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Hello, welcome to my blog post on the simple Android application series.
This series has been focusing solely on applications from the developers of simple mobile tools.
So far, I’ve covered seven applications in this series, and this will be my eighth post. In no particular order, below is a list of the seven applications I have written about in this series.

  • Simple camera
  • Simple notes
  • Simple file manager
  • Simple draw
  • Simple calendar
  • Simple music player
  • Simple gallery

The links to all the previous posts are available in the link section of this post.

As humans, we have a limited time to spend on this planet called earth. Our time starts counting from the time someone conceived us. While we were still in our mother’s womb, the doctors used time to calculate the estimated month of delivery. Our time on this planet often officially begins the day our mother is being delivered of the baby in her womb. That day automatically becomes our birthday. From then, we are constantly trying to meet up deadlines. We constantly try to achieve a set goal within the set time frame.

It is often said that the way a person uses his time determines how far he goes in life. It is therefore important for humans to understand that time is priceless because it is the only thing we have for free but can’t get it back once gone.
There are applications that can help us manage our time properly. The simple clock is definitely one of those applications.

What is a simple clock android application?

I may define the simple clock android application as a utility application that enables its users to set alarms, display the clock of different time zone and uses it as a stopwatch. I can also use it as a time countdown tool.

Features of the simple clock application

The main aim of a clock application is to tell time and also perform time-related functions. When an Android application delivers these promises, I often categorize it as a clock application. Below are the features of this application that make me fully classify it as a clock application.

Excellent Performance

The performance of an application is something I’m sometimes concerned about. An application is often useless if the performance is bad and does not deliver on the user’s expectation.
Unlike a few other similar applications, the simple clock application performance is excellent. The application comfortably live up to the expectation of its users by executing all the commands on time.
Throughout my period of using this application, I have experienced no crash or lag of any form. Everything runs smooth and I give the developers kudos for this achievement.

The countdown feature

I know certain clock applications only tell time, but having a countdown feature makes a clock application complete.
This feature enables the user to set aside a certain amount of time for a particular project or activity. The clock will then count down and will notify you when the said time is up. It can be useful in training, games and other time-specific activities.


There are several instances where I always need to use a countdown clock. Take, for example, while carrying out the push-ups exercise, I often try as much as I can to achieve more numbers than the previous day within the same time frame. I also try to compete with some professionals in the game by attempting to achieve the same count with them within the same time frame.
Apart from exercise, the countdown clock has also helped practice for examinations and tests. Most of these examinations and tests are computer-based with a certain number of questions and a limited time frame. The countdown clock helps me attempt the past questions and enables me appropriately time myself.


The stopwatch feature

The stopwatch feature is another important component of a good clock application. This feature enables users to time an activity.
The countdown feature and the stopwatch feature are actually similar, but they both have different roles. While the countdown is counting down a certain allocated timeframe, the stopwatch features are counting up in other to get the actual duration it took for someone to complete an activity. This means the countdown feature has a cap and it will notify me once I exhaust the timeframe while the stopwatch has no cap and will keep reading until I stop it.


I use this feature mostly whenever the need to know the time I use on a particular activity arises. I don’t know if this will sound weird, but I sometimes put stopwatches when I’m about sleeping. Recently I have used it to estimate how many hours I put into making one blog post. The simple clock application always proves to be the best with this feature.

The alarm feature

We can emphasize the need for an alarm clock. Just like the name implies, we use alarm clocks to remind ourselves of an activity or event we need to attend. There are a lot of applications out there that perform just this singular action.
The simple clock makes it possible for users to meet up with their appointments. Many people have lost out on several opportunities just because they totally forgot to turn up or went late to the meeting.


This feature is the one I used most in this application. The alarm wakes me up every morning. They have customizations that gradually increase the volume until I am fully awake.

Time telling

I know this application as a clock application, and it would have been incomplete if telling time is not part of its functions. I use this feature whenever I need to check the time and date.


It also offers the ability to add certain countries and time zones. This means I no longer have to Google the current time of any country. All I have to do is add the country to my home screen and that country’s time will appear there.


It has really been helpful.

Colour and theme customizations

This is always a selling point to all the applications in this series. The developers again did not disappoint. They gave room for me to tweak the app icon colour, the primary colour, the background colour, and the text colour. They were also generous enough to give four theme options to choose from with an extra custom option that allows me to set up the theme the way I want all the way from scratch.

I’m sure other users that love using their favourite colours in an application will fancy this.

Other customizations

This post is becoming longer than I expected, so I’ll just list the other customizations available in the application below.

  • In alarm settings, there is an option for the user to increase the alarm volume gradually and also adjust the snooze time.
  • Ability to choose your time format and your desired day to start a Week.
  • Ability to adjust reminder duration

Conclusion and Suggestions

Every second takes us closer to our grave, it is therefore important that we all adopt a good time usage and also be accountable for every second we spend on earth.

I believe one thing that this application lacks is the reminder feature. I know many people will equate an alarm to a reminder so let me explain what I mean.
Alarms only work on selected time and not on a far date. Let’s say a user has an interview slated for the following month: There is no way the alarm can capture that date. If there was a reminder feature, it would be easy for the user to head over to that date and set the reminder. I believe the application would have my 100% score if they include this feature in subsequent updates.

Despite the absence of this feature, this application is still useful and I’ll recommend it for anyone in need of a complete clock application.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are entirely my view and do not reflect the mind or view of anyone else.


Project repository

GitHub profile

Android download link


I wrote this post and all its contents based on my experience, research, knowledge, and personal use of the simple clock Android application.
Most images are from my usage screenshots, and I provided links to all external images where applicable.

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