Peer Query core open source release, what you can do with the platform and more

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The new Peer Query is here and these are the basic things you should know about this new app.

Creating of projects

Do you have any community project, professional or personal project? Have you been wanting to build a project but have not yet done so?

Peer Query offers a common ground to list your project so as to find prospective partners, supporters and community.

You can also publish project reports to Steem. These reports are the typical Steem posts which mean they share all the features of the Steem blockchain: cash rewards, tamper-proof censorship-proof content publishing.

Creating a project is free, and you can create as many as you want. We will soon add many new features for projects.

Content exclusivity

Peer Query will now only feature posts created through it. On both the reports explore page and a user's profile, you will only see reports published by the user on Peer Query.

However, you can still view posts which have not been created on Peer Query through the URL scheme: /@author/permlink.

Lots of things are broken

As noted in the first post, several functionalities of Peer Query have been put on removed from this update. Commenting, voting, resteeming, following accounts as well as other functionalities have been removed but will be restored soon with many new additions.

Our sorting algorithms

Sorting  algorithm for reports is almost literal according to the button label. The only unique option is the "featured" label. To be shown in the featured section, all a report has to have is to be linked to a project.

Sorting algorithm for projects is also literal. Similarly the only unique option is the featured label. To be shown among the "featured" section, a project needs to have its Steem, Website and Facebook fields filled.

Technological stack

Peer Query is a Node.js app. Our backend is built on Express.js, Mongoose, EJS, while the frontend is built on Semantic UI, Query, DSteem and others.

Webpack is our build tool, Steem authentication is by Steem Connect v2. When it comes to operations; servers are on AWS ELB, CDN by CloudFront and DB by MLab.

Open sourcing the new app

This new app is already open source, and the code could be seen at: You are invited to explore and contribute to the new app.

Beta release series:

Peer Query core upgrade: finally a MVP for Steem powered peer-to-peer collaboration

See the new Peer Query platform:


We at Utopian are always delighted when an app or a service goes open source. More cool stuff to support!

I did have a couple of issues with this post, however, both in regards to content and presentation.

On the content side, the post presumes significant pre-existing knowledge on the side of readers. A more comprehensive explanation of what Peer Query does and how it does it would have made the post more accessible to those new to the platform.

On the presentation side, there were issues of style and grammar, as well as a shortage of graphical illustrations. I'll cite a couple of examples of those style and grammar issues.

  • "It is free to create a project, and you can create as many projects as you want." This is a style issue. It would be clearer as "Creating a project is free, and you can create as many as you want." This avoids both the duplication of "project/projects" and the confusion of "it is free" as the start of a sentence.

  • "We will soon as many new features for projects." I think this may be a proofreading issue? The word "as" should obviously be "have," and I guess it may have been left over in an edit?

Issues such as these make the post a little harder to read, and I would urge greater attention to them going forward.

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totally my bad; edited the areas you highlighted. thanks

Thank you for your review, @didic!

So far this week you've reviewed 15 contributions. Keep up the good work!

wow, that's nice

I see you have a website filled. please fill out the steem account and Facebook page to your project will be shown among the featured posts.

You filtering algorithms for "featured" project requires that a project has Steem account, website and Facebook page fields filled.

Wow. I am impressed. Sorry for the late response, I am stuck in something right now but will get back to you soon. Great project, we will add more functionalities as well as curation/votes to support all your project owners to ensure your projects succeed.

Again; a million thanks to you!

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