SNAX Integration With Steem - A Quick How To Tutorial

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SNAX is an EOS blockchain clone whose aim is to rewards content creators across traditional and new social media attention networks.

SNAX team is present on Steem as @snaxteam.

You can already connect your Twitter account with SNAX and receive 50 tokens as a reward.

Now, starting May the 14th, 2019, you can also connect your Steem account with SNAX. In fact, there is a bounty program in place to expedite and promote this integration.

Since I am fairly new to SNAX I am learning the procedures. Let' learn them together.

Creating the SNAX wallet

I've already installed SNAX Chrome plugin and created the wallet.

I've also installed a local wallet software, called SNAX-Voter. This wallet was created by @jesta, a well known and respected developer, both on Steem and EOS platforms.

With the local wallet, I staked the SNAX tokens I received with Twitter integration and voted for some block producers. I give you a hint. You can vote for snaxtopia and crowdmind. These BPs are maintained by @dragosroua and @hidden84 / @svemirac. All three are respected Steem platform members.

Connecting SNAX and Steem

Let's do the thing this article is written for in the first place, shall we?

Go to your account page on SNAX -

There you will see the following option:


I'll do the integration live now and publish the results ...

After clicking on the Bind Steem button the confirmation pops up. You confirm it via the Chrome extension:


Authentication post on Steem

Since SNAX scans the blockchain of the integrated platform the way to really connect the two worlds is to create the post on Steem for SNAX to detect it:


Here is the bind post creation:


And the post itself:


Now I'll go back to SNAX account page and confirm the authentication by clicking on the Authenticate With Steem button.

A successful binding is announced:


Looks like performing the procedure was successful:


SNAX rewards for the integration

I've received two rewards / airdrops. 50 SNAX for the connection itself and around 1,000 SNAX as the initial value of my connection related to the Steem bounty program. This amount depends on the number of your followers.

SNAX Accounts

Now I have two SNAX accounts, of course:


Looks good!


So far so good. We can see that the procedure is very straightforward.

Now, I will follow the development on both Twitter and STeem platforms. SNAX tokens should be arriving at regular intervals according to my activity.

Stay tuned. I wish you a successful integration and SNAX experience.

Better and better


Yeah, I did the bind-steem and got the 50 SNAX airdrop, and I also connected twitter and could see some small fraction of a SNAX in my wallet from that. I go back to my account a few days later and its wants some 12 or some number of words key that I never recieved. I seem to be locked out at the moment.

The wallet (chrome extension) is probably asking you for the seed or the primary key. Did you save it while creating the wallet?

I did get a private key, but when I go to login it tells me there is no snax account bound to my wallet. They were linked last week. Glitchy.

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Strange. I suggest you go to their DIscord and ask for support.

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