Lego Cap add-on to Hexapod Robot

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In a recent article, I wrote about my Hexapod Robot. In this article, I want to present my Lego Cap that I designed as an add-on to the original robot. The Hexapod is an open source robot from where all the design and software files are available online. I did use this as a starting point to create this Lego Cap.


The lego cap allows having more creativity what you build on top of the robot and opens quite a big list of possible extensions from the Lego Universe. I started with building a cockpit for a robot driver on top of it and let him ride the robot.

When creating the design, I started with the original cap that I downloaded from the Onshape Repository from Vorpal Robotics.
I could have done the changes in Onshape as this is already an excellent 3d design software but I know Fusion360 better. Therefore, I uploaded the file and started the design there.


The bottom of the cap is used to connect with the main body.
I cut the original cap in 2 parts so that I could reuse this part for my new cap.


On top of this, I created a sketch with polygon where each side has enough space for 2 rows of lego dots. You will see that I did not add them later mainly because of the orientation when 3d printing the cap.

From the sketch, I did extrude command to create the cylinder and then used the loft command to combine the cylinder with the base.


I finally closed the top of the cap with another extrude and started then to create a pattern with lego dots. Fusion provides circular and rectangle patterns. I used both to distribute the dots across the whole surface. The small fillet at the corner I used to soften this part a little bit.


Final Version:

final cap.jpg

I spent quite a lot of time thinking how I could add the lego dots on the wall areas but I didn't come up with an excellent idea. Printing them with support probably would mean a lot of post-processing for each dot. If anyone has a good idea how to solve this, it is very welcome.

Still, the cap requires support for the top as the bridges there are probably too large for most printers. But I could reduce the infill for my supports a lot to save material when printing.

You can download the cap at Thingiverse or at MyMiniFactory

Happy 3d Printing
Dr. Make

P.S. I would love to see pictures from your prints and all the lego constructions on top of the robot.

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Oh my, that looks awesome !

I love how the driver doesn't manage to stay on during the "rodeo" dance setting Hehe.

I'm guessing the best way to have the dots on the side would be to have the sides as attachments that are printed flat and can then be slid into place, though that would increase the complexity as to how the top part would then be placed.

That or print the supports using one of them fancy dissolvable filaments, but that requires a dual extruder.

I have to say... now I can't stop imagining your Hexapod with a lego top hat 😉

Yea dual extrusion does make many things easier. But they are not generally available and the ones that work are also expensive. But while thinking about it again now I have an idea that might work. Having them printed flat and then slide on the side panels seems to be a printable solution.

Glad my idea helped :)

Sooo... when you putting tons of Mindstorm/electronic lego components on it ? Hehe.

Make it able to make your morning coffee hehe

Next on my list ist adding some voice control :) an Alexa that moves or HexaAlexa :)

This is fantastic! I can't get the smile off my face. Thank you so much for the share and for making me think that a 3D printer might be in my future.

You should get one! Nowadays you can get good ones for a decent price.

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Yeah I really love to see your Hexapod Robot project continues to grow when it seemed already to be finished last time, but it grows, in height now!
I enjoyed this new dance with lego-man on the top much, and I must say that slow-motioned falling of him was just epic fall.))
I am waiting for my son to come back from his grandma's vacation to show him this new video of your robot-dance, because he loved to watch the previous one.
I wish I could help to solve this technical issue, but unfortunately I don't have enough knowledge. That is why all I wish you is much of bright inspiration for this project and others. Because you really inspire people to use their 3d printing abilities in absolutely new way. Good luck to you my friend. Hope you solve this anyway and awaiting to see the next stage improvements.

Thanks @johnstone. My next plan is to integrate some voice control but that’s a bigger step. Need todo a new design, electronics and software changes.

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Its cool and all, but in wrong category. We dont not have category for robotics or 3D printing. Sorry.
You have my full upvote, just because its cool.

You can contact us on Discord.

Utopian has rewarded already many times 3d designs...

Just to point to a few, all of them are in the graphics category.

The robot is nothing else than a microprocessor with software. And in this case, both are open source.

The software for this robot can be downloaded from the referenced GitHub repo and the 3d designs from Thingiverse. My design files are uploaded as official derivates with creative commons at the same place and also got already recognized by the project owner on Facebook and other places.

I don't see any violation of rules here sorry and if this is a violation then something is wrong with the rules. Don't see how the contribution is against the ideals of Utopian-io.

Hi, your contribution has been accepted. Your model seems interesting that it is Lego compatible and if you sent your model to the project authors, that is even better.

The current rules are not explicit about 3D models but as you pointed out, this work is really not against them. The rules have been updated several times and are still in the work-in-progress state. Therefore, please do not compare a contribution that was submitted months ago as the rules were totally different then.

You can contact us on Discord.

Thanks. I’ll appreciate that it was reconsidered. Will 3D Models for this kind of projects be supported in the future ?

Ok, I will discuss this with Supervisor.

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