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A platform with the world's first Mirror Identity Blockchain, built on blockchain; to bring about renovation on the world of blockchain, solving bottle neck problems like, slow transactions, hacking, Dapps and even barriers encountered while trying to participate.images(4).jpg
The blockchain over the years have suffered a lot of set back as a result of lack of proper planing for the future. When Sir Satoshi Nakamoto started, he never had it in mind that the crypto world will become as large as it is now, so he didn't make so much effort for the large population; maybe as a result of available resources to work with then. USECHAIN is here to solve the problems encountered and even add more colour and light to the crypto world to make it easy to understand and use by everyone.

Comparing USECHAIN'S RPOW and other POW consensus algorithms;

Lets first talk about what RPOW consensus algorithm is.
RPOW consensus algorithm is an acronym for Random Proof of Work Consensus Algorithm. It's what the almighty USECHAIN is based upon to operate with.
As bitcoin POW is to mining, so is USECHAIN to RPOW.
New Picture (1).pngThis involve using the computing power of interconnected systems for it's operation randomly instead of depending on a particular system for its operations like other POW consensus algorithm, thereby, making a faster transaction than one can ever imagine, meeting the amount of transaction to be carried out by an organisation within a short period of time.steemdivider.png

Role of Mirror Identity in identity blockchain

USECHAIN has worked a good work by using this mirror identity which is the combination of sharding technology, RPOW consensus, light nodes, multi-level authentication mechanism, and other innovative technologies to stop the use of the long, time consuming and boring KYC and AML checks used by organisation for their customers.
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When we are about to replace an existing substance, we need to look at the advantage of the new over the old. We will look at some vital points now;

  • Multi-level authentication mechanism
    This works using cryptography to give utmost privacy needed by users, by initiating a correlation between the on-chain address and identity of the authenticated users.

  • Network Sharding
    USECHAIN aims to use KaZaA P2P protocol, Identity Network Sharding and Identity Transaction Sharding to give transactions within the shortest period, instead of the long processing of other platforms. On other blockchain, before a transaction can be carried out, it has be confirmed by all nodes in a network which would take time. USECHAIN will confirm the transaction within the sharding of that particular transaction’s address.

  • Light Node Client
    It is introduced into the system to help carry out verification of transaction and status. Through the use of higher-level Merkle Tree BCMT, the amount of data light-node needed to harmonize and substantiate the accuracy of a transaction will be greatly lessened.

    USECHAIN uses what is known as Zero-knowledge proof; is a way of proving an idea to someone without sharing the details about the (1).jpgThis helps the USECHAIN protect the personal data of users and keeping their transaction private without a third party getting to know details about it. This is not applicable to other blockchain.


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