Utopian has rewarded already many times 3d designs...

Just to point to a few, all of them are in the graphics category.

The robot is nothing else than a microprocessor with software. And in this case, both are open source.

The software for this robot can be downloaded from the referenced GitHub repo and the 3d designs from Thingiverse. My design files are uploaded as official derivates with creative commons at the same place and also got already recognized by the project owner on Facebook and other places.

I don't see any violation of rules here sorry and if this is a violation then something is wrong with the rules. Don't see how the contribution is against the ideals of Utopian-io.

Hi, your contribution has been accepted. Your model seems interesting that it is Lego compatible and if you sent your model to the project authors, that is even better.

The current rules are not explicit about 3D models but as you pointed out, this work is really not against them. The rules have been updated several times and are still in the work-in-progress state. Therefore, please do not compare a contribution that was submitted months ago as the rules were totally different then.

You can contact us on Discord.

Thanks. I’ll appreciate that it was reconsidered. Will 3D Models for this kind of projects be supported in the future ?

Ok, I will discuss this with Supervisor.

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