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Hello Mate!

As you can see to the right, I have finally joined back on board to the delegation team. I had a few things I needed to take care of before I could get back in.

Nice to see you have new accounts, however, I am curious as to why... why not make one account much larger? If more accounts, why not combine them so that you can have the minnowhelper "team" of bots join together on a vote. i.e. you buy a vote from 1 account but you get from all the accounts. I think people would bid more on the main account if it trailed with the other acocunts. Idk, just seems excessive to do multiple.

Anyways, do you have any means to direct message other than slack?


Hello @jpederson96,
all the delegations are captured by the Bot automatically, you will receive your earnings from the Bot after the next voting round.

With respect to the new Bots, we have created them for three reasons.

  1. Not all users can afford the promotion costs of @minnowhelper. These Bots are smaller and accept the least amount of SBD | STEEM possible. This way new users will be able to access this promotion system.
  2. With these Bots you can vote your comments and not write advertising where they vote.
  3. We are working on a voting system, in which users send larger sums of SBD | STEEM to @minnowhelper, not only receive votes from @minnowhelper, but also from other Bots.

With this last point we want to increase the profits of the Bot, to make it more attractive for investors.

best regards.

Minnowhelper Team


Thanks for the update, nice to have my neck back in the woods, talk soon!

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