French translation of Verdaccio, Contribution N°3 (1035 words)

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Project Details :

  • Verdaccio means a green color popular in late medieval Italy for fresco painting!
  • Verdaccio is lightweight private npm proxy registry built in Node.js
  • A registry is a repository for packages that implements the CommonJS Compliant Package Registry specification for reading package info. It provides an API compatible with npm clients (yarn/npm/pnpm), and follows the semantic Versioning compatible (semver).
  • Verdaccio helps you keep your privacy, so all packages that you publish are private and only accessible based in your configuration. It also caches all dependencies by demand and speeds up installations in local or private networks.

Contribution specifications :

Translation Overview

  • This is my third contribution on Verdaccio open source project.
  • I am the first and only French translator working on Verdaccio.
  • After my two first contributions, I feel more comfortable. Now, I understand the project reflexion, what makes the task easier for me. I advise all translator to get into the project reflexion to perform well on their translation
  • A big thank to other translation teams working on Verdaccio for sharing some nice translations.


  • The translation was from English to French
  • Same as other contributions, sometimes the context was easy to understand but more difficult to translate, especially when the sentence contains some specific words.
  • Also, as you can see, the number of untranslated words was enormous.
  • Looking for some extra research was required. For me, that is the funniest part. That helps me to enrich my vocabulary.

Word Count

  • Total word translated: 1516
  • Untranslated words: 481
  • Final count: 1035

Proof of Authorship :


Hi @ahmedess.
• I take my hat off to you this time because, in my opinion, the presentation is nice and clear and does contain all the necessary details specified by the official template and even the language is correct and clean from any remarkable mistakes. However, I encourage you to add a section under the name of "In this session" where you can enumerate the different steps that you went through during your work and whether there were some new words that you may wish to provide further explanations for our beloved community.
• As for the translation, this part was not that difficult, there were some easy to translate strings and some tricky ones but you did well to provide the best possible suggestions. as a result, I wasn't able to find a lot of mistakes so I'll just go over them here instead of pinging you on Discord:
Here: , for the word "chaîne" it was a little bit vague so I suggested the word "Chaîne de caractere" instead, the same thing can be said for this One. and for my suggestion for this particular string, I advise you to read it through, and as always I'm waiting for your feedback.
• keep up the good work, you are on the right track now.
• Looking forward to seeing your next contribution.

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Thank you for the efforts you're providing to help translators community.
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