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RE: SteemWallet 1.1.0 - major updates! - In-App Payment (1-click to buy) Account Creation, Themes, Api-node switcher, Multicurrency support and bugfixes.

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Nice work. Our team actually used your wallet to test payments in Steem. It worked fast but we haven't found a way to scan invoice with embedded Steem URI. Maybe you'll include this feature in the next update. Would really appreciate that.

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yes will be added asap. Can you show en example of your URI's ?

are you using the "standard" set by this GH: ?

I already have that implementation on my todo's :) (a while also :P)

Yes, we use standard URI scheme, something like this: steem://sign/transfer/username/amount

You can check how it works in one of my recent posts or test it out live via this demo product I made.

Let me know what you think, I was considering adding our payment module for the next SteemFest. I believe it fits perfectly. You can make predefined tickets based on the ticket type and put them in the stock for multiple usage. The invoices are highly customizable, we can add as much extra fields as needed (email, memo, name, etc.), even the number of products if the person wants to make bulk purchases.

In any case, I always loved your work, hope to meet you in the next SteemFest.

Thanks I will start working on the steem-uri implementation for the next update asap. Paytomat looks nice man!

also lets talk later about your suggestion for steemfest!

Thanks. For sure. When you have some free time, let me know. You can hit me basically anywhere at @dmitrydao

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