[Notice] Advance notice of UPVU 2.0 release and major changes

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Ahead of the 2nd anniversary of the launch, UPVU 2.0 will be released with some features added and the frontend (website) completely renewed.

upvu effectivesp.png

Launched in June 2022, UPVU has grown steadily to become the most loved Steem DeFi protocol by over 1,000 users for two years, becoming a flagship platform with a TVL valued at $11.15M.

As the number of users in the domestic as well as overseas community is steadily increasing, UI improvement, new FAQ, and function addition are necessary. Prior to the release of UPVU 2.0, we would like to inform you of some changes.

UPVU 2.0


UPVU is a Steem blockchain-based representative yield aggregator that allows users to delegate their SP to UPVU and receive voting support with higher efficiency.

In UPVU 2.0, the following items will be renewed.

  • (UI and front-end renewal) UI and front-end improvement work is in progress to improve the user experience. (Aim to open in April)

  • (FAQs for new users) You can use UPVU more easily and conveniently by opening Frequently Asked Questions section for new onboarding Steemians.

  • (Add a fee) Some fees are added to STEEM curation rewards, which is paid as a daily reward for UPVU's sustainable service operation

  • (UPVU Boost) UPVU Boost, which boosts the APR of existing users by sharing a portion of the fee with users, is released.

  • (Governance Reward Integration) You can set a proxy through Upview, and the account that has set the proxy will be automatically integrated into the Witness Reward Sharing Program at @upvu.witness.

UPVU Boost


The team has been running UPVU with the goal of maximizing the returns for users.

We want to add a fee for sustainable service operation, but the principle that always puts the user first does not change, and we want to provide users with choices. With UPVU Boost, you have the option to use UPVU without changing fees.

  • If you decide to turn ON the UPVU Boost function, you can receive the same STEEM rewards as before by returning the fee through the boost.

  • If you turn on the UPVU Boost function, a proxy that delegates the governance voting authority to @upvu.proxy is automatically set.

This function is a basic work for the expansion of active developer-centered witnesses and seed nodes (full nodes) to improve the security and stability of the Steem blockchain.

As many SPs are not yet actively participating in the governance voting, the governance power is fragmented and needs to be utilized more effectively.

  • When the UPVU Boost function is turned OFF, the existing STEEM reward is reduced by 50%. (There is no change in the VP supported by @upvu once a day)

Before the UPVU 2.0 website reorganization, the UPVU Boost function will be added first. (Scheduled to start on April 1, 2022) So, please make your decision in advance.

UPVU Boost will be announced as soon as it is updated.

Governance Reward Integration


If you use UPVU Boost to proxy @upvu.proxy, you will still receive the same voting rewards you could have received after voting for an existing UPVU witness(@upvu.witness).

  • UPVU user: Set UPVU Boost to ON
  • UPVU non-users (direct vote): Vote for @upvu.witness
  • UPVU non-user (proxy): Set the @upvu.proxy account as a proxy

In the case of any of the above, all are automatically integrated into UPVU's Witness Reward Sharing Program and rewarded.

How to Proxy(using Keychain)

  • It doesn't matter which way you do it.

1. Open keychain and go to "Witness Menu"


2. Click "Add" Button


3. Input "upvu.proxy" and select "Chose Proxy"

스크린샷 2022-03-22 오후 7.52.22.png

4. Click "Submit"


5. Finished proxy setting

We will do our best to provide better service.
Steem On!

Hi @upvu

I can only hope that sooner or later you guys will add some moderators who will filter shit-content from quality one.

You surely put a lot of effort into building UPVU and you're becoming the largest power on this blockchain. So it is clear to me, that if you will continue supporting shit-content with automatic votes - then it will only reflect on the future price of STEEM.

Future of steem is becoming future of upvu. Hopefully it will not be a miserable future for all of us.

ps. I myself do not support idea of pressuring people to place a witness vote. It's not that my feedback matters here. But I figured that I will make that little statement.

Yours, Piotr

Thank you for your sincere advice.

We will take it into consideration.

Thank you.

UPVU missed upvoting my post for yesterday March 31 can you please check Thank You! 😀
Also I cannot find a way to turn ON BOOST on upvu.org I can vote for proxy on keychain, will this turn on the Boost?

hello @upvu i dont know how to react to this post . but i hope i will continue to get your support like yo have did to me till date despite to the fact that i have stopped my active development on steem blockchain but i have my plans to come back from the middle of April to continue here .. thanks and please keep supporting

Voting will be made for Witnesses working for Steem.
Please note that it will be operated fairly based on quantitative indicators.

We look forward to your activities.

thank you.

There is potential for a brighter future for STEEM here if you guys take hold of it. Making STEEM more resilient via more active nodes and getting witnesses in there that are actually helping STEEM and working on projects is another great move. I was thinking of leaving STEEM a few weeks ago, but if you guys take these steps seriously you could get the STEEM ship turned around and STEEM could have a bright future still. Good luck to you guys!

Is my assumption correct that if this goes as well as you guys hope, you will basically be able to set all Top 20 witnesses?

While there is nothing wrong with this if you are indeed benevolent and simply want the best for STEEM, but it also opens the possibility of other potentially negative issues in terms of the security of STEEM... no?

Finally, if you control the witnesses, can we get some kind of assurance that you won't do anything with the DAO and its funds?

Happyberrysboy did address this on discord. He said upvu would not interfere with SPS and does not plan on doing it either.

I think it would be best if they would address it on Steemit.

They did announce it on their account a few days ago.

hi @starlord28

Thanks. But your info is just to general for me to know what did they announce and where can I find it. On their steemit account? Twitter account? Facebook account?

Could you please share link?


Here you go. Head over to the upvu boost section of the post :)

To give you more context, this is what their team told on discord a few days ago.

We don't have think about SBD in the DAO. Don't worry about that.
So we are surveying for witness vote from @upvu.proxy.
Google Docs
Steem Witnesses Activity History Survey
Hello Steemians and Witnesses.
Please respond to this brief survey.
Among the current Steem Witnesses, there are many inactive nodes with no recent activity history.
Our primary goal is to bring down the ranks of inactive nodes while also finding unknown witnesses who are currently contributing to the Steem ecosystem. Opportunities should be ...
I would appreciate it if you could write it down when you have time.
We plan to vote for Witnesses who are working for Steem.

Can you please explain this in further detail....

"When the UPVU Boost function is turned OFF, the existing STEEM reward is reduced by 50%. (There is no change in the VP supported by @upvu once a day)"

What is reduced, 50% my current daily liquid Steem rewards for my current Delegation to UPVU, or is this a new fee?
Can you also provide a list of the proxy witnesses you include, Justyy is an important witness that I vote for, and he supports my posting and I do not want to lose his support.
Thank you

Hi @silvertop,

We will vote for witnesses who meet several criteria.(Operate Full Node and some services for STEEM)
Justyy is already close to the criteria.
Don't worry about that.


Hello..I'm Moses and I like your contents.
I don't have a lot to say But I just wanted some help from you.
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I actually joined Steemit because I thought it would make a bright way for me and help my Family too. And I pray that one day I will be successful like you in Steemit.
I'm a Refugee From South Sudan the youngest African Country.
Thank you and God Bless

@tipu curate


This is a manual curation from the @tipU Curation Project.

Good morning, is there a reason that My posts are not being voted anymore by you or did you guys just miss yesterday?

@upvu 키체인에서 upvu.proxy 설정 마쳤는데 부스터가 아직도 오프된 이유는 뭘까요? 설정이 잘못된건가요?

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