Bid.Bot Now: 100% Liquid + 100% Magic For Delegators - Added DASH + STEEM + SBD and more!

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@Bid.Bot is the only Open Source promotional service on Steem that can proxy your bids to other bidbots when they are profitable, automagically. Do you remember the days you had to check steembottracker at the very last minute to spot a profitable bid? @Bid.Bot now does that for you!

@Bid.Bot also enables you to buy credits with multiple currencies: BTC BCH ETH LTC XMR DASH STEEM and SBD and converts everything to STEEM (because we love it).

Not only it can proxy your bids to other bidbots as soon as they are profitable, but when @Bid.Bot upvotes you with its own voting power you are always guaranteed profits.

Profits come both in the upvote value and in the generation of credits you can then use to promote other posts, bringing your profitability as high as 20%.

Read more about @Bid.Bot or visit to place your bids.

Following in this post:

  • 100% Liquid Shares + 100% Magic Credits to Delegators
  • Added DASH + STEEM and SBD direct transfers
  • Improved layout to better discover and interact with your bids
  • Improved anti-abuse system
  • Admin panel for our Super Admins


100% Shares + 100% Magic For Delegators

Aiming to grow the @Bid.Bot voting power we are now offering to our delegators 100% shares of liquid funds and 100% magic credits generation that you can use to boost or flag posts.

@Bid.Bot is in fact the only bot that provides both upvoting and flagging capabilities (only for whitelisted users).

You can delegate to @Bid.Bot for the upvoting pool and/or @Flag.Bot for the downvoting pool. Either you delegate to one or both, your shares will sum up. You will then start receiving daily liquid payouts + magic credits.


Please consider delegating to @Flag.Bot to set flags free on this blockchain! Find more information on this post.

Flagging with Bid.Bot

If you are whitelisted the flag option will appear for you on You can purchase flags for free. In fact all the credits you will use to set flags will be given back to you. Each flag cannot remove more than 5SBD from a post and never more than the total payout.

Flags can also be used on comments. More flaggers can flag the same content within 12 hours from the date of the post / comment creation.

@Bid.Bot Now Accepts DASH and Direct STEEM or SBD Transfers

@Bid.Bot allows you to pre-purchase credits you can then use to boost or flag posts. Credits can be purchased with a variety of coins. @Bid.Bot implements the @Blocktrades API for that.

In this update we have just added DASH and direct STEEM or SBD transfers to buy Bid.Bot credits.

Each Bid.Bot credit has exactly the value of 1 SBD.


Interact with your Bids!

You can now sort and filter your bids and credits to know exactly what is happening. Check the status of your bid and discover to which bidbots your bids have been proxied, what is the estimated weight and profitable payout!


Improved anti-abuse system

@Bid.Bot is open to everyone. For whitelisted users bids are automatically accepted. The whitelist is generated automatically by following the upvotes of the most important Steem curation initiatives. If a bidder or the author are not whitelisted, @Bid.Bot implements a manual review system. While this approach is unique of @Bid.Bot we won't stop there to prevent abuses and low quality contents.

That's why now @Bid.Bot automatically refuses any bid for posts with less than 1000 chars.

@Bid.Bot also implements the CopyLeaks API, allowing our reviewers to immediately understand if a content is plagiarised!


Admin Panel

@Bid.Bot has started creating the foundation of an admin panel, which allows our Super Admins to have a complete view of what is happening in @Bid.Bot, bids, credits purchased and spent, to give immediate support.


Check our API!

The @Bid.Bot frontend is fully Open Source and our API open to the public. Start creating your own Bid.Bot apps using our API!

Most significant commits


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Thanks for the contribution,! Some cool features, which seem to have taken a lot of effort to complete - keep up the great work!

Adding a few more comments here and there and keeping the line width a bit lower in some places would definitely improve the readability of the code, in my opinion.

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This is an interesting concept. I wish you the best as you develop I wanted to let you know that I reviewed your website. I taught English for almost 10 years would be glad to make some suggestions if you are interested. You can contact me on Discord at @SumatraNate for more information and pricing.

I like what you're doing here and think you're taking Steem bots in the right direction, so I just delegated about 1000 SP from another account of mine. (More delegation to come if we like it)

With that said, I have a concern. I plan to use the credits earned to vote for posts on this @tangerinetravels account. The problem is, our posts aren't blog-style, they're videos that we're producing.

Our typical post looks like this one linked below. Will posts like this automatically be rejected because it doesn't meet the character/image requirements? If so, can we be whitelisted so these posts won't be rejected?


Thanks for reporting that! At the current state they will be rejected, but we can check if a video is present and remove the chars requirement. Let me forward this to the developers.


Thanks for taking care of that. Will your system count the video as an image? The thumbnail that we create for each video serves as our thumbnail image for Steem.


Hello @tangerinetravels I got the confirmation from our devs that now if you are using any video platform such as, youtube, the post body length won't be taken in consideration :)

A couple more questions:

  • Looking at your wallet, it doesn't appear that you're doing daily payouts yet. When will we start receiving daily payouts?

  • About how fast will one accrue magic credits with 1,000 SP delegation?


Looking at your wallet, it doesn't appear that you're doing daily payouts yet. When will we start receiving daily payouts?

Delegators are paid by the account @bidbot.credits

About how fast will one accrue magic credits with 1,000 SP delegation?

Immediately after 24 hours from your first delegation to @Bid.Bot. You can check @bidbot.credits to see how that works :)


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