The first location to accept EOS and STEEM in Seoul, South Korea (디벙크)

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Just about 2 weeks ago the team behind @acroeos had an amazing event, they finally opened the first place in Seoul that accepts EOS, STEEM and lots of others cryptos via @paytomat platform. The location is called Debunk, the heart of AcroEOS.

The event was spectacular and there were lots of special giveaways in a form of free EOS accounts and airdrops. You can check out the full details on the event in this post.

If you live in Seoul, make sure to stop by and check out how to pay with crypto (don't forget to send a selfie afterwards).
You can find Debunk on Naver or simply following the map below:

I decided to give this news a bit of exposure since it wasn't noticed that much. I've been in South Korea for 3 times, it was totally awesome. However back then I didn't find a single place that accepted any crypto which is totally unexpected from the country with millions of cryptocurrency holders.

I know that Steemit Korean community is quite big there and I admire the job that @clayop and other representatives do for developing an awareness for this amazing platform as well as the currency. Our team @paytomat would like to help Korean merchants and individual businesses to start accepting STEEM and other cryptocurrencies. So if you're running a business there (or actually in any region of the globe), let us know. The fastest way is to text me on discord or twitter (dmitrydao) but you can also reach us out on telegram group or our website.

I already mentioned that STEEM can be an excellent form of payment because of its speed, usability and immense community. That was proven by dozens of apps that sit on top of this blockchain.

If you're like me and like visual stuff, here's a small invoice that demostrates how the typical invoices looks like in @paytomat platform.



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yeoboseyo, I'm from Korea and hearing this news made my day! Thanks dmitry, this is heungmi jinjinhan


Sounds awesome to me.

Calling @originalworks :)
img credz:
Nice, you got an awesome upgoat, thanks to @dmitrydao
BuildTeam wishes everyone a bullish new Year!
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Hope that one day I can have it in my country

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And you were not embarrassed by the recent strong drop in the price of bitcoin?

You live on earnings from crypto currency, and it allows you to make donations. But what about the fall in prices, they do not undermine the entire budget?


Depends on what do you mean by that. I can't be embarrassed about the price because that is something any of us have a control over. And I don't rely on the earnings from crypto only because it is quite a volatile market.

Besides I'm not sure I fully understand which budget are you talking about. Can you clarify?

Hope to have such place here in Malaysia. I want to sell my stuff for STEEM.

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If you have some friends who want to accept crypto, you can suggest them to use our service.

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Cool! I wish it will happen the same in my country (Argentina).


It is totally possible. Just need a few test merchants who are willing to take crypto as a form of payment.

that's good news.

Sounds great ;) Hope it will be accepted soon worldwide! ;D


It will. It's just takes a lot more time than we think :)

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This is encouraging news @dmitrydao

Little by little the businesses that accept cryptos as payment are multiplying and that is gratifying, more and more blockchain technology is expanding in all areas and many more people are realizing its advantages.

Enjoy your day, Piotr.


Agreed. My main goal though is not only to sign individual merchants but the whole franchises and online services that have hundreds or even thousands of businesses. That will boost the acceptance tenfold.

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I dont think we ever had a chance to get to know each other. Great comment @dmitrydao

Have a great upcoming weekend

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