[New features on R rosr] A shiny GUI and RStudio addin for choosing and creating sub-projects

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Brief Intro and curriculum

'rosr' is an R package for creating reproducible academic project with integrated various academic elements, including data, bibliography, codes, images, manuscripts, dissertations, slides and so on. These elements are well connected so that they can be easily synchronized and updated. Users don't have to repeat copying and pasting their results and figures from time to time. It will be easy for the scientific researchers to use, even if they are R beginners, or even non-R-users.

A brief introduction can be found in one of my previous post:

New Features

In my previous about 'rosr', I planned

  1. to add more choices of the sub-projects with demos to the arguments of the functions
  2. to make a GUI for creating or maintaining a project for code-haters.

Now these two tasks have been accomplished! And even more!

For Plan 1, individual functions for creating each sub-project as well as self-defined templates were created, shown in the following commits:

For Plan 2, a shiny app as well as a RStudio addin were created, shown in the following commits.

Now non-R users don't have to run any R codes after installation. Just click the 'Addins' button in RStudio and you can find "Create a rosr project".

Then a sheet will pop out, with all useful templates of journal manuscripts, posters, slides, books, dissertations and websites.

Click the elements you want, and click 'create'. You will get everything you like.

Furthermore, functions for reading and processing equations, for removing special characters, for installation of packages, as well as for collecting and displaying templates were added.

Codes were improved by re-writing functions and adding comments.

GitHub Account



It's cool to see you've made another R package to add to your extensive list of packages! Your previous post introducing the project was also a very interesting read.

As I mentioned before, I've never really used R properly, so I can't really give proper feedback, but let's try anyway:

  • Great comments explaining what everything does!
  • I think a lot of work went into this, great stuff! To save time you could create a pull request instead of linking all the commits individually (I see some of them were made within minutes of each other, despite being quite large, which is a bit weird as well).
  • From my limited perspective everything seems consistent, which is also great. A lot of functions like create_dir seem like they could / should be in the standard library, or refactored by you so you can simply import them on a case by case basis (as I think I've seen them before in some of your other projects). Am I completely wrong in thinking this (it's completely fine if you just tell me straight up that I am, haha).
  • Try using using the imperative mood in the subject line of your commit messages.

Once again a quality contribution from you! I've noticed you've submitted a lot these past couple of weeks, so you must've been really busy. How are you holding up? ;)

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Thank you very much for your review and kind words, @amosbastian!

The commits were made within a short time because I had a serious problem when syncing my folders in Dropbox between different PCs. I was annoyed and removed the old commits and rewrote them...

Regarding the create_xxx family, I am not quite sure how to refactor them. The current version should be convenient for users. Otherwise, let's wait and see their response :)

Your suggestions are very helpful. Thanks again!

Thank you for your review, @amosbastian! Keep up the good work!

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