Node.js Translation to Spanish - (1184 words) (Part 11)

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Project Details

Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment that executes JavaScript code outside of a browser.

Node.js came into existence when the original developers of JavaScript extended it from something you could only run in the browser to something you could run on your machine as a standalone application.

Now you can do much more with JavaScript than just making websites interactive.

JavaScript now has the capability to do things that other scripting languages like Python can do.

Both your browser JavaScript and Node.js run on the V8 JavaScript runtime engine. This engine takes your JavaScript code and converts it into a faster machine code. Machine code is low level code which the computer can run without needing to first interpret it.

Contribution Specifications

Node.js is currently being translated into 33 languages. I´m contributing to translate it into the Spanish language. So far, we have managed to translate 15% of the project.

Translation Overview

I started translating the folder. This module attempts to explain the current maintenance processes, proposes a workflow for maintaining the V8 branches in both Node.js LTS and current releases, and discusses how the Node.js and V8 teams at Google can help.

I learned the use of the term "Backport", which means the action of taking parts from a newer version of a software system and porting them to an older version of the same software. It has a frequent use during this process, here's an example:





This contribution was translated from English to Spanish.

Word Count

  • In this contribution, I've translated 1184 words
  • I've translated a total of 11554 words so far.

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Proof of Authorship


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Hi @cremisi,

Thank you for your contribution!

  • Your presentation post follows all the general guidelines. It explains all the basic details about the project and you also shared useful examples of your work as a translator.

  • Your translation was very accurate. Your wording and writing style were correct and appropriate for the Spanish language.

  • Node.js contains advanced terminology related to computer science. However, you adapted to the content very quickly and you are doing a great job.


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