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RE: Telegram keeps getting better. [New update(v5.8) sees the addition of several User-friendly features].

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Thanks for your review @knowledges

In terms of moderation, I appreciate the useful tips you gave with respect to adding hypertext. Then you also talked about using the right html or markdown syntax. That one was a little bit confusing for me. I don't know which improper markdown syntax I used. It would have been nice if you pointed that out.

Well, the major reason I'm here is because the answers you answered in the questionnaire doesn't truly reflect the nature of my article

There's not standard metrics for measuring a post that's interesting to read or not. So I can't argue if you say my post was uninteresting. I've been getting that lately on all my posts.

Making my post really personal is what I've strived to do since day 1. I've never faltered on making my content unique and editorial. It's quite strange that that answer in the questionnaire was chosen.

Now in terms of offering unique insight into a project, you said I offered little or no unique insight. I don't know how that is possible.


Hi @harry-heightz.

Now in terms of offering unique insight into a project, you said I offered little or no unique insight. I don't know how that is possible.

Indeed, you always share with the community interesting review of various projects and I understand that you always try your best to provide unique contents. The answer I have chosen does not mean that the content is overly not unique or editorial. I'd say, it is 50/50.

Some of the things discussed on your post can be found on the official announcement on Telegram blog page

And you have clearly said that you did not really test out some of the features to see how they really work. Hence, my verdict on choosing that answer on the questionnaire.


I always point out in my reviews that I sometimes extract content from probably an official source. The content I got from Telegram's official blog was only the changelog. Everything I said after that were my own words. And I didn't try out some of those features doesn't mean I didn't talk about how they worked. Would you rather I lied about it? I could simply have said I tried the feature out and made it feel as though I did. I've been honest in all my reviews. I've tried not to be bias. And as for those features, even though I didn't actually use them, I shared my thoughts and opinions about it. What else is a review? I've watched several review videos on Youtube, and most times, these Vloggers don't have all the information about a product they are reviewing. It doesn't make it uninteresting or less unique.
But then, I don't know how else to change your mind. I honestly don't think the review I got is a true reflection of my article.

Would you rather I lied about it?

Definitely not a good Idea.

I did not say that your content is not completely original or at least, the answer I have chosen from the questionnaire did not insinuate that.

It's okay. I don't think there's anything I'll say that'll change your mind though, and the review consequently.

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