Steemit Music League Challenge Week #9 Results

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Woahhhhhh Steemians dominated the theme of Ancient Civilizations this week o weeeeee.

With seven (7) awesome entries in Week #9 this was an exhilarating experience for the judging panel of @chiefmappster, @danyelk, @derekmiller, and @andrewlyte.


Courtesy of OG @djlethalskillz

This week's theme for the Steemit Music League Challenge is:

Ancient Civilizations


The entries are judged off of the following:

  • Sound Quality,
  • Technicality,
  • Creativity, and
  • Relevance to theme

Without further adieu here are the results of the Steemit Music League Challenge Week #9:


If you rather listen in a playlist form, below is a playlist of the entries of this week's #smlchallenge.

WINNER ONE: @beatseb with an average of 4.70 from the judging panel with "Ancient Battleground" winning 18 STEEM and 42 Voiceshares for 60 points.

Let's gooooooooooooooo time for BATTLE.

Holy smokes what a pump-up for the soul with this one. Everything about this beat screams Ancient Spartan 300 battle scene.

You have the awesome brass coming in at 0:23 to declare the battle and then we are off on an epic energy filed ride with this one.

Love the choir vocals at 0:40 and at 1:21 they create such an epic vibe and ads that life or death element to this beat in my opinion

And then how you the tempo (at least perceived) is elevated at 0:56 and the you slow us down at 1:07 to allow us some breathing room and then BAM we are back on the batleground.

That artwork you created is so sweet as well o weee. I feel like I am elevated in a forest somehow. What detail in this one per usual. Much respect.

Thanks for all you do for the comunity and continuing to inspire us with your music and your actions.

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WINNER TWO: @djlethalskillz with an average of 4.67 from the judging panel with "Ancient Civilizations" winning 9 STEEM and 36 Voiceshares for 45 points.


"@djlethalskillz : Middle East's Last Turntablist standing"

I can see why o weeeeeeee.

Those creation skills of yours shined with this one. The way you use the samples especially that "ahhh" sound throughout is so epic.

And that electric guitar at 3:18 holy smokesssss sounds so incredible and you use it to drive such emotion and then WHAM end it on such a high note you have to press repeat on this one.

The intro is so dope sets the mood (maybe a little long in my opinion with these ADHD listeners out there) and really shows your knolwedge of the theme.

And man that #smlchallenge Illuminati Pyramid GIF is absolutely incredible. One of the most creative GIFS I have seen and you made it for the community. You the man.

Appreciate all the time and energy you put into this energy you absolutely dominated this theme this week. Props to you buddy.

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WINNER THREE: @scuzzy with an average of 4.51 from the judging panel with "Nikkal" winning 6 STEEM and 32 Voiceshares for 38 points.


Wowzers this is an incredible Anicent Civilization-inspired entry

The awesome history and knoweldge about the oldest known music, the Hurrian Hymn to Nikkal, you share with us is so epic and valuable. To use such an important piece of music history as inspiration for this week is extraordinary.

The way you incorporate the sample and the lyre is so seemless in my opinion and really drives home the message of your beat.

The incredible sound quality is evident and the way you structure and arrange this beat is flawless in my opinion. You use sounds and samples that fit the them completely and use them in a way that keeps us fully engaged throughout the beat.

Props to you buddy thanks again for your continue particpation and letting us hear your epic creations.

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WINNER FOUR: @d-vine with an average of 4.39 from the judging panel with "Mu" winning 4 STEEM and 26 Voiceshares for 30 points.

Holy raised vibrations o weeeee

You raise our vibrations with the knowledge you share about the Mu civilization and this absolutely incredible beat you created.

I absolutely love those Asian flutes you have throughout the beat and mix that with the bass line you use o weeeeee does greatness result.

It is so easy to get caught up in a calming state of mind when this is on repeat. Such a skill to create art like that in my opinion.

Thank you for all the time and effort you put into creating this masterpiece and sharing it with us to enjoy.

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COMMUNITY FAVORITE: @scuzzy with 63 upvotes, 15 comments, and $17.73 in community support with "Nikkal" winning 3 STEEM and 21 Voiceshares for 24 points.


HONORABLE MENTION #1: @inthenow with an average of 4.34 from the judging panel with "ArrivalNV" winning 25 Voiceshares for 25 points.

Anicent Sumeria let's goooooooooo

Absolutley love your history-filled post you shared so much awesome knolwedge with the comunity. Appreciate you for that.

Love how you channel your inner Sumerian to create that intro first 40 seconds to set the tone and get us ready for that @inthenow energy switch-up.

And wow do you take us to a new level a 1:00 holy smokes. And that build-up at 1:45 let's gooooooo you give us so much energy with that sequence.

This is such a creative take on the theme, using all the sounds you did from lasers to the Sumerians sounds, to create a futuristic, energy-filled track.

Appreciate you for providing the energy and awesome production value. Thanks again o weeeeee.

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HONORABLE MENTION #2 (TIED): @simgirl with an average of 4.24 from the judging panel with "Come DJ" winning 15 Voiceshares for 15 points.

Woahhhhhhhhhhhhhh bring ittttttt

Wow do you deliver the energy with this beat.

So many awesome sounds you use in this. From those awesome horns at 0:28 to the screams at 1:04 and the other vocals you used so epic.

