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GITHUB (new): https://github.com/WSSCreativeDepartment/Steemopoly
GITHUB (old with Steem-News): https://github.com/WSSCreativeDepartment/Stem-News

Project description

Steemopoly is Monopoly-like browser game inspired by Steem blockchain​ and entirely created by myself. Two weeks ago, I posted about how it started. If you want to compare the older and the newer versions, check both of Github​ links provided at the top of this post./div>


The whole game was created in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

Before criticizing my coding style, please keep​ in your mind that I didn't know anything​ about Javascript only​ 6 months ago. As a noob, I found it easier to code the whole game inline, so the whole code is in one document called​ Steemopoly.html. Firstly, the test game​ was a part of my website steem-news.com, which is down at the moment because I work on it, but that​ is another project that I want to do by myself. Steemopoly will be a part of steem-news.com again but I will organize my website as a portal that you will be able to log in using SteemConnect. This is a Monopoly - like game, but the rules and the gameplay are much different than Monopoly. The game board was designed using SVG vector drawing and I am still working on it. Before setting a request, I will first explain the game rules and the plans for the future of Steemopoly.


The game rules

The code provided above is back-end and front-end of a game for 2 to 6 players. For now, all those players have to sit in front of the same computer to play​ the game. That's what I want to change with this request, but I will explain the details later.
The board contains 40 fields. There is a "START" field, 22 content fields, 3 "AIRDROP" fields, 3 "DAY TRADE" fields, 4 "PENALTY" fields, 4 "ICO" fields, a "WARNING" field and a "TAX OFFICE" field. All players start from the same point, the "START" field. Instead of buying properties and the real-estate​ as in Monopoly, the players can invest in creating​ and promoting of some​ of the content fields. So when you "buy" a field, it becomes your ownership. When you step on that field again, you get an upvote. When someone else steps on your field, his comment on your post get flagged and you take the benefits. It is only a game, nobody​ gets upvoted or flagged for real. So 22 content fields are divided into 8 groups: Spam posts, Shit posts, Meme posts, Photography posts, Chart post, Life posts, Steem posts, and Dev posts. If a player holds the whole​ group of posts, his upvotes​ and flags have a ​much larger impact.


A player can also invest in ICO fields, so when he steps there again, he gets a triple amount for his investment. ICO fields are not like content fields​. When you take your payment, you don't hold ICO anymore and someone else is able to invest.
AIRDROPS and DAY TRADES are lucky / un-lucky fields that can boost your wallet with some amount of the game money, or take it from you.
The currency in this game is called Steemopoly Money. Each player starts with 1500 of the Steemopoly Money and the​ bank starts with the amount that is equal to all players together.


As I mentioned above, I am a Javascript noob and it took a lot of time and nerves to create this game. But some things are still confusing me. So I made this task-request mostly to engage more people into my project, save some time and learn something.
For now, this is a game for 2 to six players playing on the same device. I read tons​ of tutorials about how to create an online multiplayer game in Javascript but I think that I am still not ready to make that step. I am trying to catch up with Node.js, there are many things about the socket.io that I don't understand by looking at the other examples shown in tutorials.


So, this is exactly what I need:

  • I need someone who will add a "multiplayer" mode to my game.
  • I want this game to be for 2 to 6 players playing each on their own devices.
  • I want a solid and synchronized code.
  • The SteemConnect part is what I want to do by myself, if I stuck there, I will make another request, but I will do my best.
  • I want the Github contribution and explanation in Steemit post.
  • Write your post as you want to teach me how to solve this problem.
  • Keep in your mind that I am a noob, I understand many things but, please, keep​ it simple.
  • If my code needs some modification to make it "multiplayer", please do it and explain in your Steemit post what have you done.
  • Tell me what to do with my code to make it easier for you to fulfill my request.
  • I want this to be a friendly project, so be free to comment and find me on Discord: dumar022 #7081.
  • I want the solution before October 15th,​ 2018.

There are a few more things that I want to finish by​ myself.

There is still no​ winner in this game. When a sole player remains on board, he can doll the dices with no end. You don't have to deal with it, I will do it after the game is possible to play in the multiplayer mode.

Thank you for your contribution!!!


Thanks for the task request, @dumar022! I'm not sure how complicated it is to add multiplayer to such a game, since I've never done it myself, but I think it is probably a bit of work to implement it. Good luck finding someone who can complete it before the 15th!

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I have an idea for a game in steemit if you care to listen. POKER, Texas Hold'em Poker would be my choice. Would be set up like Club Pogo.com and use real Steem and Steem dollars to play. You would have different rooms where max bet would be $ .10 going up to un-limited. You can also have 2 versions of your Steemopoly where you can also use real steem / steem dollars. :-)

The plan is that 1500 of my Steemopoly Money will be 1 Steem. Each player would be able to create the room, even the whole tournament. I have some plans with board games including my own version of Risk

Do you play Steem poker at Lucksacks?

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Hey, take a look at these visuals https://steemit.com/funny/@jga/steemitnopoly-monopoly-for-steem
Maybe You could borrow them from @jga ;)

I am already familiar with @jga and his work. I think it's great, but I would like a design that is not so similar to the original Monopoly game

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