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RE: Lego Cap add-on to Hexapod Robot

in #utopian-io6 years ago (edited)

Oh my, that looks awesome !

I love how the driver doesn't manage to stay on during the "rodeo" dance setting Hehe.

I'm guessing the best way to have the dots on the side would be to have the sides as attachments that are printed flat and can then be slid into place, though that would increase the complexity as to how the top part would then be placed.

That or print the supports using one of them fancy dissolvable filaments, but that requires a dual extruder.

I have to say... now I can't stop imagining your Hexapod with a lego top hat 😉


Yea dual extrusion does make many things easier. But they are not generally available and the ones that work are also expensive. But while thinking about it again now I have an idea that might work. Having them printed flat and then slide on the side panels seems to be a printable solution.

Glad my idea helped :)

Sooo... when you putting tons of Mindstorm/electronic lego components on it ? Hehe.

Make it able to make your morning coffee hehe

Next on my list ist adding some voice control :) an Alexa that moves or HexaAlexa :)

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