo Styles


Logo Icon Variations

As you can see below there are logo icons. The first row of the logo icons is the inverted colors of the second row. The third row of the logo icons is the inverted colors of the fourth row.

  • First Logo Style


  • Second Logo Style


Logotype Variations ( icon + text)

Below is the logotype variations. The first column have the first logostyle and their inverted colors. The second column have the second logostyle and their inverted colors.

Colors and Font Used







Benefits / Improvements

  • logos are very minimalistic yet presentable
  • logos are provided in several colors to have many choices
  • logo icon highly represents the steeditor app

Proof of Authorship




Original Files

The required files are SVG- two files for the logo with the text and the entire logo only. But I have provided PDF files and especially PNG for immediate use of the logo.

Those files are uploaded in my google drive.

Laptop mock-up
Phone mock-up

Proof of Work Done


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


We are permanentlly banning you for using multiple accounts to contribute to same task request and abusing the system for rewards.

Proof -


Same desktop wallpaper, mockup and source files as https://steemit.com/utopian-io/@steemitchiness/logo-proposal-for-steeditor

Huh? That was my friend's account sir @andrejcibik. And I help him make a contribution using the my laptop because he does not have his own.

Son ginaunsa nimu pag pangira ug in ani na project?

bai, naa ra sa utopian nga discord.. sa designers nga channel

wala koy kurion sa github bay?

Not into github kaayo ko bai.. Mag-agad ra kos mga #utopian-io nga mga post ug sa mga TR links nga isend adto sa utopian nga discord

ahh salamat kaayo bay, wala mn ko ga dahum maka daug ako ra maka submit ug ma approve ra okay na kaayo, hehe, mao ba ning link sa imung post?

Teach me Master :) .

Sure,hahaah:) teach me how to create quality content ster :)

Haha ka lol bah oy hahahhaha ez raman ni haha kana oh kay murag lisud lisud na haha

The first icon style is very elegant, I like that. Even though the winner will be chosen a day after the deadline, this design is one of my favorite.

Thank you @jakipatryk... It was your idea then to make the steem logo white... And I followed it and also made it in one color to make it look simple yet nice, so thanks to your idea :)..

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