Love the switch-up at 1:07 holy smokes such an energy shift.

What an awesome Anicent Civilization vibe you create with this beat combined with the video.

It is hard to believe this is your first beat o weeeee. Can't wait to hear your future ones holy smokes.

Thanks for sharing this with us to enjoy. You da

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HONORABLE MENTION #2 (TIED): @verbal-d with "Wisdom of the Ancients Beat" with an average of 4.24 from the judging panel winning 15 Voiceshares for 15 points.

Wow wow give is that Ancient beat o weeeee

You combine so many epic sounds from the flute, that Santoor o weeeeeee, and those "ahhhhhh" vocals to create such an awesome Anicent Civilization inspired beat. The vibe is real with this one.

I absolutley love your use of the Santoor around 2:00 and how you integrate those voices (like at 1:11) is seemless in my opinion an dreally helps to reinforce the Ancient feel to this beat.

This beat raised my vibrations to such an awesome level and defintely is some music to put on to create a spirtual atmosphere.

Thanks for sharing this masterpiece with the community. Appreciate you.

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Thank you for all the time, resources, and effort put into creating the pieces of art submitted so far. And we cannot wait to see what else Steemians have for the #smlchallenge in the last couple weeks of Season One.

Here is my scorecard with two columns added to reflect the average from the judging panel of @chiefmappster, @danyelk, @derekmiller, and @andrewlyte.


This concludes the analysis for Week #9 of the Steemit Music League Challenge.

Stay tuned for information about Week #10 of the #smlchallenge tomorrow with the scoreboard for the Steemit Music League released during the week.

And for a recap of the epic (8) New York-inspired entries of Week #8 go here:

sml2 (1).jpg

Voiceshares are tokens are on BitShares. So make sure you have a BitShares Wallet to receive and send them for upvotes on your Steemit posts. SMOKE are also tokens on BitShares and supports the SMOKE.NETWORK mission.

All you need to do to receive your Voiceshares is click here to create a Bitshares account here: and then you are good to go : )

Thank you as always for your time and attention. It means the world to me :)

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Weeeeeehhhh ( •ॢ◡-ॢ)-♡, how rad is this, I won!?!? Crazyness, this was my first time ever to enter in a music challenge!!! Thaaaannnkkk yooouuuu for choosing my track!! I am very honored my entry made an impression on you @chiefmappster, @danyelk, @derekmiller, and @andrewlyte
♡\(・∀・*) ///
CONGRATULATIONS to @beatseb, @djlethalskillz, @scuzzy, @verbal-d & my kind of girl @simgirl!!! ✌️❤️✊️🎶
@beatseb you are my hero!! I can’t express how rewarding it is, to have inspired you to get back to creating musical magic again!! Double win for me!!!
Also much love & respect to all the other participants❣️


Ayyyyy heck yeah congrats again. Love the positivity it was a heck of week.

So glad the community is helping inspire each other that makes me smile so big.

Thanks again for being apart of it.




Soo great to see more producers joining the family, I Salute u let's keep creating and all grow togethe! Kudos


Amennnnnn team work makes the dream work o weeeee


Thanks @d-vine you were truly an inspiration. Glad you reminded me I still got it..Thanks a big bunch and congratulations on your achievement in this league. (; Steem on Sista. ☺

Congrats @beatseb on the win, and @djlethalskillz on the #2 spot. And to all who won, greats tracks by all. :-)


Amennnnnnnnnn my friend appreciate you


@inthenow mah man! appreciate the shout! Lets all keep creating and growing together. Kudos!


Thanks @inthenow pal, congrats to you too. (: Have a good one. ☺

Awesome..another win...can't stop won't stop.☺ Thanks everyone for participating and congrats to each and everyone of you. We all are winners for keep creating every week and showing what we are made of. Thanks to the judges for taking your time listening and being objective with your judging, and I can only imagine with all this talent in here it is not an easy task to do. Last but not least, thanks to the chief making all this possible. Jah bless. ☺


Amennnnnnnnn brother amennnnn what an epic and difficult experience. Such awesome tunes from everyone it blows my mind how creative and incredible you all are each week.

You're welcome buddy appreciate you.


This sounded like fun, and I'm sad I missed it! I had a good one! :)


Awh shucksssss. Hopefully we will hear you with the new theme :)


Glad to have you in this round appreciate lets gooooooooo :)

Ohhhh Man ! Waking up on smlchallenge updates is always dope! this is were i take the time to relisten to all the entries and vibe on, big shoutout and salute to the chief and judges and each one who takes part in these battles! Lovin how we growing as a family on the block and the art that we all bring weekly, if this is not your coolest contest on steemit u need a coffeee... :P

Congratulations to all the winners, Chief thank u for those contests this is what brought me to join steemit first and then i got glued hahah

Dope theme really loved it and enjoyed creating, Tq for the appreciation!

On to the next 1!


Ayyyyyyy so happy to hear that buddy. Love that we are coming together as you said one big family with the goal of helping each other.

You're welcome and let's keep it going. Excited to drop this theme for you all tomorrow o weeeeeee. You know how the Universe works :)

God bless buddy and thank you again for your positivity and all you do for this community and inspiring so many.

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