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Hi @intisar,

I think this is your first bug hunt and I would like to provide some feedback to help you improve.

  • Your Link to bug is broken, I got 404, I did not see your bug on busy github either. I think the way you entered the bug is wrong (probably in your own github).
  • You added a link to an app, which is actually Samsung Internet Browser. There is no app. At least not the one I am aware of.
  • I think all that you are facing is slow internet. I am using right now and its working fine.
  • Please mute your mic while recording the issue, Since you have no commentary, background noise is just distracting.
  • You started from steemit and switched between busy and steemit. Two are not related in anyway and are hosted on different servers.

I am NOT a moderator and a mod will review your bug anyways. I am just providing feedback so you can succeed in this platform.

Hi @initisar, welcome to Utopian and thanks for making this report.

While your grammar is not so bad, your post is lacking most of the attributes that make up a bug-hunting post. @mightpanda already provided the perfect feedback. You could learn a thing or two from all he is pointed out. Below is my feedback:

  1. The title you provided is not descriptive, the guideline requires that a submission title should include the app name and version number, as well as a brief description of the occurring issue ([Product Name] [Product Version] – Succinct description of the bug).
  2. Then the bug you described could not be reproduced , loads perfectly when tested on mozilla and on chrome.
  3. To open an issue, you should head to the repo's issues page and click on the plus icon to create new, for the link is
  4. Lastly, contributions to the bug hunting category are allowed on android device versions 6.0 and later, not below. Your test was on version 5.1.1

You could go through these reports to get an idea of what is expected in a bug post -





I hope these helps you in making a proper Utopian contribution. We look forward to your future reports.

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