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But my phone rang and I lost my draft. So instead of a witty and clever post I just decided to throw up a quick selfie from when I was boxing in Hawaii. Dnt trip i can do the "content" thing to. 🤗 #upvote#Instigate#


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Dammm, I lost half of my post and my titile... zappl beta fosho!

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Kapaleh nyan

oh well as the saying goes "better then nothing " .Are you a professional boxer ?

No! But I was in Honolulu a few years ago and got kidnapped and raped....and I ended up finding the most therapeutic outlet by spending 6 hours a day at BJ Penn UFC in Waikiki doing drills on the heavy bags. The truth is I got WORKED by a big Somoan chick last summer and lost intrest in it. I keep my gloves by my bed and always tell myself I will go bag to training but never do. It served it perpose I guess... I needed a way to feel strong and I did...for a while until I didn't again. Thats life🖤

oh wow sorry to hear that I am glad that it was therapeutic for you , how are you now in yourself , I hope there got caught

Eeh.... its really no big deal to me anymore. I am glad it happened. It started a chain of events in my life that changed my life. And yes they caught him but the DA threw the case out. They only charged him with impersonating and officer (because thats how it happened, he pretended to be a cop) A misdemeanor. He got 4 days in jail. He had been charged for rape and sexual offenses several times in the past and beat all the cases. The DA felt like because no charges ever stuck in the past it wasnt worth trying to bring him up on charges again because he usually beats them. Hawaii's crazy. Very corrupt

well I glad you are dealing with it now, I would not want that to happen to anyone , I think the who world is corrupt , me personally I would of locked him up and throw away the key !

Boxing in Hawaii must have been a great experience! I trained Muay Thai in Thailand and I loved it, I will be going back to do another camp in 3/4 months :)

Honestly... I just enjoyed that feeling of being immortal. Strong, powerful, and completely invincible to feeling pain... until the next day that is;) But it makes you feel like a god to be able to endure physical damage and feel nothing except adrenalyn. That's all over now tho. Shoot, if I stub my toe I fall to the floor and roll into a ball of eye watering teeth chattering babyness..lol

But its ok... at least I have my boobs back. Like being reunited to old friends

Yea I love that feeling :) once you push yourself for some time and really being to reach new boundaries, it’s an amazing feeling! I can’t wait to do my next fight camp, I’ll train twice a day for 2 months this time... brutal but will be rewarding (providing my body holds out haha)

It does leave us quickly but can come back just as quick :)

yeah, well once you get in a routine with it you will most likely only feel bad on the days you are taking a break. That first month will be hard forsure. I remember how much pain I would be in if I stopped training for a few days. Way more then when I did...except for that first month. I remember this time when I had flown to LA from Hawaii and was staying at my homegirls house. I woke up around 3:30 am and grabbed my gloves, jump rope and was walking in my socks to the front door to get my shoes and all of a sudden I hear this sound in the direction of the cold tile beneath my feet.. I had not trained in about 3 days and started feeling my muscles begin to tighten up but wasn't really trippin... until I hear this sound. I think back and it sounded like styrofoam ripping or more like the sound a t-shirt makes if you rip it apart. It was my calf! From walking across the tile of all things! It is even possible that the noise I heard was only in my head but it seemed so loud! I did not make it to the gym that day... it took weeks for that to get better.

Exactly, once your in a routine it begins to feel like a problem when your missing that! I remember taking a session off here and there and feeling bad and full of energy.
I remember after my first day of serious training going right into it, the next morning I woke up and almost collapse as my calves were just shot!
Ooooh that sounds painful hearing those sounds coming from your calves! I’ve had similar in my back...
I can’t wait to get back into a training routine that’s for sure, it helps me out in all sorts of ways. It’s so cold and snowy at the moment in England it’s hard to get motivated to do all that much...

England huh? Have you ever been to the US?

Yep I’m English:) snow has all melted already and the sun is out! It’s actually quite warm at the moment!
Yep I’ve been to the US quite a few times, recently spent 10 weeks in California:) loved it. Where abouts do you live in the us?

I live in Texas now. about 6 months. I have had a serious case of wanderlust for years tho. Before Tex, it was Boston, Hawaii, Vail, Vegas, Arizona, California, and I have traveled to about 26 states over the last 3 years. What brought you to Cali?